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South DaCola Ep 022 2018 Election Predictions

South DaCola Ep 022 2018 Election Predictions
Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.
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[0:28] Welcome to South Dakota podcast.
Not sure what episode is finally but I’m not sure anyway we’ll figure that out later.

[0:42] No gas this week I think the I think the local legislators or candidates are getting scared so they are probably don’t want to,
do nieces used family-friendly show,
22 I wanted to rest right there we go and so course we’re joined by Michael host whose name we will not speak.
I don’t I’ve got no response anymore.

[1:24] And then Robert if course is running running running the show over there so tonight I think we’re going to talk about our predictions for.

[1:36] The election just for the state and then but I wanted to start out with a couple little tidbits.

[1:45] I’ll just one thing of course you know Bruce was citizens for integrity and I and then some of our Media Partners have requested the.

[1:56] Sioux Falls School District to release documents concerning the election are our argument is well it’s it’s it’s two-fold one is.
Did the 85% passage is a record of the state and for 300 million dollar tax increase we found that to be a little high.
But we also on the other hand of that if they really you know if they really did hit the 85%,
we find it kind of fascinating and what kind of want to know how they did it,
so I know it’s not the point of where I don’t know there’s a part of me that doubts they hit it but.
It just seems a little extraordinary I mean what do you what do you think I mean you as someone who follows elections and stuff I can tell you how they hit it.

[2:42] I holding an election yeah,
in September Yeah by itself by itself and I really order and only the sporting show you know what you’ve got a
was that they had a large number of absentee early vote voting that occurred in until you’ve got when I guess I don’t know what the.
Employee base size of the school district is.
It’s a lot but it’s a lot and then had a lot of Orlean absentee vote so I ate like I had said previously the holding the election when they.
Held it was only going to add them and getting above that 60% Threshold at the school district needed because they could.

[3:27] Keep turn out pretty low and and I guess I didn’t take a quick look at adding a photo.
Surround 30 my camera the percentage but when you think about it there’s about 25,000 students in the Sioux Falls School District something like that and let’s say they just all had single parents I mean not even not even not even the parents,
you know showed up to vote you know.
And of course the school district boundaries are a lot more voters in the shower.

[4:06] Students and the other thing to that is the reason why we look at this president is.
We had two elections we we wanted to compare this we compare this to the only one that’s ever gotten really close in the Sioux Falls Area was snow Gates and that got around 70% it was high and,
that was a service that mostly everyone,
you know mostly everyone will get it had no tax increase attached to it,
I think date the tried to do as a scare tactic the opponents that there would be attached because there’s never been a tax increase for snow Gates they simply just budget more money for him and the other part of that is.
So where does that more money come from they just budget more money give me a break everybody knows.
The person who did the petition Drive Teresa Staley I think she spent told me she spent around 5 or $700 actually doing the petition Drive.
But she spent no money.

[5:16] Forget about the boat not nothing zilch and that passed by that high so that’s it’s kind of a little comparison there,
but that wasn’t but no tax increase and then the other one that was close you may have heard of this one Cohoes it was the one for the event center,
and that got 58% GMAT that one
is it sound familiar to you a little bit and so we can compare to that it would never got the 60% one but that was a high very popular vote people wanted it,
and that was a hundred eighty million dollar Adventure so we we found that kind of odd that a 300 million dollar Bond.

[6:01] At the end of the day I’ll be there in a million dollars.
That it would it would pass by that much so that’s why I’m a little skeptical and I I said the election in Harrisburg on the 16th of this month,
will be a Telltale sign,
and the reason I say that is because that one will will likely pass and I bet you that one passes hi I’m giving it 75% and one of the reasons is there’s no tax increase its attached to it,
they are not increasing taxes whatsoever so 40 million dollar bond for Harrisburg,
no tax increase but I’ve been told that their tax levy is a lot higher.
In Harrisburg School District in Sioux Falls now I believe quite a bit higher so there’s probably a reason why there’s not enough money right now that they can pay the bond that’s what they said so.
Like I said I think that one will pass on to give it about 75% but if that one hits a high mark.

[7:00] To be a little bit more comfortable believing that the Sioux Falls one is but anyway,
they did respond to us asking for documents they gave us about a hundred pages of a bunch of Google doc is what we like to call it and I didn’t answer a lot of her questions one of her main questions was when they took the tally sheets,
we got the tally sheets by the way and those are very interesting there’s lots of stuff scribbled out and other numbers written in,
you have wait till I post them deal you’re going to get a kick out of this and the olds were signed but not print print it’s another words people signed their names to the old.
But didn’t print their names so.

[7:43] You know chicken scratch was one of the counters basically is what I’m trying to say it so we found that really interesting and there was a list a printed list of the name of the people who counted the votes but that was not with the Oaks so we don’t know.
You know who did what question was how did the,
the vote tally get put into the system and words it had to be put into a computer system so could be uploaded to the county commissioner or the County Commission County auditor so he can put it in a total vote,
to count those Motors.
And it had to be loaded in steak and loaded up on the web and show people the results they had they had to manually do that because I’m like a machine tabulated vote.
That goes onto a flash drive that the County Auditors cannot touch that flash drive goes into their computer it gets automatically upload it to the Secretary of State save for instance like the General in November Six Flags,
that the County Auditors can’t touch that the machine puts the numbers in.

[8:46] And they put the flash drive into their computer and load it up they can’t do anything with it it’s locked securely locked where this they had to have somebody manually put.
The tally sheet numbers into the system will who was that we don’t know my guess it was the business manager trying to beat that’s my guess the reason I guess that is because I saw him on a video with Brady,
so we did we didn’t get that answer we wanted to know that answer where they get that answer seems to me like you’re disparaging School.
District employees who ran the election okay so she was the election official.
She was also written down as running one of the polling places.

[9:34] And then she was also a tabulator so I only did she run the election she tabulator book that’s like that’s kind of an ethically questionable there,
what’s that an army of one on Army of one there and then we saw the contract for the software they used but all that was a bunch of prices and didn’t really tell us how the software works we didn’t get an answer to that question,
and here’s here’s one more thing before we leave this topic they told us we could not view the balance.

[10:04] 460 days they gave no reason why they sent after 60 days we could view the balance after 60 days and we’re like.
What’s the 60-day magical number like why is it then they said once we could view the balance,
we would have to pay a district employee $5 for every 15 minutes.
So 20 bucks an hour to supervise us while we inspected our ballots know cuz they’re our balance.
And if we wanted to copy the ballots we could.
But they would charge us $0.25 per ballot so basically $4,500 to make a copy of the ballots.

[10:46] That’s democracy at work right there stick pictures of the balance we could we could do that.
Bruce’s at high speed Scanner with if I bring it down there or probably cook a generator up to it,
what’s a good idea I like that idea.
Hey Cynthia Mickelson Michaelson.
She’s a little bit cuter than you that’s true,
anyway so onto predictions ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding on the way over even though I’m not a Republican,
that they’re pretty much a straight ticket.

[11:43] And we’ll get to the finer details that I actually believe and I know you’re going to start laughing that sailor has a chain.

[11:52] Because I really think that voters are kind of not looking at that position as Republican versus Democrat,
and I I do I do disagree because.
And shouldn’t put his face on billboards,
and Realtors Realtors are really big that put their face I don’t understand it either I don’t understand like,
if the people whose face I want to see the billboard may be a bus driver to make sure I know I’m getting on the right bus may be a Lyft driver and make sure I’m getting in the right car right.

[12:34] The rabbits were really should be using his face LOL Jason’s and ice.
And he has no experience to be a general and his opponent as I mount my experience with Randy.
Here and he’s got Sylar probably a nice person is Randy Wright.
Probably he’s got a better chance than any recent Democrat running for attorney general.

[13:11] Much like also too much soda is Billy and so much like the the good while we’ll get their yard and then end up in a minute much like the gubernatorial race.
The best chance still isn’t good enough even if even if we just break it down into.

