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The Dresch Code

A Dresch perspective on music, comedy, and the arts from comedian/musician Zach Dresch co-host Ryan Howe and guests.


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The Dresch Code Ep 002 The Cardboard Armor of Vagitron! #humblebrag

The Dresch Code Ep 002 The Cardboard Armor of Vagitron! #humblebrag

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

The Dresch Code Ep 002 The Cardboard Armor of Vagitron! #humblebrag

The Dresch Code Ep 002 The Cardboard Armor of Vagitron! #humblebrag

Guests this week:  Ryan de la Garza, Luke Johnson, Jacob Lemme & Austin Kaus

The Dresch Code Ep 002 The Cardboard Armor of Vagitron! #humblebrag

The Dresch Code Ep 002 The Cardboard Armor of Vagitron! #humblebrag

Machine Transcript

[0:19] Go on that right now your listening to the code.
What’s the show where we talk about topics that may or may not pass or fail dress code and very safe for the services are second on the first one was a success thank you all for being on the show.
At this point i’d like to introduce everyone that’s going to be in the round table even wasn’t able to couch chair thing yeah.
Number of words now first off giovanni position for an air from angie gosh limited as new,
soul project are usually i’m pretty good how are you doing so well thanks for me on the shuttle is a sin that my for interface zero c good,
so i get a serious center communion good for my sister in there with johnson and roses for eternal today zero stringer people i’m buy you noticed that is her real on a more.
Excellent thanks for another nurse turner radio.
Filmmaker certain there is a sister in there all accounts it’s been here the problem are you two extra dollars to your.
Great thanks uses your store near me mr there.
You have been hose extraordinarily randy the cars are used to get three for four on.
Just saying supply’s reverse are there six five that alright alright membrane short because of his phd in extraordinary strength and honor on.

[1:56] It’s not extra mare burner gregorio doing well alright so she get into the topics.
Yeah that has a sale to raise the shows on,
tomorrow is going j extra extraordinary so still works as i said before is i will pull a topic.
Out of the jar jar not bucket it is a bucket medical adjustable does sound or auditory.
It says that aquarium because the unit full of the price points if so.
And we’ll decide if we wanna talk about it passes dress code if we don’t want to talk about it feels a dress code and will save that topic for another episode until the last person to show where that one tablet will not get picked them.
What’s the last.
So i’m battling with this are you guys ready well we are ready i’m so ready alright first off the ground your honors i would think it.
They’re on in here for going on and i always get the novels.
Modern pop music is painfully repetitive as in they have one good verse and chorus and sing it three times unfortunately studies show that repented songs or more likely to be remembered and therefore more popular.

[3:29] Profitable arrow are they dumbing down our music on purpose.
Faster fail i’m military,
and i’m trying not as fast as a bouncer at the bass.

[3:44] I do think it’s pretty repetitive that’s it depends on what the artist is but some songs like my god it’s.
Down down but when he isn’t drinking that much from that pop music formula so yeah i mean i’ll be late.
We’re being dumbed down at his house.
Yeah it just sounds dumb with auto tune was in my it with my big sample this i don’t like calling out black with imagine dragons right so radioactive came on the scene as this big hit for them,
and there felt like there’s a little bit of substance and now this whole thunder and lightning songs like what is this why they keep saying the same three words over and over again,
why is there a small child in the background is under for under six the lighting and thunder almost is never.
But the thunder and there is money to be made just like having your sounding put it in with the trailer to end up like me.
Yeah the probably one of the only ways to make money using it also starring in pop music is a popular trend as well with like.
On a white aerosmith jaded that kind of thing in the thunder of lotus is good for you mentally reason for somebody s.
Than about speech impediment rock today self.
I’m going to move right now i do with the person who i users i’m really sad but even that makes a lot of sense.
For reference and even those changes benny and the jets.

[5:18] But baby i’ve seen them on the plane yet that uses the stretch out of.
If you don’t wanna hold not and you started this hell of the start of it as a virtue three bachman turner overdrive guys sitting at a table for beer didn’t like tired after a long day at the shop and islamic,
register an overdraft on the table for hours only two guys maneuver yeah,
what is your business like it will do the three b’s you when every third one.
Block me again with the hell are you on this is i’m picturing his no lol mike my input on this light bill or heard of this and pop music is displayed.
I’d yeah in pretty somebody would.
Thing you said that this is like this is just me being dumb down to use vinegar on going thing it’s just been kind of in the in the industry for.
Probably cost like sentry maybe or and yes i think of like sensitivities is late there’s a.
You’re gonna be here in like some of the stuff that’s on the radio years ago like like there’s original content like that’s just.
Is this service is the best thing to happen is just.

[6:42] But he lost because it’s not always feeling right now we’re living in my blood the popular sound is the time we got this into the same thing they you know people of the sixties belly are.
Roger right who my baby great early even seven is asleep progress great just get.
This to great wall figure out what stands the test of time until enough time has passed yet know exactly it’s.
Yes that’s the point for every homeowners power man five thousand,
yes i think that’s all the mother and father with anything i think there’s a place in ohio recently but the lead singer is rob zombies brother and ready,
nobody cares but i don’t know if there is a total of five thousand reference to school in the people that have been static x double feeling something they even like nirvana was like technically like,
poppy music crying like they were just doing this pop sensibilities but there hard,
agree more glass like aggressive thing on that stuff and ruining me check it and you can’t blame a lot of the r is late or even the artists like us room like that satchel that saturation that goes on two times is.
They just wondering what they want a lot of and no everybody else just kind of out ways to exploit that just because.
Have people i think that the music sucks now there is still some great politicians out there with your glasses of crap to this that’s always how can they might be repeating verse chorus verse.

[8:18] I can’t there be a huge punk fan be like verse chorus also hundred rugs original i like this as long as she thinks she have you been there is like an amazing culture.

[8:33] Hating pop music but sounds like oil pump is is that there’s always like a few songs for you just kansas listening to tennessee whiskey for,
yeah he was kind of will go on and make a statement about our,
modern pop culture and now i’m going to say that the rae jepsen is that mean in a cool way queen the apps is this yet.
A hard time right now for filing party be alive right now because here’s when she comes on my head i’m like.
Compelled way to nominate this for yeah yeah.

[9:14] Oh i’m yet it is also to go see never gonna talk about like like bottom pop music or just leaving canton free music in general i think it just it would be.
To be ashamed gonna go without messing cans of them are cuz that he’s actually starting the cultural shift to julie providing like an actual.
They’re really strong message that has been really well program music yeah things have the same as model we have no dollars renaissance man also be the one to mention,
so there you go back to stanford at some point just say it will not be will is in town so to everyone feels like maybe he’ll finally get that does not make,
i have a vision that we see it was pretty good guys for so numbers are does rudest thing.
Next hour jerry what’s he still winded from reading the first one.
What’s more difficult to do live music or comedy.
Pastor phil hill have experience with in room myself and ryan fisher and yes i’ve hundred karaoke but i make jokes between songs and i’m probably a better.
Guide making all start that again brother making jokes and singer but still feeling.
On the house that we had of ceramic x’s better brulee you make make me funny the comments in interviews and i always skip the latest on.

[10:45] Have you tried that drunkenly piano sorry for the flow can close the blinds people on line appoints new,
what does the using people outside and play edward does the pass or fail.
Is it bad if as a person time again and then it was rosa on this a.
Yeah and i’m not asleep looking more like an idiot doing during the interview that i would actually playing live music.
You notice is alot easier cuz like you have it all of the materials through and bike specific patterns and a lot of guys like music so.

[11:28] Bring the formula and.
Comedy you have to lay actually think about the actual everyday life situations like what kinds of people there that are gonna go about.
But to no silly but they drink what is a specific thing that you.
That you can talk about about this then you have to present to a bunch of.
Mostly intoxicated people in a bar free during standup has made me.
Really critique my van spencer between song that’s like.
Talking even though i don’t do any back up vocals i’m just there between songs cuz no one else wants to speak your might for better thinking about on that like white is active of my kids even saying,
what if only use balls.
Next week we have the best experience of both those fields there today is your actual professional comedian and he also going to the storms well.
I don’t know the both as well but i do i think there’s like greeting her difference between community funny musician.
Yeah even musician little bit only way you know if you’re criticizing am you know it’s on it is like okay that was for.

[12:55] It wasn’t but it was years from now you’re not in so how have a great vaca as and them saying is having not done stand up.
But you musician you can say some pattern of it flocks,
my stomach nofx level of you could still be like knowledge of didn’t work two three four and eleven years on you got four minutes to the house on,
the only way to be like i let the forget about what i said cuz they actually just here’s the music so that was comedians can be like boys jokes atlanta all.
Well that’s acoustic songs by my parents divorced and a drink like they don’t have that to lean back on the.
Okay to talk for more time she was discovered using conservative image of the issues preset dies and maybe saturday like if i’m gonna fail on stage at rather fail as like.
A member of a and michael were all that bad yeah that’s.
That’s that’s not at all sure you throw the worst when the bus she never tunes covering of.
But not as bad as everyone says its hard to present you push the button the of the specifically was told to about the push the button if you want to summary.
Reviews for stephen on to next topic.

[14:28] Please he’s been short all thank god what band would you love to see reunite passable.
Pass pass on this one like this weekend.

[14:41] Mr bungle it out and there’s no band i would rather see the unit to mr bungle.
I cannot imagine someone saying the shows are you here about scary doors shows are have mr bungle returning would just.

[14:57] I wanted to blow your mind that i want to make some joke about shit planned of hair dryer my pad needs to put who,
is he right now the next person in it and it started out great every hotel on and it’s a problem,
that’s hilarious prank but the mr bond would be amazing the strength to put a word from god that they were pretty how to record the cuts they keep saying like they’ve reunited,
four for themselves when do you show me where they just read at dinner,
exchange ideas but will not release on like the most to live and existence say i cure yourself for yourself for who they announce references labs coming soon i kinda thought they would be on it but it’s like also looking back at our history,
would they take that money probably not so its kinda like,
they use it to five dollar shows at the fairfax nothing less than half estimate alot of money if you can charge more than eight dollars a ticket that this is right for us to jerry lee lewis is actually filing the,
come out of retirement play those like this actually a seventy four yeah exactly is playing.
Probably some legal weed is pretty lab has to.

[16:12] These look like much yeah yeah the girl that everybody blue color to.

[16:22] What is the time in a outside help you they probably do hang lower than stage lights ring finger on you got sms.
She is a verizon of i will not read the united half-dead you is a really work as a passcode are streets the.

[16:41] Home.

[16:43] I would say job record bowling there already there every hour happens every yeah finance for and i my first me like that sorry satisfied son and,
or we can the whole lot of them so they can see the water in it but i don’t see this through many times and i don’t,
i also hate more scissors yeah i figured this point i couldn’t be happier with that we have to live without my,
They sure upright and moment gather some going on the questions in baltimore see think we saw the ball is facing us as she looked like in the clothes as lies maurizio to do you should have any already knows the,
so we can fill the girls up seven knows what is miserable.
But i’m the guy that embarrassed so right mr j how soon is now to change that up.
You have been know ing yeah i was gonna say the original one twenty two and never that’s okay don’t think i have was mousetraps.
Rat mouse has been do it no full line of people and maybe like.
And still claim that i really like that one postal service record a lot and all the for like couple days ago they made actually made the record your the the is just a silly runs in a different place now so it’s kinda like.
Yeah that would be the same feeling del city was like it never gonna do anything so is my iron and share that the last couple yeah i love his first couple albums like.