[13:29] The base is voting for each other just those who are registered Republicans in 7,000 more registered Outlook.
Deficit right off the bat and as I Drove Old Democrat said to me.

[13:46] Did Independence Day come across themselves out he says you know in South Dakota up like half The Independents vote Republican and a half so they really count the independence right.
I think in the sailor sailor ravaged trombone
I don’t know I feel sorry for the media update if if if he does become turn it down cuz that’s going to be spelling nightmare.
But he ran for for US Senate.
A couple years ago so they should still have it on file.

[14:37] Biaggi’s resetting the Democrat does probably better than anybody I was going Statewide.
Well no I mean I give the Sailor the win the the end I think Billy’s going to get close.
Is in I have no idea how much money Sylar or Brownsburg.
Have raised I didn’t look at when doing pretty good your most recent but we don’t know we don’t have robust reporting. You know on that in in,
so the other thing you’ve got to remember he is just sitting.

[15:28] Scott the backing of the Republican party which is flush with cash with organizational.
Expertise and the Democrats W keeping my.
Endorsed by his party because the the Democratic Party in the state.
You’re so disorganized yeah so so I.
If you did get an endorsement it could be a little bit his fault for not calling you know if you need help filing stuff let us know,
yo did you get the stuff I’ll just get the stuff on that would even do it anyway,
you know just what it plays into the hands that you know that the Democrats are what about what about gnomes running mate what about known as,
that is that isn’t that a flub that is that that’s really stupid in my own right I agree if they were beyond the filing yeah,
that’s why I look at those who incidences is like there’s a little bit of difference.

[16:42] Unit and have to pay a fine no Democrats have to pay a fine but they had to go through and reorganize their convention and then through everything.
I’ve been here I just I thought you were probably going to a little bit more motivated to vote in this election I decide Sailors not going to.
He’s not going to he’s not going to win he’s going to hit 45 if that.

[17:08] Hi Billy gets it when was the last time we had a Democrat running for governor that even hit 40.

[17:15] They did a story about that I know it’s been like 20 Abbott so it’s been like 25 years 26 or something like that so I think you’ll.
Get close to 40.

[17:31] I don’t think he should I take right now all the polling stuff that’s coming out is it so I like to say propaganda,
baby ornament I gave a chance to but I I really think that Dusty’s going to Dusty’s going to be the big winner conversation on the polling in the governor’s race,
first I got to be obviously was done pretty good and not reporting on it because the AP does have standards at if you get a pole or information from somebody don’t report unless they give you everything including the crosstab so you can do a full analysis of it,
it just don’t take,
the standard mammal that from the poster that you’re that the person is paying,
All the press releases.

[18:42] Independent public polling for us to sort of use as a barometer then that that doesn’t exist we have no idea where that raced and we’ve got that to go again he starts off with a,
100000 deficit Independence Crossing each other Crossing each other out,
and I always cook political report calling South Dakota a toss-up is,
is let’s also not real it’s fake that’s like they didn’t do any sort of historical analysis about and if we,
and 40 + years old Dawn and then in the I think,
I thought bjorkman had a pretty good chance and then I thought well maybe you’ll probably lose but not my much,
and I actually think Dusty is going to be the big winner of the night I think he’s going to buy a large Marge,
your phone is got a new set of ads out I’ve seen him on Facebook every time I watch him.
I feel like the next words out of his mouth were we like and that’s why we got ourselves a Medicare Advantage plan to help.
And intend Johnson doesn’t have the best dad’s either but but your commands are so so.

[20:11] Dry and I feel like I feel like they would be an ad for some sort of drug.
Discount plan that you would see on Fox News during the day.
I am bored I usually vote early night I will but I don’t think I’m going to vote for either one in the governor’s race the thing in the reason I can’t stand so there’s no way she was going to go but now please write that woman.
I hate women why do I hate women Billy this Republican light bullshit.
Pisses me off if you’re Democrat and you’re running as a Democrat run as a fucking Democrat because that’s working so well.

[20:59] I’ve never just to have it,
they haven’t been doing it they were doing this Republican light strategy in that has not worked so far but some reason to keep doing it over and over and over and I’m following to pull my hair out and go when are you going to wake the fuck up and realize that running as Republican light.
Because the Democrats have great core issues helping the Working Families you know fordable Healthcare.
Open government I mean I could go on and on and on about all the great things they have go up there and promote that stuff that’s what your parties about and Republican.
Look really why don’t you just run as a republican then why did you even bother running as a Democrat that’s a very good point I don’t know why that’s probably why I’m not going to vote for either one,
and I would I would glad we’re going to say nothing okay I would say that.

[21:55] That are our elections have gone even.
Locally gotten nationalize to a degree where people are really digging their heels in with their party affiliation the party affiliations or become the super identifier.
She’s so stupid I know I agree with you on that I often say I’ll make it back to church but everybody in the party staff.
You really got a vote for the person you believe in and then try to creep that shit even into the nonpartisan election,
I’m all for a partisan election but we as a people maybe not be so.

[22:44] Partisan because you say Billy should run as a Democrat be the Democrat.
And if you lose you lose but you lose writers you lose fighting the right game losses with a higher.
Margin by running as a democrat in this state I mean if he ran as a democrat in the state he might do even worse and requirements,
or Susie was murdered and a little shit. Welfare when he’s grown up.
What’s parents did.
And then his company he works for Vantage Vantage Point I think is the name of the company and Mitchell he had a huge Tiff and it’s like it Dusty.
You’re the king of welfare and would you let you know it’s like I made the argument it’s like Leslie Unruh got an had an abortion when she was younger but she and she was able to have that right to have an abortion because it’s legal.
But she doesn’t want anybody else to have it was it was okay that the company I work for took at F which is a huge tax rebate.
But I don’t want anybody else to have this unless they work for I haven’t let you know I haven’t looked closely enough at his at his.
But anyway because like you said he’s going to get 6% of the boat I think that.

[24:12] And he’s been this is the one thing I say about about Dusty he’s positive.
He is done a positive campaign I don’t agree with the crappy saying.
He’s positive you have to agree with you when every time you see you see Dusty talk or whatever he is positive he does not go down that rabbit hole of getting mad,
or is that mad at Miley a couple times I show but he finds a way to twist it to be positive you got to give Dusty a positive Happy Eyes gently got to,
Siri Outlook.

[24:52] I’m liking this going to do it while it is not going to be changing Social Security or not.
How to fix an insolvent program that’s been in solving for a very long time
the Congress as a whole bipartisanship,
the other race that I think is a local race at this truck tonight,
the auditor the treasure the sectors and 4/2 the most important important office in all
South Dakota state government I’m going to go they’re all going to it’s all going to be Republicans,
Barnett’s already been there when he’s going to get Secretary of State very easily you know Tom cools the Democratic candidate.

[26:05] Kind of actually, they did everyone every every slave I would you list my podcasts or not but he doesn’t.

[26:19] Thomas never want to legislative race like a State Legislative race so I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea of what God has either,
and then Aaron Matson is the communications manager for the Democratic party and they’re having him run as auditor I believe,
I don’t know anyway those races are really they just they shoved the Democratic party to shove people in their seeds
the first time in years that we’ve got a Full Slate yeah you know and so we don’t need to worry about it but then the One race I think locally District 9.

[26:52] Michael ceba is going to.
And you can pronounce either way told me the other day say Saba say buzz and then Michael Clarke beat him and everyone was kind of puzzled by that
because Michael Sabres card
all this world experience and you know Ferguson put out a story calling him a Muslim didn’t bother calling and asking didn’t bother calling and asking Michael ceba if he really wasn’t Muslim is a lifelong Catholic and
she didn’t call him and actually ask him she just took her Source who has some Neil cons told her that he was a Muslim she printed it,
she did a correction but you don’t want those nobody reach correction.
You know the best Messenger to find someone it won’t let me finish this would that be any different than.