[18:24] I still jam ocean eyes or wants that is better than never left my car will i hear a country synth pop song,
who did.
I never wanna hear it again when he uses will lcd take been uber drivers do is southern twinge with his voice he tried.
In like oh i.
No that he totally free rooms this song i know now because this is the key to this for the.
To travel far flies.
Oh no oh when i saw him i actually saw hull city live at usd in vermillion and he close with fire flies big shock.
And he comes out of the cruise you guys sure you wanna hear this that’s why we pay the freaking miss her that was on.
First night closing time concert i went to also or yeah the masonic and voices like,
throwing their beers to stay for a week cause it to feel bad for them because they’re so including clothes and i still love loving time with a really great so that’s not closing time to life useless another couple girls.
And and it’s really easy cogent thoughtful argument to make to a bunch of drunk people on here in south dakota state fair six k.
Hey man this is a really good thought size.

[19:58] Set around here going on your trip she’s been used came here for countries in popped champagne living here means countries in.
It’s very should i do not like her in every adele album is doing filing elijah’s replace the old peoples plate speaking i would love to see more was three reunite to celebrate walkers producer,
but it’ll be more was through something slake their two albums are to three lbs that were like pop rock perfection in my opinion so.
I miss that but i know that he’s gonna do that then the time soon cuz is so much success over born san antonio by that freak a week and a half,
freaking lease which card reader with butch for every.
Yeah there’s a new thirds of the do she driver of this point if you wanna until we went to the church land.
No i said it’s dead and he came back on his money to the so he left learn that no choking your chicken it’s against god.
But what’s the pin so back to court to go home.
I’d rather listen to country some pop cs be yeah you know me.
And can you expose and some of the new metal bands i remember when you observe in freezing.

[21:30] I just really need the dress to seven hundred w as right wing.
My husband is giving you know one of the leaders of the best about the new metal in the mail john middle school i could say that like or was promoted mostly some joy once.
It’s like blind like that so that there is no fun things symbol the symbol best part is you do it.
Remember that track on the second one that is right happens when the number that,
i came home on time high school and i was not sober some left on my answering machine but you know that one song sounds like somebody’s,
brilliant or having seizures or really nominees feature i give so much credit for leaving a really message that they’ll.
I need you know it is a study that something will be granted legacy accord with a lease is the loneliest but not in love but now all of that size bolton actually.
Well yeah calls on right yeah yeah i’m excited,
is a serious surge of pepper and paula liter bike or what that is there another model release for.

[23:01] Okay so i will say is use right there and that’s it unless your work whatever hours,
make the whole cover will be once things settle her lcd and its original form or is that.
Oh sorry that’s where you’re was yours night or who is the greatest living rock star and why is it.

[23:31] Well not alone and was looking.

[23:40] What’s the like what’s and have a put together to do that no more butter.
Tell me the border for derby races loves never listen well dogs on the podcast something fail fail fail fail fail side right.
What go home dog that essential rejections another bedouin said,
but this could be the score of the requested has speaking new car albums crest colgate or dentures.
One brush my teeth with vengeance real scraping a pastel fail and and.
Provide me this comedians protective of.

[24:34] Popular bands that you don’t like or don’t understand why they’re popular actually kinda touch on this though.

[24:41] I could touchable one thing human has been super talented but you just don’t care by guns and roses who is like both of em like i respect your claim your amazing but i.
All rows to pass from this one has only only only on the front lawn and even as a woman never really used in years expose myself i,
i think it meant more like like every guy i talk to say yeah i with renewal phase but like always like.
Who is great to see the sea.

[25:23] I don’t care though i was not aloud to continue on about.
I grew up here all the fish is i was not with either only for millionaires but i think a lot of people shared my thing about to live with,
brush people that you know i would give him and the,
i hear it i later and if i hear them on the radio like this is again reminding me that this is not my thing at all i play doesn’t dragon number that never song where yeah threes i was near russian,
flip my hair back and never listen that going.
Is the catching the sun with no rush limbaugh gets very hot for everything it to me years to figure out there talking about rush the band so of rolled initiative more times than i can read but than rushes in these don’t do it for me.
Yeah i’m getting into russian lot more to do lyrics his other zones will give it objective is.
This is really rough so you like why why z.
Yeah those trees of the song that that is the specific song of talking about when i say i was the didn’t have lyrics was arrested always holes leaders because of broccoli and see us.
Wrestlers vans that you tell people you don’t like rush some of them look at you like you’ve just committed sacrilege you rush.
Yeah i stutter once a little bit an now i love russell hobbs two vans like that yes.
But the rest was one more favor shows up in this silly and i like that thing with the only of her to take the preseason rifles give us the life that the lease others i have.

[27:06] Things get really hot here in pa and mackenzie childs will be at.

[27:11] And i don’t know what to watch this spaghetti lee and dr disabilities into the canadian music hall fame holy shit that’s an interesting tv.

[27:25] Slow and i think i see a.
Then i watched the very gillies reunite with supervision was the whitest thing i’ve watch on time that i believe that also am asking you if i had a million dollars.
Where the not want to the store is every can i pose this question second one point does anybody here like radiohead.
No sorry i like hourly rate that mouse thing on the.

[28:03] I’m the only one who’s recieves if you was ready as an like really i can accept that but i,
i use to love them but when i was going to us the in the fine arts building there was a display that was like this like for three months they had at whole thing it was just this like buffalo chicken wire and shit hanging off the face.
Oh interesting my physical condition but the other party more self yeah it was the chicken wire it was that there was like a cd player and it and it was playing on loop.
What’s the one where they go on and on about bush that the radiohead album hail to the the beef playing,
one of the singles from hell of beef over and over and over to see us or yeah five and.
Fucking for ever so just like that like ruined radiohead for me like everyday everyday.
They’ll tell us story because again the guitar trust people and they’re like no way so i want to tell in two thousand four to see the pixies and some pics is great.
And then radiohead came on house very far away far away.
All the graduates here i really like radiohead okay computer i have some wonderful special nights together to do so.
Several ways to be returned in his momentum so it all on me about so.
I think well i’m case i can watch really here from two football fields away or mindless self-indulgence is starting,
in like twenty minutes and i’m go over there so i skipped radiohead to go see nana self-indulgence was and never got it but i’ve told people that and it is almost caused them to.

[29:42] Over with anger what for the what now we were phone.
I had a blast of so much more was in the front room available only one c was running around kissing people up like i don’t know what gym here to kiss me or not to much once in me like come closer to the steak sandwich stand that actually and tom york,
i didn’t order us thirty seconds to mars to radiohead come from the internet on windows back.
Okay is acting out and my son of a bitch i’ll of this was when he bookings where to get to decide between one set reference last year i decided to the drive in which an clan and streetlight manifesto.
All you can see in this year all three of the things that were missing a lot of someone cedric on stage with retained player with rose.
And in my guitar right next and horns.
Sky hip hop poster or the be like foes yeah yeah the commons i don’t see curses,
mercy tables and after driving right when relationship of command can do you know i wasn’t this is amazing so my friend’s house that i was driving at the time i didn’t have a cars like fourteen and i was watching after driving ever,
the headliner three songs in the friends around me that care about the drive and they were like,
we’re leaving and i have no i have to go home with them for only site that think one of my least favorite concert experiences even though curse of emergency vehicles were amazing.

[31:21] I wish like seeing at the drive-in and the providential are fine now but works there so it’s like there’s a pretty hard in the.
It’s the only friends i say yeah i got it made it.
I decide to go out driving and so hungry should because right now to increase the stone ages up in my garden of say the saw.
And this is a month before he kicks the photographer interface promotes john up to go back to go back to the topic.

[31:52] I myself in i don’t think it’s not so much believe me she inches like not enjoying the ours.
Mean because of the art cuz is you know if i’d actually been don’t don’t care for the latest and always so and is very much like.
And in some cases and go further into it i guess and i think percentage with michael and rushes just like.
Oh listen to the concerns of them together and the radio great almost believed and if it is also casual still for my kid.
Really not care less does anyone else not care from pink floyd in this room i can i can do it lol was there ever a pink floyd in doors and it was good i don’t care for the wall.
But tir side and wish you were here symptoms are leaving centre for the wall didn’t anything after that is like.

[32:46] Roger you and it still bag thing about your dad flying the plane plane never coming home you doing now to get roger waters gonna give our,
what’s his name from everglades like what point you stop singing about dad not being around here there was a plane things can you ever heard radio cast or something is roger waters i’m,
radio waves at the concert um a guy he radio as good as its remotely.
This scares me that scares me from paying for this is like roger waters and sells just like okay i get it i love them all i think it’s getting really put together the wall with you in the head.
I want a movie chilling all day and every time i see him he’s got to be there by.
Nine is not but never mind most is on leave for bowling like in the finale my convince that are pretty popular.
Is mostly due to the fan base is and really have lots of fine line for me because i have a many of the you know beautiful emotional experiences with.
Make all the rounds in the lower understanding about what they do for a living because like its you know i inserted assassinating the way.

[34:14] However this also applies to rush in this also applies at school and they have a summary of the most laid diehard me this.
You bet lot of case pretensions fan base that’s why he that been rick and morty.
Oh no for seriously really and.
Who did you think you really need to stay in remote so pickle rick is an abstract.
Point of view as a joke i think it is that one.
Seven if aborting seems tune ask for an hour of music that best sums of the best of our musical history what would you play for them and question what in.
How does our meeting like american or can you make your own hard to have to be up in the clinton they remember you can define and i think i think it’s a thing it’s stateside.
Think it is it’s not yet.
Turn up light all through high school we hosted for the students in house and.
Also i’m pretty much listen to their own music.
She’s from denmark and she was fascinated by american culture that she would go on exchange and shit and keep in mind this is a long time but says lock on us like she coughs.

[35:51] Absolutely love it over east german for extensions wilson was gonna phil collins just obsessed with phil collins.
It’s basically school will.
It is a to be in one hour loop of the rendition one toke over the line performed as well if there is that.
reasons i was ages an hour after saying you summer with the agree to move this,
what’s really to uphold the covers that is due on the real just mean our regional historical documents every vocal line going also the same give me some reggae,
there’s something,
the room began to re start your probably have to all filters also just realized history.
Do you have it do you feel about me and your kids the question say the best or just.
What is the reason of different before listing soon as for our music that best sums up the best of our musical his okay what would you play for business state of israel specific turns on but.
Thomas a just get out of deference to someone for three hours late cases music really different.

[37:25] Def leopard for at least once every time of our,
well yeah i think it is not because you had to have to take something off of that for destruction yeah know you hate them but it’s will i think is one of the greatest rock and roll observer main it really captures that time well i think.
They really do please add as i go switch out of mind if anything arises maybe just take every single like american artists like,
you know like every song of the beatles did that that was a cover of like black american artists the whole album full.
This is the best was like a mixture of micro greens hit the unilever to delhi by miles was like ours has.
Give up just like introducing a foreign exchange student the blues cuz is that american lady that’s where we are the world.
Play that played while our instruments on my slippers freezing and thus you always make the of there’s,
there’s a video to bob dylan just laid eggs owned out of his mind recording booth of your world accidents that result.

[38:38] He is having you you know the exhibit as i confused that they always all users janet jackson things.
He didn’t mention bob mills is he can you could you could always go back is used in the,
the vin is.
Everything about that was how you gave geoff jackson the exact same motion of pulling for a.

[39:15] Lol cooling system cd covers.
Oh it’s going to hard as a house and you can still ride with an american flag million axel rose that that in the room next hour.
Where is it shows that really sucks but you’re actually love.
I’m getting uses pass pass for civil.
The only tv shows are calling it says that can live music or into god’s up to from people all i save this story for the blankets were talking so i’m watching.
Stats shows in here on for a while like the mid nineties that have a place called his own which is cool but the mr doing at the kc hall.
Sana kc hall showing sc three skinny white kids and homemade cardboard armor.
Call veggies trying to invest john six days is a very long haul so they’re bunch of us sitting towards the end.
Cuz we’re not really into that john so far they did not sound as if the music was horrible and in between every song and like fuck you and fuck your on and,
it’s cool seeing the planet she’s always virgin rebel that’s what you’re saying right,
it was everything repellant so i’m gone so i can’t hate this but else can love it at the end,
i was mangoes playing the singer.
It charges from the one end of the hall to the other drives like shoulder first into a pile of folding chairs there stabbing himself wasn’t sure needle and happyness like.