[27:54] If I don’t use this comparison but
well then don’t say you’re what it what if you want if your world would say you were American citizens that American says your wife was born here let’s see if parents were born here and a reporter said that you are Refugee from sedan.
I mean wouldn’t you go well I’m not a refugee from Sudan you know and that mean it’s kind of like the same thing with religion if you’re religious.
Someone calling you a Muslim when you’re a Christian or Catholic you know it’s kind of you know and so what happened was Michael Save-A-Lot well since that happened mr. Clark the incumbent.

[28:35] Decided that.
Nobody knows what he was talking about really you know that it was okay to discriminate against black people who buy wedding cakes I can’t really remember you know and you got to hear this so the lady who runs the South Dakota in Lacey p.
Felt bad for him she did and you know being that kind of person she reached out to Michael Clarke I don’t know who told the story yet she reached out to Michael Clarke cuz she thought maybe he just don’t get it.
You don’t get what she doesn’t and so she met with him and tried to explain to him,
why what he said was wrong and how his apology really,
wasn’t a very good apology and she came to the conclusion I don’t know why she sat with him just the two of them hour or two baby an hour and have coffee with him or whatever,
she basically told people after the meeting no he really don’t get it like he it’s like,
so whether you believe you know and here’s my thing ignorance is not an excuse.
To be racist I don’t care it just isn’t a man in his fifties should know that is not okay to discriminate against people of color,
what are they like why you know he tries to twist it like well I meant it had to do with cakes no I didn’t have to do with cakes Michael it had to do with discriminating against black people.

[30:04] That’s illegal and as a person who takes an oath of office.

[30:12] The Constitution whatever go by the laws if we can’t have someone like that so if Michael get I don’t think Mike was going to lose but if he does lose.
It’ll be astonishing I mean it really well it certainly agree with you in and.
And on top of that even if it never happened Michael ceba is a hundred thousand million times more qualified.
Then then Michael Clarke.
We could have just said a hundred percent maybe that is why you don’t understand.
Loses by taking the Facebook in weighing in on issues that he ought not be weighing in on.

[31:01] The thing though is that should really be getting that.

[31:10] Out there making that a big feelings and it was specifically on this and I would just.
His last mailing he got to amazing endorsements that I think really helped him he got an endorsement from Tom Dempsey.

[31:26] Tom Dempster who we used to be the District 9 legislator he was a Republican and then he used to he had to run in and run as independent remember he had those grew up with his,
turning in his the Republicans and and and Tom’s very popular,
Republican here in town and then his other endorsement on the same mailer,
was from dr. kapaska who used to run a Vera and now is the president of the chamber he endorsed in so those are two really good in Portsmouth,
history is wrong your District 9 is Hartford and Sioux Falls.
Legislatively one of the seeds was the Hawks Apollo Hoxie right is that the ride is been put in the house you’re sitting in District 9 right now.

[32:25] We are technically our time I like look up I think it’s like all my Rhapsody app.
Freaking Hartford Michael lives out there Clark lives out there yeah well and I always said because of this North End of Sioux Falls.

[32:44] Nopal hikes was Spider-Man 9 was she in because,
she ran against Deb I think it’s 143 south of here but no she was lived in Hartford I know that you know shit then yeah she’s District of putting a democrat in recent history,
always with the Democrat Party in South Dakota,
isn’t it looking for candidates Democratic party they go to they go to their legislative slate and say who wants to run Statewide and let’s give up another seat in the legislature to write so so hot buns for.
Yeah, for congress a couple years ago.

[33:32] That does she owe $90 haircuts haircuts never help.

[33:41] And you open up the seats to,
Republic Republican so stupid, she was very popular because he was out there to write no.

[33:54] It was a split District 2 houses with split,
Saba Saba,
who are the Democrats are going to pick up some other sheets in the state,
after the midterms NAD lash LLC the Saba could go that way.

[34:29] I could say that I told you what’s going on what’s going on our district we both live in 13 the magical 13 that’s District,
that used to be very largely Democratic until his gerrymandered the shit and they decided to take this little stem of it shoot it out past 57th Street and get all these years
so you know I really like Kelly Sullivan I hope she wins I’m voting for,
try to get her in the gas. She’s running against Rolfing and Sue Peterson Sue Peterson will be reelected,
Rolfing guitar behind his name everyone feel sorry for him about his kid dying in the war that’s what everybody says to be as not me
that’s how my opinion that’s what people always say to me and he milks it for all it’s worth and and and
you know but he’s got to go get elected away and within the city council at-large or was he.

[35:26] He wasn’t he was at large right yeah he was he was at Large
yeah like I said he’s he’s normally he’s well-known he’s well-known state,
is that another house in another state I said did anyone tell rex that the session,
is in the middle of winter in Pierre I don’t think he knows that and that you have to show up at least what’s 75% of the time.
So that might change he might drop out after he hears this you know this little secret about it.
I don’t know about Rex no no he does not fly.

[36:21] Okay so you guys got a house I believe in Florida or rental something and he drives there.

[36:30] But he never flies eat does he not fly or just doesn’t fly there cuz I don’t know if you scared to fly or is it just likes to drive.
Somebody said to be a family on the way to be insurance salesman so he probably when you’re first starting out in insurance sales,
you got to do a lot of windshield time okay you do that’s how you build your clientele and somebody said to me that,
he probably dead stats why probably drives he’s just he likes it he’s used to it he did not score always travel this whole life when I want I want the car down there.
Will you ever seen his car he’s got a special edition Crown Vic with a with a like.
Leather or you know fake leather vinyl top on it and not the kind of cocci picture anyway.
Anyway so so so they may pick up they may pick up one but I don’t need to gain.

[37:32] I’m going to forget what you doing predictions you don’t think they are
I believe that the Democrats are going to have about 3 more seats and they did a,
that’s a why so all there’s left is.
And then we can wrap this crap up the measures now I’m voting no on everything except for w,
and I really believe W will pass because I think people are really pissed off about the legislature overturning I am 22
now I just got off at after like vote for different people for the living right you’re no but enough to pass it you know I don’t think the voters are equating the two.
We haven’t done enough advertising to help them to know to know that’s kind of bothered me and they haven’t they haven’t reintroduce to my knowledge,
the Lost traditional television I use a different,
any of what I would say were quite effective the golden watch ads the corruption ads that I the I am 22 campaign.
RAB not seen any of that coming from.
I’ve been kind of disappointed in the way they been marketing it because I I wonder if they just think it’s going to pass just because and it’s like when I think it’s going to fail cuz I feel like the people back again.

[39:01] And isn’t saying you’re not really marketing you’re well I’ve seen is I’ve seen a lot of stuff like losing his w.
I also think that the people I think after they voted for 22 and after.
All of the good the bad stuff we can’t be overturned but after all of the bad stuff came out about.
22 and a headache that I was probably going to call you came from Republican legislators it never came from,
you have been arguing this there was only bad rhetoric was from the legislators and that was it public never said a damn word about all headache,
unconstitutional that was all bunch of bullshit that was smoked up in the Republican I got on this one nobody from the public or media said it was bad it.

[40:07] Will it do whatever they want they put an emergency clause or any of the stuff that they came out between.
Between election day and the start of session,
about like okay I was the governor Republican I’m saying the rhetoric work.
And I think you need to work or not they just voted it out I know but I think it’s changing again.

[40:44] The perception of the measure,
it’s changed enough people’s mind where I don’t think that it’s going to have a problem with the South Dakota Supreme Court looking at it and saying I want that,
I am actually really pissed off a lot of people like it should have spring cord constitutional,
I are not all of it and they said no we’re going to get rid of the whole fucking thing because greed.
You know I agree and I didn’t care for the guy with the governor’s right away by.
What we’re saying it’s all today the voters,
history of lactose what does he give a show and then I am 25 reason I’m bored again status I’m all for funding vocation I don’t like using sin taxes to,
fund education I think it’s disgusting if we’re going to do if we’re going to raise taxes on Tobacco and great.
What should I go towards it should go towards getting people to quit smoking or stop using tobacco that’s what the money should access.

[42:02] They’re not reliable okay you know more people quit smoking the less money that’s going to be coming in I have said that the industries that could general contractors in the healthcare industry who use most the tech,
school people nursing medical Carpenter electrician Plumbing scholarship program.
I’ll probably be the better route because then they would have to pay or they should be a special tax that goes towards the Vocational School.

[42:36] That’s how it should be funded they’re the ones benefiting from this so I don’t know.

[42:43] Why the legislature hasn’t taken a look at and we look at everything else and find ways to.
You know partner and cap tuition rates going to cost us.
To get her tuition rates competitive with the region cuz of the highest in the region.
Protect schools.
Tiara people’s funny but this is not the approach I think too.

[43:19] Front axles.

[43:25] Elsa syntax attacks with a diminishing return because.

[43:34] The more you increase across the fewer people are going to do it and bringing the Trends on smoking been declining really.
Really any debit declined on South Dakota which is good which is how you going to vote on the restroom and everything else so it’s bad when I thought about w,
we’ve got three hospitals Constitutional Amendment X,
which I think will pass it is a 35% supermajority requirement a constitutional amendments the funny the funny part is I think I’ll pass.
I think it’ll pass with less than 55% right now I think it’s not right,
why do they tell Pat I think people like no I think I think I think after I think after the marsy’s law stuff.
I think people are getting a little bit tired of the.

[44:41] Wheel of the petition initiative process in South Dakota I don’t know people get to know I say I say.
I think a lot of Voters are tired of out-of-state interests coming in and messing with things it in the console.
Put stuff because you can find it and I’ll just say this is from the speech I’m not saying that I.
Is that an opinion on that will get to that that’s an issue with her 24 will get to that in a minute but what I’m saying is on this is I think the people,
are tired of political actors coming from out of state and messing with our laws messing with our constitutional adoption. We will get the 24th okay.

[45:36] So I think that that acts will pass because I think people are tired getting pretty tired pretty tired of it.
Quite frankly I’m getting tired of it
people are not your address like insiders are tired of it but everyone else so yeah
people are getting pretty weary of all of all of all of the issues and,
yeah the difference between when people are coming in and saying you’re we want to cost you some women on this one it’s something that,
is much better put it putting into statue because it’s a lot more Nimble and you can you can tweak it.
A little bit more than that like the width,
with these guys that we pass all these laws on November and then the January they go they were Hoodwinked their stupid there. We’re going to change this Heart by W is why.

[46:45] Why it is going to be there as you know if he if you find that this the kind of bility board.
Isn’t that fantastic idea which I don’t I don’t have no I don’t have an opinion on it but I’m just I’m just saying that if you find out that the way it’s structured,
within this measure isn’t really working right it’s it’s not working the way it should be it’s not working the way it’s intended to work.

[47:14] You the whole purpose of having an account I know what I don’t know so that the legislators can be bored.

[47:27] Is bad I’m just saying if you get it and it’s not working the way it should be in a fix it themselves.
But they can’t because you would have to have a Statewide vote to amend the Constitution to fix it.
And that’s fine keeps the legislators having II I understand that but it’s a lot less.
Nimble then it then it could be some of these things just deserve to be in state statute.
And not and we’re going to say none of them because we’ve never done this before so there’s going to be a lot of growing pains,
but you say he’s going to give me planning because now they going to be watched,
and now they’re going to have to watch your contributions and watch it they’re the only ones they going to piss and moan about it just like they did about I am 22.
I think I could care less but it’s.

[48:35] Some of the other folks around around the state that they could be in bed that are not exposed to listen to everything you got to go just as all will know that you,
technically counts you can’t do that because of this matter you can’t go through and change an exempt,
you know babe a 17 year old who is working now,
a lot of trouble a lot of issues and are we we will discuss.
Where’s my question question about I’m asking you a question I’m not making a statement okay that’s a rarity up there isn’t there though I’ve read quite a bit of.
But isn’t there a governing body that can make rule changes within this I would think there would be I don’t know if they’re a,
a a rule changing body or if they just hear complaints I would think that they would have a governing body where they can show True someone can’t change the the,
the other thing though I’m on this is the day before you interrupt just hear me out on it is the campaign Finance limits.
You can go with the philosophical approach that you know that.

[50:01] The freedom of speech and the money is speech and stopping so this Constitutional Amendment could actually.
Tempestuous on a federal level but the other thing is okay what if we find that those limits.
Are too high or are there too many workarounds.
Two limits in order to change that again cuz just a dollar amount of money out of
politician South Dakota as part of their push for their big bush word is in
babe and accountability board to wash the legislature if that was if that were the case that would be the set up completely,
have you set up completely completely different then then this knew we wouldn’t have the government appointing themselves to be the wrong one day to those limits are.

[50:57] To lower too high you either way and I can’t I don’t have an opinion on it really I mean I do but it doesn’t matter this one.
Upset and didn’t seven people are a little bit of people or,
so okay so that’s how I look at that.
Tropical dreams are cheap they don’t like giving money to political campaigns and I really believe they don’t have an issue with out-of-state money coming in and and in the reason I say that is because then they don’t have to find these campaigns.
So I think that there’s some things that come from out-of-state like Marcy is why I didn’t agree with it.

[51:48] The voters agreed with it and they were probably like that came from out-of-state we agree with that.
It’s just because it didn’t come from within the state or the money didn’t come from within the state doesn’t mean South Dakota’s don’t think it’s a good idea so and like I said it’s a constitutional issue they’ve already said.

[52:08] That they think it’ll be challenged if it passes by even go there.
I am 24 because what if.
And like I said before don’t they all get money from out of state and why is it okay for a little bit.
Anger I think that the proponents of I am 24 I really upset not about the funding no other ideas,
no but there are there they are upset about taking this order pre-packaged.

[52:50] And if they try and get measurements at the trying to different state writing out a $500,000 check to some political consultant,
circulated okay without it changing from state to state or even taking and he ain’t even going to the legislature first.
To talk about the idea not changing it from state-to-state not making it sound that would work in South Dakota I think people that’s where people are getting up so they’re upset about.
You know the date the coastal eats mostly California coming in with these initiatives in a box,
and Poppin Johnny can watch him go across the country
I don’t think he will care where the money or the money comes from the other issue with with I am I am 20 billions from 90 Sanford,
round or people yeah it is but it’s it’s on Constitution,
with it it’s interesting that they all are only applying 24 to valid question committees and not to members of the legislature but it won’t hold up in the other issue with it too is,
you know what I owe you for your presents for your brother know okay.

[54:17] What is that what is that mean right let’s say that you know.

[54:25] Yeah South Dakota some somebody’s a wild hair up their ass and decides to put an initiative measure that we don’t want bullet trains.
Or whatever. Piper pause or what I don’t know whatever muskets
yeah whatever whatever it is we don’t we don’t we don’t like that cuz it’s Elon Musk and we don’t like something
it’s right so don’t like magnets okay like to bring up science all the time when it comes to abortion but we’re not talking about that but this measure.
What prevents hyperloop from coming in and defending itself.

[55:02] If it was if we’re past that they don’t have a presence here it prohibits people from coming into in defending those people who don’t want to go play in the snow at all.

[55:12] And having one forced upon them and then when they come to defend their industry defend their business or defend their way of life.
This is why I hold on we we may have let a bunch of your neighbors from out-of-state put this thing on the ballot but by God we’re not going to let you out of state is coming to defend.
The thing that your neighbors from out-of-state put on here I think that a much better approach or want to consider is that.
In order to circulate a petition but in order to circulate a petition.
You already have to be a South Dakota resident but we could put a residency requirement that you got to be a resident for a 180 days or something,
to you being able to,
carry the petition clipboard because right now honestly I’m surprised
but I mean,

[56:32] But it that where we going.
The Falls it’s completely there anymore it’s yeah there’s one more Constitution and z
which I think will pass because we’ve already got singles doing a single subject.
Feel single subject initiated measures I think it’s going to confuse people and was the time when people are confused they don’t know.
And I’m against it yeah I.
Yeah I don’t wallpapers can pass laws that have all kinds of things in it they’ve got their single-subject bills.
I mean for a level yeah they’re just like.
To insert your stomach after the deadlines which I think is they should do that really probably either,
lyrics going to pass I think I think I’ll run down I think 24 is going to fail.