[40:54] Yeah that’s it was amazing i’ve never,
never seen anything quite like it i think this refuse my statement i said earlier before the corner podcasters like people actually be a lot more entertaining with the main yourself and say,
and with that we have the title of the episode thank you matches on that’s the best through.
Where are they now and would like to see rina are number of ads on please contact the football to three supporting muslims years with terrible,
tv shows that i love it yeah i’m never gonna come over.
I want to go on a super tight shirt of yours bulgaria hemoglobin is low fruit this should the question.
I could see of live music special for it or not alexander,
yeah there’s going percent of total sound but he went to some more memory can happen so good just like always you got grounded.

[42:04] Was it was the record the only thing i i don’t know what it wants to be in the.
He just produces a sharp objects do we have immersed.
Is it for the armor together so i would say for me it would be icy.
What is the wrong with this amazing cuz like,
you think you that in full make up until an undercover cop here but they were everybody was really nice cuz you think its like but up there when say they were passing we’re on everything but the light height,
that show was when i mean that green light shows it was nice looking that it’s preset on you but there was one moment,
what too many people came out jack in the box on this is the three of them did.
Lips and i bite each other and there is,
what is it again for sure what was with the word show the same as me like you and you tell me the size of like,
oh what the hell were you there and i know there will be an appeal to like having like,
paint on your face and like not being recognized it just so be like yeah,
what is the first of the documentary danny brown before may gather that was for some reason and like he has said that same thing is lawyers pro bono.
They probably one of the most entertaining experiences that is a really seems like seen ice yeah.

[43:40] Then signal if you wanna chat with that’s for the first time and it will i will not i will not not,
but if your experience with it yet maybe not for you but this year you looking to get into a.
When should i look because of how rough this is our dinner show with the vehicle pc jenny.
Play all originals for like a half hour early two hours of two thousand eight model rockets.
And each member and their own traits that i just remember distinctly heating and plumbing at same time singer.
Would play rhythm guitar.
We always have a problem mr tucker is not working right now is strong as one corvettes are going threw away he can bring it back on i use,
the base of the floor is face like he rather be somewhere else when this look like.

[44:41] Guitar is body was hot shit just give it up like.
What about bobby or singer walked up the great job and use the word.
Tell him the drawer and was looking space the whole time he was surprised you discover drum search for the first time like.
He is a senior on the dirt water talking about she was got vocal lessons.

[45:11] Drake facebook google when i’m what day should surprise release show for the answers,
dial up the i’m gonna take this completely different direction as,
the theatre show to school my soul and other broken things real wheel great light hearted comedy that,
but it very simply have the feel of a ten minute play that someone had extended into an hour and a half last and so they were just grasping its as straws to fill it with content says about this girl,
that was with those weird cab driver that like was look like a hobo and he,
had mystical powers he could les paul dimensions together through the power of interpretive dance and he was like trying to get her to talk with her dead mother who is very abusive in early life.
And there are people with masks and.
Ight what mama it was weird but i also just loved it because of how crazy,
i’m pretty sure the cab driver made that’s a mac and away from that boy who,
the blue the worst show actually enjoys.
I want the andy does was a real boosters from what one woman dan’s actually cleans easy thing about.
A year ago humble brag but is this is the the on.

[46:47] That’ll do and is funded so you’re a liberal men of the loop yeah we.
Your phone showing the city with a bunch of the only local and you know regional like acts and stuff like is like the.
Or is that like a counter area like every time we have been would actually take down the animals live there be this dude is like all this like really or like her looking in.
Would like a jackson guitar and that one little line six spider amp it has later all the way.
Poor microphone right there and he was like starling.
Shredding implants letter size poorly like it’s like some guy who another size a three model.
When you see a video call people in with the bottom when i use the people on the other bar area with them on tables and so they were going to drinks,
me when the sheet over the killing nobody would be here with guys going nuts there’s like.
Theres a reason it was free and that is the.
Places in like one of the best things i got to years together using some there always like you go home and it would it would.
Play blood did the did the close the.

[48:22] It’s raining blood this point reading some sort of fluid is misty blood raining fly you combine that day was,
please jenny got them there least we have the soundtrack for that.
Before this the amanda clarke limousine news great during the.
Order what everything are the procedures that there’s another problem on song i.
They bring.

[48:54] You said that thing from the surprise like five hits in life you have honey songs that.
Oh oh i’m in ac dc and they are looking for forty year career off of the resultant i think they cover their unless resigns as this is cameron again discoverable.
Fred durst force a friend that use a list of crimes against human you think that’ll do you think friends like entire baseball cap room.
Yes but that doesn’t work do you agree to read today that i try to hook riding.
Great we were.
Unflavored tears of you.
As a friend who sadly is about to be accurate to the old oil.
Thalia smooth chocolate starfish and the hot and then the average as the title should button and channels to reserve that m.
Drop that like oh you’re not talked about chairs there right now you while you’re playing music and is in the tv for this guitar solo.
Set brightness to level with your he doesn’t play through there and then.
I love this single they released on the radio of stained aaron lewis playing outside of than fred durst does back up vocals but he just shouts whose lives of between.

[50:33] Vs you just go black sea was city manager lot of liars.
And then back to the verses the best possible situation receive riders bag of these yelling word there’s more of a big.

[50:52] Take that piece of you can use it either of the kids with the different ways about jackson and they are alive because it was biloxi this the real boulevard ideally.
You should of letters and aaron’s progress like to.
No shows that you’ve recent memory or what’s not to like you for free once.
The outside either playing as a different bars outside of the phone are you with this terrible nausea time to check was okay why don’t show news took the.
Yeah i think and i went and got it when the bar have couple friends and it just got it two tickets to the german come with me we will be out but just got from across the street,
that’s not right for when you were maybe thirty people there and luke hasn’t been there forever cuz i who still until after what i remember from them usa,
and they pull to do that cuz a lot of dudes in the crowd and spoiler alert on ladies i for one.
Set it to do seven years on stage and then they had the two female dancers,
charge them plan their hands and flip around and land which first on their faces.
I was like oh my god this is worth the free ticket price to what we’re good we’re flow window right.
Let’s start with gary busey steve haley to the sherwin.

[52:31] We say thousand dollars they the nice thing all.
Always yells will yeah okay and you working so for those keeping track anything teeth related is available would bring up the weather for the next facebook post.
Where is the movie teeth and bracket all which is better the officer purser greenhouse ass,
do you really want her only wanted one but i feel from the password was cruises of the office so i can get a gold that only you guys ass.
Pass it pass it burger apartment perserverance and making ice does have not really watched the office but.
Back when i only seem like little internet clips of his i was always entertainment apart right stuff and by the off,
i really like a lot of office like for a few seasons and i kind of tapered off there was no chance of me tapering off department i would watch i still put that on the background and laugh see the office at nine seasons i enjoy the first three.
Then after that once human hamster dating i was like.
No console anymore what’s the point and so after that i kinda just gradually stopped watching a call this the moonlighting right back that’s a good point slightly sir david’s number tension like what’s the.
Oh yeah oh wait central something oh.
So that part right was actually a good qb touch for all settings is nothing is just that there’s a there’s a more diverse cast of characters that were one more interesting thing that.

[54:09] I hate to be the one who disagrees every no credit no i-i levels like a mazda three and both moms but.
The office is the only one left unable to go back and re watch over and over again there something about parks and rec but i just don’t enjoy anymore when it came out and now i’m saying.
Besides you got.

[54:30] In coming from a guy who’s had no experience of watching any of those only through that you have my full attention of watched of watched few episodes.
The body or his place on some nights.
And he got even yeah right you think i wanna come visit la brea exposing so sarge look at this,
looking symbol with our no but i.
What’s more the artist and i would see of parks and recreation of watch frozen recreation through that’s online.
Question sent you a few of the office to france like for my friend’s house and.
Ours is a can am on the outside and.

[55:25] Maybe because i’m in i don’t have much experience that but no ice is seems more songs left side again someone parser better than the ensemble office however alex you grow more like you people are.
Adjust the silk road more fascinating to me as the lead character looking for but her character got old more.
I don’t know how to say it more confident in your cell i love to the naive ninety but of.
The owner of a woman i do not say that this,
her character got a little more cocky to receive this is the filter changed alot so that i think,
oh no character development so busy growing this evening in the ago i think i can watch the office of to a certain pulley,
but person like it has a few story lines and i’m really not interested in some like it seemed like i was only partly interested in parks and rec the hallway where as,
the office is loaded up until twenty yeah texans.

[56:30] Healthy dialogue on the dress code that sells never do that no more movie on what he is avoiding that he always hears a.
About those to shows and the ones i am watching my.
So we are the opposite i think i realizing i have seen way more person reading this and just basin.

[56:54] Is everybody in drama club turns into a un,
conference when you talk about parks and recreation vs office in like everybody’s mixing rounded to much everything in the maintenance to regular cast a person or dislike aziz chris pratt lake,
aubrey plaza just the girl from the girlfriend employer say endless supply great talent show so it’s like the order.
Ryan space ghost coast to coast in december is park rangers on here swivel seven re watching me there’s there’s one here is we miss you are.
Next topic jury the last one mile so is gary busey so is there to it.
Why can’t one of these gonna go through that.

[57:48] Which cake is better the band or the food like this one down.
Yeah just passed masters the person who manages cakes,
what’s with having the man’s baby silver or ethical right,
which band is.

[58:20] Yeah you can listen to the band wherever through any sort of streaming services basically free,
okay cuz never came never pain free for me i will appreciate from hrs ago logic boards in the olympics because of a three some of your,
i’m going to keep because you can do a lot of different interesting things of cake or a cake bands got one track was fine not and take a.
Do not cross fingers waiting for that new kick and come out of nowhere does it feel like,
i put bacon in a cake do drugs i was in.
Cake the food and he’s cake the band the pike or them both and both the food and the number of.
I was really and is like of,
because they like to pull a and since they’re extremely consistent you always know you’re going again and he’s not always hate yourself the next morning,
make the call was fascinated can i take the cake is the primer hose.

[59:30] He is seeing a round of.
Is going to speak on me all of the hour i have a i i see on and off with take the band and take the.
It is just kind of answer me if i want to shove it into my ears i will go listen to cake if i want one of august seven to my mouth i’m going to choose cake,
did allergies reappears get real it because a nice hard thin piece of cake flour really get in there and always,
every comely is turned.
Where she was i with you that actually cake the food and better myself in sc to treat me well i am married to beijing brag but i was a little dry will years.

[1:00:18] What the answer of the title holder humble bragging but now it was sticking with that truck that was running print suitable for a home address as a humble bragging venture.
Right now my executive decision is that it is the cardboard armor of vegetable i like it in a hashtag,
will the not knowing what dial on that’s good we’re looking for america everybody like everybody’s sd as a sort of confidence here tonight about raising themselves,
holy dragon for them right for each other i want the cake cd.
Is i still prefer the pancake to the actual cake for the both of us and miserable.
So next topic of receiving mortgages legacy.

[1:01:13] What you think he is the god of peace pastries listen off so when i sorry about messing with the bottle lol running with scissors back tonight and is the first word all without his glasses and mustache.
And so i sure what is on the cover when i was it just the climate is still have that cd to.

[1:01:39] Yeah i could tell posted on instagram later we’ll get our business is is go back to look.

[1:01:46] He’s not far off the years yeah that’s where he still works great and they might be giants turn sixty units of yours that jesus is.
Favorite acoustic ballad regardless of corn this.

[1:02:00] And who were those two with you pass a pass test.
That’s not that’s.
Also when you come in every rose has thorns the more than words yeah extreme me too i just realized this is making me pick between her shaped sausages heard of.

[1:02:24] Well it’s more believable saying it bothers korea not so i gotta say that can be not corny i’m just gonna go live.
Because i cant the crumbs to the entire catalog billy smith nine because there is.
That’s great customer is from his.
On the bus movie stars thirteen that’s my number that is also really great code of an illinois and the others are there is always a mortal.
A big star yeah good cells.