[57:47] I don’t think 24 passes the band.
Contributions haven’t heard anything really from anybody and Abby and that make the coalition’s around it chamber retailers things like that are pretty large and powerful people listen to him.

[58:07] I think 20 at 8:25 will fail I think people do see that as a,
diminishing return I think it’ll be close very very good job very very sad. This is going into the general fund,
and we have no idea if it’s in and Mickelson who proposed this,
his defense on this is been very milquetoast I mean he’s been with,
I’m like you’re trying to get it out there buddy so that’s going to fail I think w-will,
fail I’m going to pass W fails
passage that’s a call Chase to be the Secretary of State for the night of the
something password that passed by 85%
so they passed with 85% in your world is is recount territory you want to reach out to be as close as I am 22 Wizard of Oz,
point or half what’s going to be like basically 50/50 thing I think X,
passes with less than 55%. I think X pass with less than 55% of the vote because I do think.

[59:36] Even if you’ve got to have a 60% majority to raise a tax why not have a 35% majority to change,
the Constitution has been overwhelming majority of the super majority of the people who want to amend the Constitution I think it’s a good seal,
Lindsey’s that’s the single subject rule for a constitutional amendments.
Both agreed gnome we both agreed.

[1:00:09] Taylor Taylor we’re kind of on the fence both of us.

[1:00:19] Sailor.

[1:00:29] But it’s some weird way number one it is you’re not sure if it’s an endorsement you want if you are a liberal Democrat yeah it’s under doors what you want if you’re not a liberal Democrat.
He didn’t get the endorsement I’m going to just say that he didn’t get the endorsement.

[1:00:47] Because he’s a liberal Democrat he got the hint or spent by default did you hear about this no.
You know they talk about how great he is in bubble butt but did you know that they sell you sent a questionnaire to sailor and,
Nationwide commercial mortgage mortgage.

[1:01:18] So Jason never mailed it we did the South Korean so you said you a questionnaire wouldn’t you filled it out even if you’re Republican word of advice to all candidates fill out the surveys,
so basically say so by default on that one because sometimes you can wear the rejection.
Cabinet doors that’s right that’s right but if you don’t fill it out then you’ve got no you can’t say while I didn’t get any.
Endorsement they read item ideas if they don’t know your ID is fill out.
She said about the questionnaire said this a few weeks ago and Jason never sent his back in Sailor sanded and she’s been reviewing it,
you know they’re trying to be fair it would you and how do you know when you said that he got an endorsement and I thought you were going to say that his former boss
Barack Obama endorsed em you know it’s funny I’m surprised that Barack Obama hasn’t been the South Dakota to help.

[1:02:27] He wouldn’t help with the funny part about it is bro and help and help out.
Help out President Obama come come to South Dakota.

[1:02:47] You be welcome brother is going to give the tax for the Sioux Falls their $29,000 back for a private fundraiser that we help secure the $49,000 bill.
Get off at 11 power is he said that,
that it was these women that are getting together a bunch of Sioux Falls Democratic Republicans actually I think there’s a couple Republicans in the group getting together to eat all Kathy Pearsall in,
it was just a power line Empower women and he said it’s elitist event in this life.
Paying $5,000 to get your picture taken with the president that is what we call an elitist event and eyesight.
Or even $500,
post on that as well and I thought he serious like this serious,
I mean maybe it’s the old true that Republicans are the Plat band Country Club Elite.

[1:03:55] Get out you can’t or not are you and your wife that’s new.
I mean in your kids are not old enough to register to vote yet so we’re going to leave them on but they may be old enough to give contributions in mayoral election.
Anyway I I.

[1:04:18] Was Todd also team comments people are so also,
you don’t put up the opposition’s fundraising announcement because you know the more people are just going to see it in perhaps go throw it away,
throw it away delete delete.

[1:04:40] So we can really really didn’t accomplish here is the,
can robberies made for this at the beginning if you don’t want to listen to the entire episode The analysis is Republican Clean Sweep Democrats hold on to the menorah t.

[1:04:59] That’s not exactly what I said during the during the podcast but they grow their minority by 1.

[1:05:09] To realistically that’s all thank you happy about happy voting you something,
sorry that’s so you’re fine I think you’re right.
God I wish Billy suck would wait if the only reason I want to know and I don’t even like no his policies are there.
The Republican light State need a wake-up like kick in the pants like,
toddler put the fear of God in them like so bad I don’t think there are any fear God pretty much a lot and I’ll tell you to that’s true and they don’t like I can’t control it or get it they’re getting it at like.
I like Nicholson with this whole that’s not true everybody she can measure 25 and a bunch of the other like and stuff like that,
I feel like the decadence of the like establishment in the state is just way too.
Way to stay feel way to say I think Billy Sutton said it best in when I interviewed him at the Democratic Convention.
There’s three there’s three Republican parties right now in Pierre yeah.

[1:06:27] Yeah I agree with him that’s what happens when you have a super party stuff and I don’t know if I would call it,
I’m about to call if you haven’t seen the Republican Party split into two parties in the star map Republicans in the Republic man.
Right-wing Republicans extreme states right Republicans who who want who if you’re not Republican.
In my own very narrow brand of Republican you’re not a republican I’m not going to work with you at all and I’d rather work with the Democrats than you and that’s not how.
What are the Democrats to get me convinced them to vote with them.
Everybody’s getting parties into using their party identifiers are super identifier what is drawn but I agree with you I do think that Republicans if you’re not careful in the state are going to end up having their own.
Basically around trumpet that voters going to say you know what we’ve had enough of the status quo you’re not listening to us.

[1:07:47] And.
Get rid of shake things up even if it’s for a turn run a shake it off warning of History some history professors that I respect very much who studied South Dakota’s political history or like.
South dakotans are not conservative they are populist and if you don’t you don’t give give a little bit to that populist Trend they will eat you.
Yes that is true there is a very much a populist the street that runs through all of us even even those who transplant here.
Catch catch up to and happy voting kids early voting has start I always highly suggest to early vote it’s very convenient,
fast it’s very convenient to lose those Balance in the back of a car,
it doesn’t matter if they’re missing or not,
it would shake the edge of sketch is 8 okay,
next check out our new state-of-the-art voting machine light bright.

[1:09:05] Thank you babe Happy voting.

South DaCola Ep 021 $190 Million Bond Vote With Craig Markhardt

South DaCola Ep 021 $190 Million Bond Vote With Craig Markhardt
Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

Guests This Week:
Mortgage Banker Craig Markhardt
Peter Vaughn Pischke

Spoiler title

[0:27] Welcome podcast number 21 once again were joined by co-host and they will not speak if I would have known it was the 21st episode I would have brought something to drink,
coffee water in celebration Scott.
Robert mehling producer here and Peter Pischke will be on he wants to sit and talk about this topic and then I have,
would you call yourself mortgage Banker,
that’s a low mortgage Banker Craig Marquardt and when I went to reason I brought on Craig is because we’re going to talk about the school bond issue today and I wanted a little expertise.
Home valuations how home valuations are going in Sioux Falls and this whole thing about the $2 a month $485,000 valuation of your home.
And how that’s kind of like.

[1:33] It’s true but it’s like kind of blown smoke a little bit so Craig I’ll start with you on this.
You know the election and some of the other problems with this issue but I thought it would start with Craig.
So let’s say I own $185,000.

[1:59] How much is 100 how much would $185,000 home go up in value.
Over the next five years in your opinion or praised County appraisal value,
just recently and within the last week we got the new stats for the community Sioux Falls when it comes to the real estate Community the rolling average over the past 12 months home values of my 6.0.
6% that’s kind of an anomaly It won’t always go up by that much each and every year,
the year before it was about 5% year before that you could have said arguably as around two and a half percent beer before that about half percent and before that we are into the,
you know the 2011-2012 part of the recession where home values didn’t actually go up at all 4. Of 2 years so if you were to average it out over 5 years or take it * 5 years out,
you could say home values could potentially go up by maybe 10% over the next.
10 to 12% over the next five years if you got a hundred eighty-five thousand to $21,000.