[1:02:59] I have to go with an attorney legged fans here who we capes acoustic version of violence.
Which i’ve listened to fifty like for break up so i really like that song his version i like is to get some happy you can be okay but even though everything’s pretty fucked.
I’m gonna go with my girlfriends acoustic version of piano man has a couple rank for this.
I have gone in there it’s called piano man but a cool she’s doing a guitar he’s on the symbols of the government who that’s good.
I was on my top three was like the record an estimate of who sings.
So my got us a corn sequence acoustic version of an answer to court will ever hear.
When was it wasn’t what i know unless i’m a plug special i never bother listening to it just because the wall isn’t there.

[1:04:01] Where’s mrs robinson count as acoustic it’s pretty accused bananas instruments used by human using through the.
I’m headed personally but once i get in trouble card on a.
I’m going to fuck urgently vaccination is gone with that tho thirty nine would be one but sixty two and we could of tight in the teeth.
Brunch on the border ss from the rest of the phoenix in the area that was like that we gotta messages on here.

[1:04:41] I don’t know the name of the group i release favor and the tears version of sept number on my pc and it’s in her sleep and.
Show up where it everybody’s with yeah forget it travis i listen to the whole thing no impossible,
i hear it and i think there was the us since it was a good life and just their word for it like to create a little you know i think,
the user email good pendulum sounds great but i think one of the specials for his enjoyment you get this all the.
Stand by the the frank sinatra where does mrs robinson so i can i might need a william shatner is missing,
the things that rocket man or mrs andrea who were able to pay see them again with ben folds.
But only one is the hours of the johnny cash record revisiting you babe and it’s kind of amusing that he ever heard,
what means by johnny cash look at them beans the horse is all gyms are,
turn into it now that there’s a reason and never to jackass in yeah i should not have lived this long without knowing the song where johnny cash almost scold me,
what is the secret my dad refers to horses.

[1:06:11] Balls as beans and a whole mother level the right guy picture johnny cash the field with my father going to be looking or so minutes gotta.
His name’s q question known.
Why are there is a johnny cash them that’s on the aston martin given,
i regret that i forgot about nicholas cage singing love me tender,
now i need to go to the motion of that will happen moons metal all,
oh god i forgot that existed in a lie it can’t release the crystals model number that’s all that’s that great of,
rest in peace then stops after alright.
Oh come over in the head because i have to go abroad movie to brag but it was do crystal using apple id whatever kill them,
yeah calcium deficiency humble brag about who she is in.
The property was did you also where i did that because it will be a now and.
I’m divorced lol long what if you could travel back in time and could only kill one person who would be in the coin toss.
Mine would be between hitler and the guys from the cat choose between what we.

[1:07:51] What are the question we but hold on hold on.
If your going currently that means i have the choice between internet for both of us the cdc is evil trying like,
what’s the weather like in have to pay the.
This is the only marshall cabinets very heavy door lock coo coo coo bird you pass or fail this one best as.

[1:08:28] There has to be.

[1:08:31] Yeah it’s much different between hitler who well see display i would see i only take issue with that because why we have to what you have to continue the cycle of violence we go back in time.
Really just nurture and and if so what is are you know much.

[1:08:50] The show was hitler for using the second season they show michaela just reliving your bad ailment is a slight preachers weather.
Hellos we live in your bed over and over again have is bad days when he was showing his are to some guy and he made fun of me hitler said and then.
You know what happened after that so maybe if you kill who ever really knows the history so if you maybe if you killed whoever me hitler so.
Angry when for two in the same origin story as charles manson.
Yeah there’s only man’s or is it like israel the beach boys and he was playing music with them and and they got a record deal he didn’t the,
kind of like the world to me and allow jackass is the legs are jerking in the back of the moment when my abuse was does.
Doms manson was when johnny cash is yellow and mains db seven thousand that means that we have,
what is the history of like food novelty songs by like sam green is like moon pie by tom petty you know that song but it’s.
I’m not talking about that will entirely course,
to join them to come my dad as he did you call horse that has moving parts no austin your son,
that’s a really i’m not drunk driving what never mind that was the podcast,
it’s like a radio show of the dates of hitler someone else.

[1:10:30] Let’s go to taylor and the guy that made fun of numbers are see his phone yeah.

[1:10:37] If i had to choose between hitler and ac dc together to.
Set bold statement what you been up with you about who usually pulls in the questions like why was you would one like you have a choice between home and.
Can’t afford the bedroom go back in time probably kill the guy who wrote the question to.
That none of the.

[1:11:10] Turn that someone screwed something up that i would love musically movie was.

[1:11:16] What down because it killed the scott and i get my indian sequel that want bbq ribs scott an alien wouldn’t exist.
Better vocalist all this fucking turning somebody screwed up something that i really wanted to hear now melinda make with him like a certain point a to go order is true.
What’s the deal i would i would take out ridley scott like e two years before for me this game.
He will live i felt during this when.

[1:11:57] You know big deal and sometimes i didn’t.
If you killed at the right time before between empire and jedi day may be today but lunch with got return of the jedi and we live got.
Most niggers motor in flowers same with either so much braving the first two with the meeting is over i think we over did.
We we we over that like you know what you doing up someone wait what will the cost of that someone,
reserve it for a first draft like three days not going to have jar jar with those good looks like video footage of like george lucas of is hearing that that and that is not right.
I think we over did it.
We would totally over did it off but you filmmakers that we think we’re really changing history air out my movies oh battery i was charles hutto who is the man who assassinated president james garfield.
Alright just in case not a filmmaker and me are going to vegas late me know nurture and not have this about cycle but i mean if i had the violence cycle then i believe there.

[1:13:12] Then i have to drive on using that.
What is it like a pretty sweet fight the only show i really dislike free would all be muslims.

[1:13:23] But i was showing but i am sure that before there’s a fund dividend of those like me like me and is like a formula of.
And did i change my answer ted bundy because it’s not the right on dude i was thinking of your blood.
Oh hi oh yes we use general has he really really solve the bundy name for you that none of us are ever gonna get working anything.
You’re not that old male.
I think it be fun chance to go try and kill rasputin that if you like reading the world what is what would happen.
There’s always people gonna try to kill we.
Rescue just like boys employees and still in work fuck it should i am still in work sheet and an autopsy ps does the water heater out cuz setting on fire shooting in space.
Nothing you could go back until pol pot and then is like a bonus.
Hear what holiday in cambodia ss but they do not the size of a half a popup doesn’t exist with get a chance.
You there was general with your hot cold hot cold hot cold hot.

[1:14:44] Jello is still the same in some really profound things he was the son the salon fire feeling.
If a big deal real real real.

[1:14:58] My last cycle was long for all the marbles you one more topic and would you favor molar called.
Favorite water for more of your morals and was never.
Hold or its password for.
I don’t know the difference has the android for now won’t work it runs okay i’ve never had to hold me over.
Oh it’s no use jensen be in fargo on wednesday is it progression if a cannibal uses a fork in all who is the the.
What electric current does questions lol place hits for six euros are strongly advise as far as dance.

[1:15:53] What film is failing is needed and strong yeah and the guy got raises.

[1:16:01] Why do they play the are clapton version by shop sure from the radio costly was clearly the latest version of the song because white people run everything is wrong with white people because we’re getting this is hell.
Three hours on the el smoke a solid and her what’s.
If you go to the future who would you kill was revenue in india if you can arrange a show called the music with three of the performers dead or alive who would they be all.
Put the past tense sounds awesome address show up for four hours.

[1:16:42] Okay so i’m gonna do a mix academics bill and that marie bamford on it and.
I have the they might be giants and and.

[1:16:55] Code in cambridge that the battery is gonna headline news what should i do a lot of drugs and he.

[1:17:10] I would i would have been cursing.
Is my my favorite my right hand man my keynote david paul.
No i would have mean the musical is collect and to pay for transition like you know the bruce jenner fella.
In my musical guests would be the york by her lies set up is a laptop and a blender.

[1:17:39] She has reasons motion if you could arrange a show dot dot dot.
Comedy or music with three other performers dead or alive who would they be together setting up a talk show ya feeling like your of the touch.
If you ever want that and if i get to a three but i wanna put somebody,
off limits the field at about three fans are confusing me and richard pryor bill dixon jeff dunham inhumane dunham,
either in the middle yeah has to be in the cities vans or confused and miserable.
He’s going no where with the puppets about what he’s gotta do flour or divorce,
when they’re divorcing would you close fire exits as well when i think i couldn’t talk to somebody better than.
Just maybe make.
Nickelback guy do that to stick our about kroger gas tank has to do with being with dollar twenty nine which is.
Byo are for your emerald steering wheel are you bill x.
Denis leary all the buildings denis leary person is missing is showing so they were they would both hate the guy numbers that is on our mending together and happily.

[1:19:19] System of bill gates open since there is like already pay smoking consumer fireman.

[1:19:34] It okay i’m just gonna have i’m gonna have chris for titus and louis ck dueling back and forth with bo burnham just just hats off.
Would be great as i got to.
Saul williams paul williams and hank jr or senior senior or heard from what was just ignore the junior from now it.
The hank williams is are like the gemstones ignore the even number one stealth says say the opposite star trek on.

[1:20:16] I think i’ll do my three like least favorite performers ryan seacrest bob dylan and jeff foxworthy.
They have to switch jobs holes in the event begin to.
And ryan seacrest test and filled it when you might be a redneck if this is the right address right i five blind in the east.
She uses a minute classic.

[1:20:51] Plus you made me feel really bad for bob dylan was there was one man is giving us a lot you put him in all you do is there and.
Tonight we at largo area.
One thousand and we need to living with me from home.

[1:21:17] Did i’m really sorry momma was about another goddamn bob dylan impression billion users twelfth there is a contract legal cars whose like.
The hell act is basically being bob dylan is playing songs,
and then doing dips pulpit is i mean he’s numbers are but he might as well be very strange.
Happy medium for sure thing i just i told him that i just let lately with anybody in sioux falls when costa splayed since like seven years ago.
What causes a traveling french group that man pulling who play performance art.

[1:22:03] And my two friends the to step brothers called me the the kickback played.
With them and grab the night before and both just brothers to not like live music despite doing it but it never admits and both commonly do you gotta go see this basketball tonight.
And it’s messy there’s a dildo on a drill.
Plastic baby comes out of places my main what i can remember as a frenchman yelling in my face parts can’t.
Weather in zurich and and i want pasta is to be on like a bill with.

[1:22:39] Any striper or something even more or maybe even more conservative than st louis.
This was a four cutlass and causes her to rock and.
I know you have a because me interest rate really don’t get along so is time to that person you can file as a pastor so i grew up around so ima in forever and we have a lot in common.
Is that what causes and one news boys.

[1:23:12] All and then i think there was this guy that was show me from that was the farthest that we just go our on the train to try to paint.
Play frank stallone joel osteen and that weird game where they can you hit joel osteen with a paintball not sure people and is there a room to go with the city and the dog days late.
Can i have some money to.
Good question solid and there of the third act to be read my new answers for the first usb gallagher go on all.
Yeah i could be down there no more on the numbers in buying from them person.
And we noticed that the dollar brothers is argue with each other for in tired for instead.
Tell me when your heart attack yeah it’s of yours is just pure slingback really cheap play them off with blender i’m scared of this so so why,
well there’s one of four thousand of fireball forward will go down your role,
i was thinking like dollar one to the gallon brothers,
yeah wouldn’t want to lose you still in diapers on your plans watermelon you can just do it like this weekend of yoga at all.

[1:24:47] What’s the last time that was good before we wrap up let’s go around the circle do shameless plugs we want to promote and.
I’ll start drinking rear i have a tape coming out july tenth.
And it’s just something i know is jake and it’s coming out until the records either a police.
Really so july tenth total drag so join expose yourself as the new.
Is this and no one’s gonna use the money.
I am in my schedule is bent over the moment so if you have any holes in your comedy shows he filled in that this was not just.
Taking the high road on this shit you use the.

[1:25:49] What’s the difference in.
Please watch the trailer for the pump room documentary which is on line at facebook says pump room dark or twitter slash pump and or you tube or just type in pump room.
My friend in ios seven stroke and we are having a benefit show for him which we are in the reuniting our band hollander.
That is on june ninth is ten bucks and will have gender bob curry brothers dr barky which was beast crazy strange.
John all stars international cover up and then.

[1:26:24] A late thirties spot man’s who used to rights anger songs about the singers ex girlfriend now it feels a little weird bottom cuz one of them gave me tv couple weeks ago,
oh wait thirty thousand nineteen thirties and nineteen events every so yes please come show help support my buddy danny you won’t come on some,
punk rock running twelve thirty am so yeah jordan there’s please check up on documentary please come to show.

[1:26:59] Well the cheapest this podcast is the guarantee questions and answers seem like hot but if you keep watching will bring them or is the question right in front of you.
I’m opening for morrissey coming your head light show us a good you tube you had to be there with brenda garza that’s my,
show where comedians talk to strangers on chat roulette that’s very,
funniest thing there’s businesses they can find those on the internet and will not be.
Well i phone intruder of the guards cuz i just don’t.
The flowers and then i feel realistic dot bandcamp dot com and it just.
Okay this is where i am and it’s just five songs think it through twelve min videos the whole thing three you can buy it but yeah but.
What qualifies.
Play games or snow playing a game of your yard the pennies the old fashion way to find them on the ground is in this podcast.
We think the terrorists restock specifically the bank camp another any mainstream streams science.
That’s the guy in there’s lots pictures of my dogs instagram sc sl is my name.
You’re right there smooth jazz ninety one of.

[1:28:35] What were runs like festivals but there’s really no home again but it’s maha for.

[1:28:45] Over and this year we see every year forward and then we can always like last year on the open from the jewels is.

[1:28:56] Play for run the jewels yeah honey very quickly become the next on the.

[1:29:06] Forgot to mention the shows at the icon benefit show another member that was so that the icon you can buy tickets to collective efforts union i think that’s all the details.

[1:29:18] Robert check out all the amazing podcast which country are already we’re at the sioux empire not right go against the.
You jerk you’re drinking poison option eight yeah that’s system march hotel.

[1:29:32] I plug it back to that around us yeah sit around hating guns and roses and tell them very much have a nice life same here for stuff.
If two last do not make a right but three do but however you still doing stuff backwards.

[1:29:49] I will go with your dad lost his kids concerned about it at all of,
do you have a visual aids from the album of blood that’s,
tune in right now bonus rose you your comedy show in a few minutes he read out of this oh yes ride bro,
skyler is hosting this one as well as your reforms reforms well in doing a three minute guest spots pretty excited to be fun shows.
Free game play all night before time and will see your benefit at big z two weeks on the fifteenth.
For a guy excuse was he had a car accident he has not regained consciousness yet there doing a benefit show me hosting.
Introducing all the musical acts there’s about nine or ten am.
And here’s about memorizing certain things of tony brown bryan hoffman matt hanson the real him for green and no sir not me to cook crispy dreaded chris’s mobile and email to perform songs created by steve.
Been colburn hand six i’ll first tyrant and black bean burnouts and i’ll be doing a couple shirts of between that sell.
June fifteenth i decided that i want someone to describe to me the suit that girl and where,
who is the guy in the white waiting teacher in gorilla presently but he answers like a band real him.

[1:31:24] Send me the best director look it up it was god roller is a must levi hanson grill of him is wanna holes on the other broadcaster so it’s not actually a real in.
No we’ve is then the two gorilla pants can fight and i will pay good money to watch that.
I’m going to that on the actual gorilla always better the actual grill at the jackass that really beans of the.
Yeah that’s a show we’re doing another special ops to tomorrow nights with exit restaurant in case cuz that seven colored emerson robert thanks for everything you reach full forty eight hours yeah searching for eight hours and burner in.
Austin luke go and ryan robert.
In the endless who has a number i think i have a man that you’ve been listening to the.


The Dresch Code Ep 001 Aliens Do Exist? And Skyler Bolks

The Dresch Code Ep 001 Aliens Do Exist? And Skyler Bolks

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

The first episode of “The Dresch Code” was a big success!!! Robert Mehling, you’re simply the best. Thank you for believing in me and putting together this podcast, you’re an inspiration, my friend!! Huge thanks to Kyle, Dylan, Robert, and Skyler for joining the show tonight and for Ryan Howe for being as always a fantastic Co-host with me. Adam White, thank you for helping with the format idea, Jeremiah Ham for the show name and to Marc Wagner for the awesome poster design. The next episode will be Sunday, June 3rd so I’ll keep you posted about it!!

Guests this week:

Aliens Do Exist?

Skyler Bolks

Machine Transcript

[0:18] I don’t know welcome to the new the first episode address conversate first off once it thank you to rubber mallet for.
You’re the reason why the show is here in hey hey was that your my ham for the name of the show idea.
And mark wagner for the show poster ideas fantastical loved it and.
Yeah let’s get story and introduce everyone kyle dillon bottle from the band of them and aliens do exist camera oh my gods everywhere,
well there’s always watching in addition kyles entitle megan set of eyes and the bottles and some people’s kids.
And will get more for that stuff.
As we can i that’s what they all oh in the van something,
what was in some peoples kids and the girl leslie,
schedule both of local community difference cuz hours at sally bolts will be commuting from an hour to do to earn perks and right now,
this is major filter sex showing post keep doing that over and over again you’re the definition of insanity mother who should be posted don’t have to.
Awkward transition friday.
To overnight and there’s other ones i think we made a on the spot as we didn’t live on the air back in kc for us.

[1:49] Cuz retirees all of the last three episodes were produced in two and a half maybe one of us you’ll have so that i go to class and it was probably transmission friday is.
Replace slip knot next still alice more set into paula cole but i feel as we pull together makes more sense.
Because there nineties issue ours anyways how the show works its like a very structured loose.
I love game shows the right word but we have topics in a bucket here thank you robert for the bucket.
And i pull topic out and we decide if that passes or fails a dress code and we vote while we’re.
And if you wanna continue talking about we will and if most of us are like no i don’t want to talk about that we will throw the top away and save it for the next episode.
That’s so essentially do a quick practice room we vote on whether this is an actual bucket.
Yeah we now it’s not to go are on our journey hit the gym that has vision it’s a jacket yeah.
What’s your fucking kid you hit your mashable it’s.
So now you work ryan will take turns point on the topic and then we will go three off topic and then we’ll see.
How we feel bout that sell question yes if this is a game show one of those line coming to us.

[3:25] Who is suppose to be green with all,
now i understand some of the camera angles you get slide up on you is what is the different colors the on demand,
wake me.
So you guys ready yeah for another shout out like that hi the for their three by three pressed decline slips the road all the questions on the back of.
They’re prey sequence lips so he wanted it near were the employee alright so early was shaking the jar jar jar jar,
whiskey in the jar o yeah happy happy rf range on the first question i would love to.
Find the episode we could just grab one of them that’s not facing okay.
This one is is near and dear to my heart the top ten devy devy wrestlers are so feel is house in a is all timers curves of its current no lighting is all time.

[4:44] I don’t know a lot but i can throw my two cents in cigarettes passes and the dress code cs.
Past due for six levels are up something that we took the wrestlers watching the dvds when we have a home of their three one.
Stone cold steve austin your answer to delhi hell yeah yeah here.
I am in that woody was trash anniversary date and freshman.
For a while i’m.
The road we’re going down bow saw all the news media is a good time when.
Three minutes ago sure it for that for top ten female games for top ten’s looks restricted to three minutes what about like lots.
Like party boys are the does the voice that comes to reserve one.
I was eighteen ounces one thirty one to road warriors warriors just as sweet now if it.
Gather ocho that’s right not familiar with resignation and there’s hardy boys team.
Yeah like the old no screen no is mainly the jet ready to jump off the fucking top of this ladder is one time bomb which is that the look of their still named after.
Yeah let’s see has a lot of boys with everything on it to match the electric.

[6:19] Could be closer to answer but the only one i currently have in our head but.
Will do have a whole set of six right now we have much room and reflect reflect oh seven maybe to it,
oh you,
yeah you can have all of the guys with the exact same boys who is not a man called in pounds you know at seven o’clock because of the entertainment starts is this was,
lauren where is this the we have an honorable mention for crisp and all over receive have a separate present lines lines cuz wall,
yesterday it all right the.
Goldberg goldberg where didn’t say anything but you were.

[7:16] I use the playstation had like a really awesome we game back in the day,
i made a really fat guy wearing a diaper can call him the giant baby,
in the state of levels reasons what we did but we got this far without damaging the link that why the,
twenty this arcade bar area that he one in harrisburg my girlfriend,
beat the hell out of me like six games in a row with.

[7:53] Eugene these.
We we did one in with their is one star we think we think it’s about ten that i officially officially take out of all that were mentioned as i’ve ever it’s on the record for us we have fun has lots of.
Yeah there’s one this is mainly a couple months before easter do said we did each comic that night at an open mike had to do a macho man song,
or sing a song as right ready macho man savage and i think that’s the seat mom,
up to one is stronger than module me on the news you the whole,
that is a close to three times covered for five minutes.
Set the volume or just rules richard it’s the rules is this supposed to close.
I think we’re going to wrestling talk yeah in the message we tackle that issue what is on the top of the.
To admit it studies out there to buried top ten most polarizing artists,
o disc when this one is another top ten nationally and mean,
what are the center like half people love half people the music hall artist like there is no we can you comics and musicians in this regard ago because of before the new musicians and alex.

[9:34] Doers in general pass on the passing bell phone for steve rides fail going.
I’m available at one two k i think that’s the majority of this is the for is a fifty fifty three what if you are our unit director sure pass o formed.
Alright you re letting a very polarizing artist is in the.

[10:01] Get names in for there’s so so half of half he was in it from the foo fighters,
from for no reason there’s people who hate april i don’t get that one yeah i really don’t understand when.
It’s one of those things that people i think people.
Big people life in the peoples kids and some people’s lives are killing the yeah.

[10:35] Yup and true true true poor in the community would probably be chappelle is one of those guys that be a lot lately people been half and half on.
Yeah that sounds like it the the artistic integrity and my dr not so is it that has he kept what is he still.
Still alice to be.
I would say he does not in my ipad i like is specials the new ones but they’re not as good and thirsty these moments reason yeah.
Why can’t i meet him so did that’s are still great but like fun things that the fetus a,
yes but i mean there’s obviously no is a resume or in the us about all the money up and down sometimes.
We went to the whole reason people actually have to late.
The person writing that paper passages in favor few things what movie is and you know that to get.
People get if people are famous and like doing it there’s always somebody using them yeah ugh radiohead is polarizing on musically.
For those that i liked early radiohead but i can’t get into the other stuff will not be considered a coldplay be another one to tired of or symbol for a lot of people died coldplay but get a lottery didn’t they said it was easy.
Walking back to the bubble code.
Will a criminal background of divorce was never met anybody that openly admits to liking nickel.

[12:13] That’s what i meant like to gives the last of i thought you were gonna do i go to the one with the vocals and i get a musician he just and like the reverse to nickel backs on like the germs all the sounds that like you like.
All of the in the political fallout that the mainstream rock music like that is the thing like.
Up to seven of all the right like people level the device i use revolvers voicemail again actually pretty solve the united or whatever,
it kinda takes the right why zero.
We sold agrees with some ruby this is only possible fucking ruby the the.
Close yeah there’s quite a few areas that relate like that are popular people if that’s more porous interest if it’s popular if you generator i have been that’s not.
Popular tarted chair justify their if the poorest or after he said it was the best thing ever.
Open up.
Suck me the most for attention service are comedians you could possibly think of and staying out.
What is the currency is for the update blocks of one cup of contacts on there and when i was actually there for the show but the.
Club owner and is it the year he thomas yeah i.