[3:16] So you know I get the $2 a month argument and it I mean it’s it’s true. True.
Right so the school district basically says that this.
You going to pay $2 a month for the medium home I medium home is $185,000 home should have paid $2 a month.
Were there and words decep were that while that’s true on a hundred eighty-five thousand words deceptive is they make it sound like,
through the life of the loan you’re only going to be paying this $2 a month and it’s like no because your house that’s $185,000 is going to go up in value over the life of the loan.
The other thing that I have the problem with this $2 a month is they keep saying that will this hundred and ten million dollar interest which will talk about later that’s not technically really true because.
We’re going to pay it off early well they haven’t presented a plan on how to get a paid off early no plan.
Number one and number two they’re basing this $2 a month.
The full length of the loan so if you pay it off early you’re going to have to raise taxes to pay it off early.
So that’s been my issue with the $2 a month and.

[4:41] You know that’s that’s how I see how often is a school district go through and it’s s homes for.

[4:48] Taxation honey County does that he does that but the city the city actually is voting tomorrow first reading to raise property taxes they’re allowed to do that each year,
I’m asking you to a net 2.1% this year,
hardly ever never ever they always vote for it there’s always a couple dissenters Kermit always dissented on it,
Gary t a tree so probably descent on it but are usually always passes County does the same thing,
you know so the County Assessors in my right I’m right by your value on a Lincoln there a lot more aggressive lately than they used to be because they hadn’t done it for like a really long time so they got these new appraisers in there just hammering people like.

[5:31] Telling people who have like an appraised value of a hundred grand they going in there now and there’s lots a hundred fifty Grand,
you know when you eat on your pan would say you’re paying tax but it’s been more harsh. There was one one I was watching.
The house was appraised at 200,000 and that’s kind of what they were paying their taxes on and the county came back in like said what’s 300000,
just think you’re thinking about your property taxes going other 33% 1.
The the co-host whose name shall not be spoken Texas value can certainly go up,
while property taxes themselves do not.

[6:23] How old is that happen because it’s called a mill Levy there’s a there’s a percentage of your beer equalized value,
that is charged to each dollar that is in value so what happens is,
the county set the bill they did Mount of money that they want to spend imaginist you walk into a restaurant and you already know exactly how much money you going to spend in advance,
you’re going in there with a group of four people and you already know that the bills a hundred bucks you get the luxury of that way when you set the budget for the annual year which just occurred right,
so then we already know of the budget and then what we do is we find out how much each person’s meal is valued at,
to determine how much comes out of everybody’s pocket so if you got the $25 meal obviously one quarter of the entire bill is yours but if somebody else only has a $10 meal it’s only 10% of the,
the actual cost of the entire meal so what happens is that that Milady will actually might go up or down depending on the value of your house,
or I’m in the middle of you might go up or down depending on the total tax value of all of the properties.
So has all the properties go up the mill Levy could actually decrease if the budget say remain constant.

[7:43] And this is something the school district has been trying to explain to people and I’m glad you brought this up their argument is.
If we.

[7:55] Okay Dad just task force of 30 people to the people that were sitting on it was Mark hutter Public Works director of the city of Sioux Falls and and in the head of planning.

[8:05] Why do I forget his name had a planning for Sioux Falls.
I can’t remember ever either way,
and Mark suggestion was why don’t we borrow instead of 190 million why do we borrow a hundred million,
build the two schools that we need right now and I like his plan to tell you the truth and then borrow it.
Pull the rest out of capital outlays were painless interest cuz when we borrow in half,
and pulled in last out of the levees and that Emmett and they explained they don’t like them they’re going to stop the levees the mill levies because,
they can’t trust here’s what they said the finance department said well we can’t trust Pierre on our levees so cuz they put a cap on.
And so their argument is weird here you know you realize he’s not going to go up.
But you still going to be paying this extra tax my issue is we’ll talk a little bit about this is that.

[9:12] I don’t understand my taxes are going to go up I understand we need new schools I support education funding.
But with this plan if the loan goes to its full extent which I believe it well.
It’s going to be three hundred million dollar loan so hundred and ten million towards in and 190 million. Going to build a schools.
So basically for every $3 that you paid towards this over a dollar of it just Catana to a bond investor and ever get spent on education.
And that’s why I like Carter’s idea where he’s saying will built will borrow half,
if you don’t you’ll save 50 $69 in interest payments because you’re paying for the rest of the schools through that,
do you know when you pay and they take the money and they use it to build the schools where their plan is we’re going to borrow $190 I’m going to stick this in a bank account where I spent half of it right away and then,
the other half of us to take 5-6 years as a mortgage Banker does that make any sense to you what if I what if I came in to you and said.
Rent an apartment and I’m okay with renting my apartment but I want to I want to I want to build.
I want to build a house I want to build a duplex but I want to build half.

[10:27] So I want to borrow $200,000 from you I’m going to in a hundred thousand I’m going to build half my duplex I’m not going to move and live there I’m just going to build it so going to stay in my apartment.
And I want to build the other half of my duplex five years later but I want to borrow all the money right now what would you say hits the person.

[10:46] Well I wouldn’t give that amount of time but we work in the city we always work in 5 your income it’s but I’m going to challenge you Scott when it comes to.
Your proposal or marketers proposal of of half half of it you’ll borrow a hundred hundred million and then use the rest through,
public funds and collect each year for the next five years or whatever it is currently that’s what we do cuz we don’t have a single school bond out there,
with their help. We’ve got it sounds like we pay for everything with our revenues right now right but.

[11:29] But let’s let’s kill back the onion real quick,
and pay proposed 4% interest on a 25-year note okay,
so that equals 110 $9 in interest over the entire course the life of loan if we were to accelerate that pay down which were allowed to,
cuz we would pay biannual every every six months we would pay a big chunk of money whether it’s,
6 million or 7 million dollars whatever we would have to pay at least six million million like 6.6 million is likely the dollar amount you have to spend 30 million a year
LeBron 13. Now if we just chose to to pay 14 or 15 million a year which we very well could possibly,
without any additional levies on our properties.

[12:22] Then it’s going to reduce the effective rate that we pay on that note and sodolaks reproduce that interest rate down below 4% he actually pay no one more step.

[12:34] If we were to look back only 3 years from now,
we’ve lost 20% on spending power in residential purchasing power in last 3 years 20% we’ve lost so a year ago or three years ago we could have bought $100,000 house.
This year we can only afford an $80,000 house why is that because interest rates have gone up the cost of construction has gone up the property values have increased,
and and unfortunately our wages have not kept up with that so now I know the exact same house that we could have bought 3 years ago for a hundred thousand bucks we can only spend $80,000 so we can’t buy the $100,000 house,
and so we have to keep in mind that purchasing power goes down over time and interest rates go up under normal conditions overtime and they’re going to continue to go up as inflation goes up,
we got this inflationary pressure they were already seen so we’re staring into the barrel of.
Higher interest it will have to pay.

[13:41] 2 3 4 5 years from now if we decide to borrow it later and then number two we’re looking at higher cost of construction 2 3 4 5 years from now we’re looking at inflation pressure,
so I may have to take accuplacer Asian now I get what you’re saying you’re saying we borrow all the money now.
Will save on the end. That’s my that’s just my weight my my viewpoint on it right now I’m not saying that’s the way to do it but I think that that’s a decent argument to look at.
And then the other thing is is I just feel like they’re there taking a Gamble.
By saying that they’re going to be able to pick I know what the reason is why they think they’re going to pay it off early I get it I think I understand they have never said this but I believe they believe that they’re going to pay it off early,
because there is so much growth and they believe that the bill to pay this off early because of that girl,
but there’s no guarantees of that either know there’s no guarantees that but but the thing is that,
and I think it’s only four years I think that they have to have two of the three schools done right away they want they want the high school and middle school.