[13:49] I love that show three-fourths the way into it was so rough i i never i never leave a comment show less hours there’s an emergency but that’s hasn’t happened.
What was emerson’s here is the holster sit and look at each other like should we go yeah lets go back.

[14:08] That was one of those three years performance in the dvd.
Living room is it exactly my spanish is like a sexy does not like it rough.
If you move on to another topic is rna rides see alright.
Next up for your enjoyment plunger is the real mccartney dad are available let’s talk about them.
Yes that is the dress code yeah bro i’ve heard a lot of people say.
That whole occur to you has been a good car for forty years just the mid seventies so this whole tsp believe that or is he just trolling me hard core just won’t give it up.
I mean he’s not wearing shoes he’s gotta be that will hold the whole paul mccartney’s dating started with.
Strawberry fields forever and you wasn’t attracted to get to the end of the track does that reverse.
The reverse fade in kind of thing and very very back your george harrison st. paul’s that over and over and over and it’s.
This is all kind of the same areas like pink floyd starting a popular the whole idea of the re ambient kinda thing is starting.
And the builders kinda trying to test the waters with that didn’t go stream it involves going that’s kinda tested just real soft real subtle to see what happened in.

[15:40] Spot on the conspiracy that’s lasted ages now so its successful never heard of got them they give the.
Name of the guy that supposedly was paul after his death like glenn richardson credit richardson or something like that in the do please this is some.
No that’s all israel and.

[16:11] I would fall actually.
The history and as the crow answer is interested in it though if you’re already using it to use it again to get an answer.
Bro i think happens is i think.
Elvis and tupac and paul mccartney i got bored and they got together and just kinda didn’t swap with new age cosmetic surgeries.
Well mixing it up there for hair pieces different outfits the whole thing is coming your lock got a new pair of course.
Paul did not hurt and the song not not the.
I said i have nothing against humanity now,
i am completely willing to do anything and so as quickly as possible and angles that you are stupid i don’t know what i can do for you to listen to it again.
What is.

[17:10] No recording this again this one this order here is way closer to the.
Next up with your your.

[17:25] Who did john favorite show memories where’s performance experience.

[17:31] They were like in general russia horatio you for playing your scene go around the the couch for this one lol should.

[17:42] Power just purchased several colors use your platelet routers all pass fail and i am first of several shaky best of adele this one last one parent.
Closer to our grandmas are.

[17:56] How to re hash the question me again current favorite show memories and also is a two parter and we’re to,
arms experience favorite show memory and we are just shown me okay so i was in a cover band for a while here in town called,
when the windows are nineties alternative think of you guys about see it and,
i don’t know how the hell we land this gig but we end of getting like hooked up with this guy who runs a restaurant out at.
Clip-on said call purity one is like you guys are okay you should come play in my bar really cool and whatever your.
We did replace on the fucking beach apostolic fourth july and it was mostly experience i have ever done so like seventy degrees and was on both several just unify or to go it was crazy cool it was it was rock star shit it seem like you know.
And then they fed us to the and there was a paycheck is the pinnacle.
Oh absolutely actually very true that the sea no i wouldn’t say that was the funniest or the one after my head figure this.
I’m on stage a couple times i almost fell off the stage the district.
What’s funny i guess but joining a weird cuz that’s really weird just my fat ass tablet off.

[19:18] I know it can you can call that we’re doing this again as an expose a lot to be in living in an induced on thursday.
You know the best chocolates you serious its objective what i mean to you left if like for if someone below the vibe wasn’t right that neither.
Something like that or if someone like asks you to sign their blade there free i guess that’s life and not never have that sense my page leaders.
I’m a big fan of rage against the machine sale and.

[19:59] The i got some take the district and because is hard.
I tried to do something cool i tried using cool avatar close tonight i try to get up and sorted someone backwards on the phone my ass and the full thirty feet of the master say forever cover the various and.
So it looks like it’s we like better capital gains mono events are going down that is like oh my god and savior like.
That’s one of my favorite things ever watch is somebody trying to be cool and just stay walking out yet i’m in really good at that means,
bill to long will play was on please like six shows.
Those with the only shows an evening out that’s it cools on was that outdoor freedom fest thing we did last year when will they let people on stilts,
people dance around in dirt rocking out to blink one eighty two does a good time to re telling the story different show,
they’re saying like some guys on of the french doors with about how are you tell story united knows the after hour last show we did for bikers against child abuse the amount of,
give us aid after playing a blink really two songs and.
This one guy just comes up to me and is it says on an old like there’s gonna be a blue cover been here tonight really lovely twenty two.
Not having a real shitty day feeling really down and i heard you guys play and it really made my day and made me feel better and jesus you’re cool and.

[21:33] That we kickass.
Now the fun show because i work like ten hour nine or ten hour shift today and both my parents plate in a row that is so i just showed two red bulls before and i flew by and i can’t remember the shows.
What are the room but like i was just like caffeine fog you lost a decent chunk of money for that nine things at five hundred fifty something hours of school the function of an.

[22:01] Where is the for four series.
First time ever was on show cuz i told to change the way of saying cuz it in our can all of the plug on the flight is when the whole time to turn over at the house he the ball where your.
The initial.

[22:22] The white later wanna into a pro performance was playing back before yourself a private showing ripley was.
Sounds pretty cool playing with that the regine should address the problem the show a little the coolest of play i got to see that many people.
You like my home town later there they were all there for us the useful la sixty together some of washer so there’s only six people living there is richard some local i got a fever one.
Though some people and as of this weekend brother we just one weekly as you can play this.
This out or show down into this place called the cottonwood new planet this flat bed trailer.
That all sounds sounds isms stuff and there’s we first was sent a plan like this storage error on internet lol,
will keep playing and let’s get crazy person like they are so sarah said like two songs in it starts reading so progress in the middle of the fucking rain is like water splashing out the symbols of thousands is crazy.
But nobody has shot.
Nn for the crowd no to fifty five is when you lose something is will be rusty and then it cleaned out of.
No wonder surveys for the same as resting what college i gotta go.
Yeah don’t together favorite show every.

[23:59] My favorite is on the slide to in because i did a group of corona south dakota,
and just incredible parmesan crusted stay because she’s lodges and with shrimp that food is free drinks for free and then goes with thousand eight holes in,
he was driving back so i didn’t have to worry about you know being sober for the ride home so i got it.
I’ll always on but it it was a big room there’s like a hundred some people in their hundred plus and it was a really fun show and then.

[24:37] Let’s go to michigan is laws am paul bunyan county festival there and.
The first night like it was a little that crowd was kind is a little bit smaller sizes on thursday night and people were like a lot of people were there for all the shows so they were like totally geared up for yet but.
I was on the second to last show on last night and we actually had some the cancel.
So i am given a little bit of extra time which you know the kind that is like,
you’re minutes is all about you like if you can get an extra five minutes instead of a big deal so i was a little bit longer and they just kill all the way through and i was like almost two and people not room is,
and there was a risen time with that free food with social to so yeah important we are to show a different.
We’re just one.
Is it legal to video one it’s work for an open mike for you is an open mike that we all went to one in but that that pave.
Will it is on his page but he paid was always with.
Actually the weirdest would have to be where do the show wish i got paid today show in sioux city.
And it was in this bar on the side of the hotel.
And there isn’t really any promotion for the show and nobody that was there new there’s gonna be a show with his had like fifteen twenty guys that were working on the interstate.

[26:16] They’re pretending to be working on interstate sue city,
there there to kill this is right like three versions with them is what they all had their backs to wasn’t rotating in on the pool table,
which was in the room but as a mouse inside the room and says.
My son i’m quite a drama cuz around the entire crowd that was there for the actual foundation my girlfriend and her two friends.

[26:47] So i just made i told them stories about my life was introduced and the more.
But i’m feeling this but when is the hope of the.
Ugh hurry upright favourite show memory for musically this was one disarm player for show total drag about four five years ago.
News like they just opened up we like the second or third show there ever and it was his is warm summer days lol shows that.
The headliner cancelled it so we actually inadvertently ended up headlining there’s a pretty fun show this kind of do forty five minutes fifty minutes and just super fun.
Many likes.
Downpours like right after hours like someone said stated for after the show the senate wise one nathan up and record his album i got open forum and those like,
is a short and sweet i have like five minutes but it was like time for ages add up everything is hit right perfectly swick,
the center comic when you hit right that’s the greatest feeling yeah you know i quit your job just glad everything landon is just perfect that’s is.
One of those nights for me and we’re just standing it was like three or four months ago and the bar is on as it is was not laughing at anything.
And it was just a weird said it was just one of the roughest for make crab about like there is a ton of people there and no one was laughing that was the worst part that full of knights were.

[28:21] So you’re you’re there to save on this sunday know that i want to but i’m trying to not talk.
Read till recently a that hurt mccracken favorite thing was the first one the first ones in a long time whereas lego that was rough.
Who is tony people there no laughing it anything like all the comics were having a rough time that night when some guy that i kinda know that i see around town.
It’s a nice guy but he just he lower doses stories my of course you do the reese’s name and he was.
What is a pretty.
And then he just procedure to prove that even on the phone yeah of jesus tickets to that i nominated her mother was really awkward in the reasons there’s a group of.
College kids up from the.
An old post tests or something like that i don’t remember what was going on today just and it hasn’t like that and they’re out to celebrate and they were there listening.
But then didn’t respond to anything wrong look like they’d rather be elsewhere right yeah those who weird experience for the musical don’t know.
Tell us to enter the venue being weird but it was more like there is one night where i recently injured my quad muscle lifting heavy equipment,
and his arms dealer show scheduled at big or something of the fun show but that was the worst pain ever been and perform the show cuz i free much give it all i drive a discount.

[29:55] Head bang and then some sort for three days that i was just was weird shows are just like my mom was there what ma give me advil.
What’s the deal with him no slick like it was a fluke these movies test move more grams.
What’s up with the dancing from.
There’s a young trying keep this brief so.
Both the same show but isn’t it by ivory in college and is one and only time ever going to leave the musical because musicals are not written for cases.
All those kind of a surreal moment for me to be able to to do that but the but the weirdest moment comes from that show.
Because there’s a scene at the end where,
we’re trying to lead this old house like character out of the town because stuff went down so i dressed him up as my fiance to try and get him on the train so that the person who is playing the,
character was was this russian guy and i got no pretty well and on dress rehearsal night he added a little thing where he give me will check on the cheek before he runs off cool fine total without.
Is the next night he didn’t.
He pulled my shoulder a little bit too hard and i turned with that so it’s actually conservative christian college stays in front of three hundred people in that kissing this dude.

[31:36] Who is over and we are on it becomes my ex girlfriend boyfriend.
Usually numbers moment your ex girlfriend sends the background hell yeah again.

[31:58] Who’s.
Do it says were slammed with you move.
Robert did you ever perform live or anything like that or after the show or really shows up we could you show like speeches like that in any were the experiences.
I am.

[32:28] Damn i have good stories on that runs blinking at the moment or store stop at next are on next great your terms when the x next song is that.

[32:41] Has always tuning and other technological advancements rewind run talents yes we started as though the.
Friends ask the passes,
scanner is that i’m confused has just loading thousand reals talk about anything is possible them the whole for a.
What is doing hungry and appears.

[33:10] Then we can go to the park so people get were talking about the clothes for content for everything in the.
I think it’s a thing it’s gonna hurt this is a miracle that the murder when she saw it there there’s a you say this about like any.
It’s how the kids these days with their auto tuners and there.
Skateboards in this is the same thing you always and forever and a day you could make a case for you know when a.
When someone else started writing songs for someone that was better at seeing what can we get some you know like did that really raw talent of being a good writer and.
It showing red or in others those things go on forever now for a voice my voice never been against it.
That’s awesome that if it if it needs to be fixed the first to wash my dad next record seen him touch up vocals if it’s like a pitch off here for one little second whatever like it happens and the aluminum items to.
The things that happen but if you have to auto to hear entire vocal performance because your.
Then i’d say use your call and find a different hobby lobby it’s not this early because you garbage of them what are the effect of the sanyo then mean like.
We live in the current music is a pretty cool stuff out there reading his people doing that was kind of the intent of that song.