[14:56] It’s one of them either middle or Elementary they want to build two right away and they want them done by 2020 and that’s why they want the swing way to yet and that’s why they want selection early.
And then as I understand it the rest of the money is going to be for Ada there’s like 40 million in there for a table but that’s going to be stretched out.
The numbers change all the time for a while they’re saying for years and they’re saying 5 years now.
No I’ve been here 10 years so they want to stretch it they want to take the the other 90 million and kind of stretch that out I’m going to say 5 years to be safe so let’s talk about so you’re saying that is probably a good idea to borrow it all at once,
is your interest rates could be able not necessarily a bad ideas what I’m saying and then let’s take this take this next approach that you just mentioned that that,
higher quality of Education will help increase increase the number of people that decide to move to Sioux Falls and the more people that move the Sioux Falls two more properties we need to build the more properties we build,
the higher the the larger the tax base the taxable.
Value of all of our properties in the opportunity for the melody actually go down.
Is there’s a lot of things they should get first before they ask for this money they should have drew the back boundaries,
it keeps saying we’re going to do that I’m going to do that going to do that will do it first should drew the boundaries you should have did Yuri District team.

[16:22] And I really believe they need to and open enrollment and and especially from other communities.
I go to school in the Sioux Falls School District.

[16:38] That don’t live there not if they don’t live in the Sioux Falls School District they live in Brandon T her blah blah blah blah and then go to school in Sioux Falls.

[16:46] And we pay for that even though their parents are not paying property taxes in this region,
what you’re not to give Brandon is in Mia County though.
I’ve stopped at there’s a lot of these things you need to do first before they decide what to have.

[17:07] And then there’s a lot of people saying that this 40 million is kind of a slush fund that they really don’t know what they’re going to go in but that’s going into some other stuff
well I guess I guess I guess I get what you’re getting at with it were you saving on the interest rate and that’s the thing that I like is if you,
I can hear the interest rate could actually be one whole percent higher,
buying power you eliminate with an increase of 1% it’s unbelievable invested somewhere,
so so but just regular interest on it I don’t know why I don’t know if any tax exempt all money
so because this is digitaka tax-exempt bonds I don’t know if we can earn interest on ice,
absolutely for sure but it probably takes,
three four years to plan the construction of a school anyways right if we don’t know if a school is coming.

[18:23] Thermals are going to be either they said they have a high school we can pretty much say it’s can be put on the same fertile and they’re not going to refuse that gift I mean,
oh yeah up north here you’re crazy if you think they’re going to use that gift so that’s pretty much we know where that’s going to be two or three million dollars.
They’re going to take that that’s where the other one is going to go they kind of do they get Mason Southeast when I don’t like to be 10 million different places.

[18:54] So I can have an issue with y’all we don’t know exactly where some of these things are going to go on but I also take it easy with the segregation I was watching a thing the other day.
And they were saying woman ever done a study the social at cannot you know did you know that.
Peter shaking his head you can way into and they say they haven’t done a study but for some reason they were able to show.

[19:19] During this work session this is on blast Tuesday they were showing all the schools that had like 80% free reduced lunches,
well it’s pretty easy to figure out what you know where the poor kids are going what school is the poor kids are going to and not talking just race I’m just talking economic social social economic,
but your parents you know.
It’s pretty easy to figure out where the poor kids are going when 80% of the 80% of the school lunches are free and reduced I mean it doesn’t take her a math Wizard never get that out,
but they’re sitting at what we’ve never done stay at cuz they’re trying to claim when Brian Mayer first came here he said.
That open enrollment is created segregation and he quit he hasn’t said that for a long time he shut his mouth about it and they know it is and they don’t want to talk about,
that’s my other issue with this you need to read District first before you then you’ll know where you need to build a new school you should have done that first. Like it’s very painful it’s very painful it’s very painful.
Will you go to your PayPal stuff first before you start asking people for money it’s like we’re going to get a hundred ninety million and then and then we’ll start doing the painful shit you know and it’s kind of like it’s kind of annoying to me like I said I don’t have an issue building is closed when he died.
I love and miss you too funny public education I had public education.

[20:32] I just think that they’re going backwards on all this stuff they shouldn’t you know the news story that I heard last night on Kellogg they had them on.
Is they actually were asking for 280 million and that this hundred 90 million is a reduction.

[20:50] And I’m like what 280 million dollars that’s an innocent sanity.
I just I mean I mean like yeah we reduce it so they basically are saying they were reduced it by 90 million dollars.
The trim the 90 million dollars off this thing sure it’s hard to trim something out that doesn’t exist,
exactly two of asking for all of the money up front now is it would be very difficult in a couple of years to go back to the boulders and say we didn’t want to eat when they’re like we just.
But they wouldn’t have to do that under what car was proposing I know exactly when he was proposing.
She basically was saying you borrow the hundred million.
You use that money right away to build the 2 News schools cuz you need it right away you have no choice but to borrow it and I get that part,
cuz you got to build these two schools right now shirt she got to have that money no contractors going to bid on a project if you don’t have the money at bank.

[21:55] And then you keep the military where they’re at are the levees where they’re at and then.
You bringing in your ear you’re bringing in money to pay for the mortgage and then you’re also bringing in money that can be put into an account Capital account all the school districts have them.
Mechanics legislation got mad at him about it but they said they had to wear their money because then they can bill and then you what you do is you keep collecting that money and then you build the the next schools with that money or class instead of bar.

[22:30] And nobody’s talked about how much debt school district has my guess is.
I looked at their financial report and they’re paying $13 a year in debt certain dead service,
but they’ve never said what their current that is nobody knows they’ve never brought it up they’ve never,
put it into the hell yeah that would be a matter of public record I so let’s get back to the property tax,
part of it so it if somebody’s got $185,000 house in the state of South Dakota requires each County to equalize it so then it’d be about a hundred and seventy $273,000 equalized value.
X the mill Levy rate so that house is a $2,800.
A year tax bill proposal that it sounds like correct me if I’m wrong that that house would go up by.

[23:26] $24.03 per year is that right so what is that a half a percent or something like that in class.
Per year which is smaller than inflation it’s hopefully a lot smaller than wage increases,
yeah I guess I don’t have a problem with the tax increase I’ve learned to just you got to have a tax increase if you’re going to borrow money for the schools I get that.
My issue is how they keep selling this $2 a month and it’s like,
that’s not true okay so then so so to finish my point this is what I’m seeing as a taxpayer if my taxes go up by $24 a year what is my return on the investment what can I expect to see in the near future,
well I’m never going to have any kids so I won’t see any educational game from my children maybe I’ll see my side,
but maybe more people will move to Sioux Falls to increase that tax base so then ultimately maybe that $24 won’t cost me $24 and three years maybe a little down.
Labor cost me $23 or $23.50 because there’s more people here there’s more people here. The budget is always set by the city.
Set of city sets the budget you can only collect that much.

[24:52] Arab descent account County and City yeah cuz you got so you’ve got Municipal levees you got County levies you got school levies and Township letters are all four,
actually water district levy to all five of those items are make up your tax,
a lot of people don’t get that a lot of people think that when you pay your property taxes go to Altura School,
so the the the folks that live in Brandon and they have their kids coming to school they get a they get an additional levy on top of their school district,
because there a Brandon.
Property that is Brandon Valley Property that is coming into Sioux Falls they actually pay 1.1.

[25:41] More Melody.
Then what Sioux Falls does so I think that there’s a little bit of formula for factoring those instances in he can in into,
the whole big picture cool thanks for explaining this to us and like I said it changed my mind about a lot of things.
Clearly cleared me up dancers for anything now that that help me figure out why they want to borrow it all expensive money Scott it is,
boy I tell you what it once that goes up my workshop early such a big deal but if they don’t pay it off early I’m still a hundred ten million dollars that you would pay a hundred and ten million dollars,
but if you don’t it don’t allow it to go to the fall 25-year Mark and you only spend 85 million in interest then you can divide that back out over the principal balance and determine.
And 25 years determine what the effective interest rate is it may be that effective interest rate would be 3.6%.