[34:42] Is to have that tune on there the melody is is kind of perception you guys uber like we listen to this song listen an ass of and honestly even listen to that boy i think.
Did as a musician like it if you really said i wasn’t something even if it’s something outside of your comfort zone you could appreciate certain things and see whether china do like all those actually really cool or like what is still in my tablet how nice to see the apply that.
Grant and adam bottles appoints a good point to differentiate the difference between antares auto tune and pitch correction,
the residents of people say auto tune everyone thinks that the pain sound with that is what auto tune is pitch correction assembly is taking certain no shipping and then fixing and and.
Modern modern pitch correction like melatonin for example you can’t tell.
If you say you can tell your fucking line know if it was things were as it’s been said it’s if you have to take entire vocal track and have a completely pitch corrected,
he a prophet agree that this however if you just knitted fix by here spot there are even after the fact that like it’s it’s a very powerful tool.

[35:52] Turn as of problems use of actually.
Christy play can sing like a mother fucker and then like the famous for auto tune that’s very much for your known for is weird,
wasn’t that the dubstep like effect thing you know when get it it’s like,
who’s something outside because it’s boring specific sound or something like that this is another way to create.
Another difference pacific that sound for like your style.
That’s the power kill to see you thriller movies vocals live of his songs and not be standing right by it.
Dj turntable would like your phone number but still wise like boxes yet of the fun sound music though and you want to use like,
bro tuna factory invoices that shitty where you need it or not.
Take a deaf on the purchase of a color it is with the keyboard to the whole digital volvo like robot voice thing that’s why coding out anyway if you’re not a good singer brown.
Robot you and whose that the question next witness up there.

[37:02] We’re sure we’re done the raphael hotel fail quit going question the big foodies polygon all will hear what happens to the stories on,
are you.
Three had some classical area stories to allison from as a motorcycle song is it dying it’s really really bad and who.
What’s available right now until it’s getting interesting talk about the past thirty fails however weird albuquerque for the when that’s all the way.
No i’ll do that yeah you know that song saying common you always moving room on our to jackson introduction.

[37:53] Politics and music and comedy good or bad will let anyone so yes that has the laziest yes or no yes.
Yes yeah yeah they have good when applied correctly of apply correctly yeah it it doesn’t matter if someone aligns with my politics.
When the light for standup specifically i don’t wanna hear about politics like i’m not i’m not here to.
Be reminded of the shitty things are going on with all these things that will do it like every time we should have a good time right and bring up all these things like it brings up those emotions and.

[38:35] Not necessarily discussions but shouting matches that happen in family dinners and stuff like that so it’s not fun for me i rather,
you know here you tell me why to read those are weird,
yeah maybe not talk about your genitals quite so much but i think it does it does have there are always going about it probably cliche but like i was the jim jeffries bit on,
control or he doesn’t make a lot of new ones points but he doesn’t care is manner,
i think you’re pushing it from the same point of having a constructive discussion about it and also able to make fun of both as they are meant,
sure go for using me bashing on something because it’s popular mass on and the time where is an easy mark then know there is something else i.
Weather like that night i do respect and appreciate it when it’s done well but the same time what i’d rather than a short yeah the downstairs start like.
Musically speaking music like in that an art artistic regard it’s kind that it’s mold out of the environment your in right and like you take a lot of influence never mir and.
So there’s been a lot of significant is that is really good just on the emotional state of shape optics you now and that’s the songs not necessarily directly about what’s happening politically,
but the anger of the feelings that come with that state inspire curtains around the good and like that you know that’s it was born out of a shitty political period black,
learn this is america clear presentation right now it is that what is the magic one point two does like,
the state of politics now the diving into it there’s nothing serious about music soon because it is just a shitty environment right now and i actually who are some the opposite in musically.

[40:14] I love a good like protester congrats on your something and you know that and that’s.
Is there anything like it totally starting invoke a specific reaction and emotion whereas music is this whole brought range of different.
Emotions that it touches and that’s something a little more comfortable with absolutely will me all yes all right.

[40:39] Jar jar.

[40:41] The other banks as he can from this of laptop and what bands are not in the rock and roll hall of fame and should be.
I need to see now we should we are on a twelve pass out i go to hell.

[41:00] When a micro of my goal was to jail cuz hooked was the edifices big michael can’t make it brief on.

[41:11] Show me the weather what’s feels fine.
Pass this who knows the user george failed his number for details yet so for you being,
dang okay with all the original problems even thirty in or something,
yes jennifer lopez you back that will let the boys better thirty am donna she is gone in.

[41:40] One hit wonder songs that were so good you wish to do it again when he water artist sublime pass pass in mesa that thing you do the wonders yeah.
New radicals you get what you give i was the come back in serious know that does suck in that outfit song.
Bella don’t your love you just fall in the way of.

[42:07] I think i’d like most i think of most as a one hit wonders almost every there’s,
very few mins of more than one side of the began on one i don’t wanna become that’s right knows who they go public with it leaves programs like one hundred.
Number of the local it’s and kids are all down from florence for the.

[42:34] Hundred nineties be answered like bar sounds like a good science dude solvent and then there for freshman said been dittos sounds great.
Garth brooks,
oh his one hit wonder he no longer allowed someone number one hits you wonder and.
Friends places and a bolt nickelback.

[43:05] I heard he check rover got vocal surgery recently so he’s voices theater that used to be at oasis i’ve heard about that sort.
Seriously saw watch over the border watch nickel back on the today show last year and it is rough.
Never flies man jews were off please,
she doris says locally each hands on the bible,
what time was this real like that yeah that and a little extra for it’s only two guys to read it now if the,
i’m not on my wife for me the last year jd wonders lol ninety space.

[43:54] Search for yeah i need a lot of that was confused by it that it was the music video thing cuz if you had that one good song that you get a music video of what that becomes kind of like it gets perpetuate throughout.
But she didn’t answer me yes in the dollars make it popular and when you don’t have it yet it’s on them you could go gold just because of that one song right right is ridiculous and miss that type your excellent like the soviet like one solid song,
you were set for a couple years.
Google now to six million plays on spotify well actually an additional gold is a thing yeah visual raynes everything and stream store yearlings bottom line and see if you sell.
Certain amount of copies online the other lexus alright or i a wasn’t the certification black blood very rare to see.
Don pop artists ritual this point like rock band to think the closest we’ve got an ex maybe panic at the disco couple others have all kinds of pop,
liquid gold with the newest one i think the guy was the reasons and they will it plan something for outcome walls that ever again after they exactly to three hits off when it may take the system rear.
But no one home saved on her like animated peripheral income moves.

[45:14] Muscle car.

[45:19] Oh top ten most over rated artists yes sir that was very dark of can you it failed last few months of music in aztec s are going to touch.
Set the.
What dress goes into the hole for five minutes this is not the is an artist who has a weird or unique voice make or break an artist for you,
who who has pass pass.
Where do i start with to philips yeah you let you both know that makes it that is pretty funny but there’s no way he’s as popular and well known as he is if he doesn’t have the.
What was going to do school him he just read phone books in that voice and get good last people we yeah okay see uhf.
All you place the guy that cuts is them off to the table saw this call me rooster for two for yours tickets over for some water is full finance red is.
I want the one i was telling his winnings are doing music is very much like or all problem bowels has like really a country music.
And like now is it something as it is available like yeah i could owes you for having something is completely different.

[46:55] Sound the year everywhere heating place so i appreciate when are they have a different sound and different tone that to them tv.
Auto zone today right its object of our started snoring unit like we even joked about double dipping already level beats voice doesn’t,
doesn’t do it for me so that sells not however i like being recording camera where to very distinctly voice and,
do it do not like that no longer was dollar kobe just because the voices voice usually they’re fine with that but that’s what i think and roses yeah i’m with you and it breaks my heart,
axel rose nothing crazy easy mike didn’t,
on my hands and the most hated people at the meeting things like the nineteen seventy five.

[47:46] Hey disney vocally i only like music is pretty cool.
Look i’m i probably wouldn’t make it as much of that you didn’t have is like accident in the present chocolates in those days are over for sure how things should be.
Now that what the fuck am i thinking of like those who are.
And knuckle puck cover like anymore and will blink be found on the thing weird for that report.
Junior’s i don’t like because the boys just throws me off liam gallagher cream be in one body creel in and around there that you can sing tho.
Cream rocks can push even if you didn’t like it.
What a tease but like some eighties glam bands that the vocals camera for resellers could do i could not do it to this issue is now.
No to scissors to cut the other off using the two people more adam.
I’m more than more or all personal here vs even though i will say that her voice is ten times better than rob split roth had better songs in my opinion.
What is the december top and clock us all topics vinegar.
From facebook maps heart offices puddles pity party is asking others fantastic week you’ll be.
Small thing that gets under his videos so great and it definitely symbol is we listen to the song and it was like neon light.

[49:26] Should i like cut some,
i because you that violence is the only way is that you can help of you guys watching this is dopey clown,
this is like the obvious is it can be a little bit sad watch whatever it all star in minor,
no that’s fine that’s it gives you depression like immediately if you listen to,
english muffins in this is your favorite author rubik’s side to side park where she.
Bobby called richard it’s,
every now and is replaced with she had so what is the need to show this year in she.

[50:13] She was perfect that’s you give me a call coming in the house comes.
That is an comes to school and miss the convenience store,
missing and thinking of and the no complaints so long one of using.
How do you say from a eggs would.
The hell with no response me how does music as children cactus into adulthood should organize choir performing,
he just is required to sports and.
Well i will pass to the sports sounds answers email but the air won’t boot always been like keep talking about do we have to prove that.
Other roommate thanks so much better i think music is please very important part like.
In school like kind of losing explore these little more easy different perspectives on things must like sports isn’t necessarily for some people of religion class.

[51:30] I was at the gym class heroes.
I like ten pushing the only had pancakes and so am atomic i don’t i don’t want to clean required,
just because it for me and very person something the you choose to do us florida and it’s.

[51:52] I feel it is take something away if you’re forced to do it especially in gondolas will wear it or choir ballooned from.
Fifty people to ninety people cuz people have to take it for credit or not,
i need the quality of the product and manages me some people and then they don’t care about it as much as the person next to them.
If i am around and think ideally you want a unifying her people they’re all there because they love doing it and want to see something sexy as you start putting mandates on it you lose what makes it special for as that.
I like to sing like trying to force anyone.
To do anything like that is is kinda just brought in the to think about than the first piece doesn’t.
Why should anyone nobody should you should expect someone to feel the same way about something like.

[52:44] All these kids are ridiculous and when i play the easter johns or two and the air are doing our or two and one or whatever it to see.
Who’s eric why is it’s like you suggesting that everyone is still the same about things and everyone every single persons little is unique so that.

[53:04] Send everyone should feel the same boss of this kind of ridiculous and that’s that doesn’t start requiring that will everyone’s jesus ninety six with the freedom of choosing the first place i mean people still become mathematicians and you have to take.
Is it because what you can make the lower level is like any of these some sort of musical you don’t have to push anyone doesn’t anything specific.
The some sort of music should be required to a certain point because i’ll are fractions when i serve playing the piano and because is early learning the you know the different notes in the lance the nose and stuff like that.
And then opens up.
A force you to think in a different way so it opens up like creativity and stuff like that and kinda it something you can work with creatively and just kinda play around with.
And i think i think its a good thing tho those kind of things should be.
Required up to a certain point you know and as long as you do something musically that i think it’s and it is definitely a big benefit.