[26:49] Ira calculator they could do that and still have it in my head.
You can hang out if you want and if you want to chime in Peter’s here with us we were going to talk about to party.

[27:08] I think we already touched on the fact that I have a big issue with not doing all that the redistricting in the boundaries first and open enrollment which I have a huge problem with.
Looks like about the election little bit I think that’s kind of Peter 1 to talk a little bit about that.
I think co-host here has mentioned did you ever do any some research on that you’re saying that when you have an election.

[27:35] If there’s an election quotes to another election you can’t have or.
You would be I believe it’s you would be allowed to tack it on to a general election my issue with the whole thing it’s not.

[27:52] Don’t need schools we do the way the tax in the financing works it’s your putting it within 60 days.
Laguna tour election people have got the election in mind for November for the midterm elections with Ryan this sometime in September when no one is thinking about it so it’s really trying to suppress.

[28:15] Turn out to a much lower level 64 60% in the only white people showing up that are going to go for it that’s all they want.
That’s that’s my,
my issue with the other one direction to the people who are very much against in to show up at fire on them,
the thing that chew is is it’s a calculated risk but I’m going to call bullshit on them on this one but their argument is they got to have their Budget Inn,
by September 30th to the state which is absolutely true.
But any budget weather at the County School District or the city can be amended after that date,
so they could send their Budget Inn on September 30th without the school bond on it it’s all of his alone all they’re going to be doing is telling the state.
Battle we have a loan now $199 loan that’s literally what it is,
and when Brian Maher was asked this on Wally Show.

[29:36] Lolly said you can amend the budget though after September 30th and Maher said yes.
He didn’t want to say yes he kind of kind of stumbled over it but he did say yes oh so I say I call bullshit on them because they can amend the budget for this loan so they can definitely have this election.
With the general but they’re claiming there’s all these things they got to get lined up for the contractors in it and all the stuff.

[30:03] Like you said went to not even to 2 month. What you but we’re within 60 days 60 days I mean what’s 2 months.
2 months in the hole where you used to be couldn’t build how you could build buildings in the winter time you can build out your long now so that two months in my opinion doesn’t mean shit.
It means and then the super precincts using e-poll books that failed hardcore during the primaries.

[30:32] Cuz what happened was.
The school district Barth EZ Pull books idiots why they bought him and nobody else do just that it’s completely stupid so they bought these e-poll books a company has sold is called.
Hunter active no longer supports software on there like poop in the ship pretty much.
And so be Pro Cam and another software election company and said we can fix it so be broke came in before the primaries and they failed they come get them.
Bpro does claim that they got the problem the fixed and they and then they also claimed it was a Statewide issue and it wasn’t syncing up with the secretary of state so they’re claiming that in Sioux Falls to do this it will work,
but we don’t even know if they’re using bpro cuz they’ve never told us who they’re using so my issue is.
Using boat centers which means you can vote anywhere so you have to use EZ Pull books because they have to look your name up,
and when you coming in vote the computer checks you off system in real time so it’s not even the regular Precinct where to go right today to go.

[31:43] But that’s okay cuz I matter where you show up you’ll be able to vote right but you have to,
but yeah but you’re right because everyone’s been used two precincts over the past two years and now they’re switching it around again so what’s going to happen is.
In real time it’s supposed to say when you vote it so you can’t like vote here and then driving your car to another place and vote again.

[32:06] The software is working.

[32:09] And then they’re going to hand tabulated so if any ballots were tampered with the human eyes not going to build a child because what do you think people are going to be doing when they’re counting ballots.
They’re looking for what yes or no.

[32:23] You’re not looking to see if the ballots been tampered with their not going to be able to tell if the boat if that balance been counted once or twice or three times they don’t know.

[32:33] It’s a it’s a simple mark on a on a ballot,
they can easily a group could easily and you don’t hopefully this Creole Apple watches are but a group could easily count the boats usually how it works is correct me if I’m wrong.
Calls but isn’t it to people and they both agree on that what’s in front of them and then how they do it and they both mark it down.
Images about suicide what’s stopping anybody from grabbing them and shovel them in another pile.

[33:04] I guess I guess what I’m trying to say is this hold the way they’re handling this is bad and like I said to someone I go you know for school board election.
You know somebody who gets paid $75 a million or whatever whatever.
490 million-dollar 300 million dollar Bond.

[33:24] We’re hand count in election and a 13 Precinct I mean it’s just.
It’s one of the most atrocious things I’ve ever since and it’s like I said there depending on this to.
Have a low voter turnout will they know it’s going to be a little border turn up even said.
We don’t know why people don’t show up we wish they would pull this isn’t a good recipe to get more people to show up so what we’re thinking is they think the only people going to show up the ones I got to vote Yes and like you said you can go to waste it’s either going to be,
diction fail big time and like I said thank God I have 60%.
Or or it could be gangbusters cuz only people to show up oregonians so the election itself is bad here’s another problem.

[34:12] There’s a there is a campaign there’s a campaign law in South Dakota that says that a government agency.

[34:23] Use public resources to promote a boat so that the school district is not supposed to be coming out.
Insane bolt yes they’re only supposed to be given facts well the only information they give is to promote.

[34:41] The school bus when is the election September 18th.

[34:47] Peter I mean like 3 hours before early voting begin.
Doing it like that closer it’s just going to cause so much confused.
Did you go vote today or just put that sticker on the go I went and voted what did you vote.
And somebody thought that I was already voted in the general election and I’m like oh no his for the school bond what it’s should have just been put in with the school bus.
What do you what do you think he was coming about that but I just rant about here 5 minutes I mean I think you and I,
for school board twice now so he kind of,
studies just a little bit little bit more paying attention the average citizen
is there another requirement to have two readings of this at the school board meeting.

[36:00] They have the first initial reading and then a later there at the next board meeting a second reading of it.
Okay they haven’t notice and then I think they did I was watching the meeting so I think they did it that way.
There definitely are a pro working meetings that’s really like to conduct all their business as much as possible.
For good or ill what do you think of the.

[36:28] Music musica shipping with a general I think okay so I don’t.
My understand my finances is a little weak so okay so the superintendent said that the reason why they want to do this was because,
they had to get reported so many students were enrolled and so if they waited any longer if it was into the general don’t be over this.
So that they would have to count the kids that are enrolled this current school year and ergo it hurt the numbers they wanted for the lungs that was the argument I’m not sure if that’s the truth or not.
I’m only slightly less mystified by numbers than the rest of Sioux Falls,
what is an assistant to something that’s the whole thing that they could use to keep changing your story every every chance they have like I was watching them on inside Keloland last night and it was,
it was Vernon Brown and Brian Maher and Brian Maher said we started at 280 million,
this is the first time I’ve heard this and maybe I missed it I watched all the task force meeting,
and maybe I missed it but that’s where they were starting at probably you probably watch things a little bit closer than the average ever cuz they already turned off $90 and I’m just like.
I never understand any and here’s the other thing about him being on inside Calla last night.

[37:52] He was sitting next to Vernon Brown and Vernon Brown is to chair a vote Yes and say whatever he wants to he’s there a pack there there that’s what they’re doing they spend their money to promote the boat yet.
But those two should have never been sitting next to each other at that desk conversing together the bride Maher is a school district employee.
Who gets paid by the school district he should have not been sitting next to Vernon brown with vertebrae Vernon Brown should have been on his own segment going,
and Brian should have been separate just give you the information,
exact same time and Don Jorgensen with a smirk on his face says we tried to vote to try to find an organized vote no group and we couldn’t find one which is probably true I’ve been trying it there’s been robocalls put out but I haven’t been able to track him down.
I don’t know who they are.

[38:45] I don’t nobody has I’ve tried to get a response to some people but George is so George is a pretty much set of the whole fucking show is going to be you know Robert Vernon Brown and Brian Maher you know and is there again spending.
Our money to promote raising our taxes which irritates the fucking shit out of me.
There’s you can’t