[54:13] Snuff boxes of did.
When is it also fair to say the curious ever topic on its own like kinda different thought process you get from doing some like music or art you don’t really notice that time years now,
remote was sitting in the thing on later it doesn’t always you know eight years old and it’s actually in the role of my life now mr now,
at the same time in lot of kids there were people that.
We’re like forced the price for seventeen years young age is the only in wanna do it has people that we’re allowed to come in and around.
How they been playing music twenty thirty years and they love it when there is missing the and in a case by case of.

[54:57] Maybe they have options you nobody should feel like it has to be this read that washes out options that wasn’t doing something to china and.
Push the vs was driving fine or in like elementary school come for fifth period the option like either being chorus orchestra or band.
And i thought it was kinda cool have that option if you can’t afford the insurance right but when.
Been for the one that works just it’s at the core program on my state have the that was not a thing now you have running water in some places this is correct his machine.
If not that’s bad when you,
how’s the house is equipped to i think there’s lots to say that about like forcing someone to do something specific like.
Give her my best friend for his sister was force you attacked all their parents handle it would push them each and,
just didn’t really seem to make any sounds always kindest or something like oh we’re gonna push you into this and you into that and maybe the solid talent,
for that or something but i did kind of in a couple of the other kids account read this resentment for the thing they were trained.
Pushing and doing so i can understand that was will the losers and toss stroke.
It’s like anal sex and its been injured kind of the same for forces kidding act like it isn’t the.

[56:34] What your name and the screen broke.
Can you shit.
Full bush landing strip or bald room handset of my best okay me youtube reform.
Then the chair.
But that really needs to be where he there for my future un lock light is about ourselves other than english for the,
what is your new breed of a kind of chemo.
This is this legal question about our personal grooming habits all of this but all i got no balance are both free options.
Yes everyone she is needed in addition always be something there so i can not.

[57:44] It’s on the scene that out cruising for anything at this point if lilo is.
Not looking to have sex of the baby.
Hear me some hair down there and the light goes on business looks is weird you know this question was really,
debating whether to put in the jar,
what’s the problem is is really that much fun to shop through you know bush the town in the q and it started bleeding,
he is a true pleasure to have somebody overuse probably trim the hedges in the center of the.

[58:31] In terms of the.

[58:33] So lucky in right now that all the time along work is good scorch the earth if that’s your for your gluten is the devil destroyer of your property.
Decorated how you want my cigar get.

[58:51] Couldn’t story on the was to go there quality of the.

[59:01] Did the song that never ends and d and with shari lewis is passing and other musical mysteries that need solving teehee louis don’t know your ss class and chive shop or harmful.
Scale failed in taking the difference lol no signal to the.

[59:25] Would you rather events for.
Very in the climate reminds israel mesa have the right passing the road as.
Does that mean not as and started at two hundred.

[59:46] This man is really optional take it if i’m gonna die are you split it it’s open ended so we don’t i will production not just not and my it’s been.
When a taco bell it’s for lines and numbers on speed and is there some weird spam flavors that i would like to try it but it,
i can guarantee i wouldn’t get too old can or feel good afterwards financially or physically,
i was in los angeles thing anyone’s ever said the word jalapeno you would like one of them directly to my.

[1:00:25] But the same time around the whole story on st john tonight of reference your little with.
Please cut the funding for ge camera to a using the last one.
You are blessed with yeah okay we’ll get the guests dead in the eyes and with a little feeble tone simply whisper while.

[1:00:59] I don’t think that was a question will do this somebody.

[1:01:04] Pass of fail will it feel it is your duty and has gonna take with of those from work in one job that.
What song would you want to have play around there was only one other play around you when something unfortunate happens as a fail.
What an ass.

[1:01:30] Can you dance zones every time the song remains to be here to be square.

[1:01:39] When you lose square.
Could see things or animated there and the owner is simple plan addicted to.
Idea for the year and your,
i think i do this alot my life but i just randomly insert songs so i think for me the one i go to most welcomes in my life,
yes that would be c form.

[1:02:20] One ounces rise no everybody in this room and kind of i i just wish somebody was don’t worry be happy,
something in our shoes in middle by jimmy rollins two pack my things this that winslow’s actually live by that motto just take some time.
Or just like to be like it is on china are um,
now it’s it and all the time the germans vs can’t get no worse than this relation with that’s on the sound of that album of the.

[1:03:06] But this is america.
The original remote slim is also a local that live.
Was this a sudden it.
Let’s talk thousand eight hundred four thousand.
It’s all doors don’t go over there.
So just realized that they all have extra on quick nevermind of course.

[1:03:55] Just open about other hand zero is in.
You can imagine how rugby if you have a through ball that we would you has his middle finger this question.

[1:04:19] Where is my order is.
When will the remote does he really two more questions and call good.
Pass of as its passengers and we go to midnight or before all.
Three o’clock okay she is there a direct correlation between depression and creativity pass pass pass through.
Yeah i haven’t written in a couple months of the girls i was interested.
I am in some the other later bitch in my i think i think yeah there’s definitely a correlation because of depression is like.

[1:05:19] That’s it.
Desire brings working with your brain isn’t working in quite the right way or quite the same way and that’s what creativity a lot of times is is looking at something from.
A different perspective religous you perspective and.
You know depression because of mental illnesses can cause that kind of skewed perspective on the world are on how things are affecting you or others so i think absolutely.

[1:05:47] From musical standpoint i definitely but for me personally with comedy i write better when i’m happier.
In a good mood because i’m more instead of focusing on things above me out and focusing on observing things that are like that’s kind of funny right that down right the great work jokes that way in the last couple months i’ve been.
In the up and up and really do something radio or jokes socially if you’re in a bad place it hard to write jokes musically be easier to write music.
I actually the opposite direction bro i write better when i’m in a crappy mood.
Because it’s just so it’s been having some of realize more now is a cowboys use county is like a deflection tool of you know my my bad day or.
If i am pissed off at somebody or something like that is always awaits you cannot turn it on its head and neck ass on with that instead of you know.

[1:06:40] I do if i do if i’m in a depressed state i write material that i would later regret telling on stage.
I don’t know the answer to this i’ve deleted be really negative to set it up.
Can a weird state artistic creativity is motion to charge of sucking up your pressed it,
i don’t think it necessarily detract the writing ability but if you put an ad for mindset you write something for me and i think it helps the road like if you are depressing when your personal for me.
Your detailed just write something out of this computer had a little bit ticket from another perspective in.

[1:07:16] Burgers look at it and can put some clarity to the.
That what you’re saying that the music is social interaction and there’s no better way to castle in motion then by experiencing it now.

[1:07:33] Bigger one last week.
Sure to is over and i’m the clock is on its okay well having a television with netflix and being a big part of people’s agenda.

[1:07:50] He has a mass of as was last it can’t fail to die,
hey valerie okay we’re done when i have in hand my appears to be used in our for them of their house for like it’s in our team maybe a day.
And so i watched.
Cable tv then but i’m almost always point out something on demand or occasionally all of pulling through netflix and watch.
But regular cable tv receiver.
Really haven’t done that since like the college and we get free cable and say me and other than being like a generational thing i think we’re seeing now is because people are on the way the costs keep going up and if that happens more people are gonna pull away,
so i don’t i don’t see it coming out of the spiral i think there’s more companies are going to have to embrace how it’s how the genres involving the,
there are certain things like sporting events and something about that you can’t like you can you paper to type stuff.
Then there’s also a lot of companies are coming out with the click picture channel’s see you pay specifically i want all when is,
and you know what soc so i can watch every football game so i’m just gonna buy those channel’s man you know that customer houston.
At this necessarily great because then your your you know people are buying into that they’re.
Mindset like the line down the second game so yeah absolutely.

[1:09:26] I guess i’ll talk.
You know i’m always amazed valmont all almost.
Now i feel like if i want to watch something in netflix you tube red even with like overcooked in stuff like that however.
It was such a stable like american society like if you had a tv or like successful,
as a family is an adult you know about those like animals i’m i’m succeeding and she and i feel like i feel like even now i don’t answer i don’t watch tv anymore like having tv just turn on the back on for like,
i’m a proper dolly on me and is.
Can we are having our gardner is his circle back around being a luxury rather than a common place right kinda yeah.
Now lemon phones and ryan courtesy rule that’s why i thought it was you because for a little while there was.
The disc into a discuss like household,
as a letter three tv household or will it when i was little it was like all its over germs please you got four tvs and ps you can they don’t have to just watch star trek with his dad which now.
For creating it somewhat throws a kid but but sir scott and the but still is star wars playing tablet talking to this radio doesn’t brew.

[1:10:57] Well it’s on tablets for tonight’s episode you can we have more will use for future so it’s twenty three or benefit was back in,
should put those back in case of the phone it’s up to use for a cadillac rolls will supplement.
Whoever canceling get turned down next week got this trip before we go,
when you guys have upcoming shows you like pro writing a project plug hayley again and i thought of you go first.
The only really got one and now some peoples kids play at that time on ge and july sixth.
I’ve cleaned the band from chicago illinois to call north by north.
I think last year was the other vintage playing this on that have to double-check the only thing.
And also plan b is for the van last forever at the privilege a reunion show on june twentieth just one time filling show.
Tell them out setting up for school yet that’s all i got.

[1:12:03] A real creature metallica number is the non everything on his stream video games on twitch.
If you wanna watch sky or in the oven was gram of pants stitches onions a rock so thirteen spell r o c k z o thirteen in spanish out the.
Get married in all she did you see.
Come on june eighth when unit of the icon is the title magazine release we are.
Renew progressive rock band in sioux falls.
We are guaranteeing to be the most average thing you’ve ever seen at least prob and then yeah no that’s that’s very exciting we were playing with no sir not me must harbor again.
And got about nothing on that one but the other fuck off.
Yeah it’s just it’s going to be fun it’s the kickoff to our first tour this summer we’ve got a couple more tours throughout the summer booked in florida can be fun to.
So are eight i have june first to showcase and hydro downtown in c falls.
Close your eyes preform shows kinda smaller and seemingly there really not that live there until the third time that you show there yet and then june third it’s a sunday.
I’m i run through the summer and a show at the bonus round.

[1:13:37] Where i bring in some comedians from around the region and bring a group of people in the first one to see me a couple of people from omaha.
So i get regulars a journey from an progress about coming up.
And what we do is a twelve dollar cover to get into the bar and all the games are on free play and we gots to for fives odell ipa is.
So there throughout the night and the games are free play before the show starts and will be free play for a while after the show as well.
And that the ticket price goes to pay the comics,
for the most part like with pay a little bit out of a heads up but it it is a almost all and going to the town next to help them travel up here so we can keep the bitches gone.
And then julie is on friday.
It’s eight o’clock and i’m doing a showcase with clay fully is coming from out of town and it’s.
Working out to his tenants just resigns more three region is kaduna pastor show and i have a couple comments on from down cc number and events and mad hatters and.
The actors on the show and ima be hosting and playfully has some racquets,
yeah the only thing i go on the disclose this weekend muscle therapy and am an cell phone so if anyone cancels thank you for that but i’ll have to have other things going at gun point in later episodes wasn’t robert any.

[1:15:07] You want lol oh what’s podcasts this year which catch the fever.
There’s a couple of things i forgot to mention adam white is responsible for the pass or fail dress code idea or give him props for that as well.
And robert thank you for that this props for this problem and the lovely glass bucket with a lid.
Just get your kit and his jar yeah disarm my van has a show this friday the twenty fifth that i can.
And or themes for our song equilibrium is the theme song for this podcast so.
Four facts and if your actions that you her and you like checkout offer element of the reason which we just pressed on vinyl and it’s okay it’s.
It should be available at or whatever next or exceed probably be out and we’re gonna viral by an early show at some point not sure when but stay tuned for that address for podcast every couple weeks.
Be awesome and thank you again for all this with everything with the show and means alot and thanks to mark the poster again germ i’ve to show name idea.
And everyone else thank you for listening and watching and will see you the next episode in the future.
Please send address to nigga every one to three years ago.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah.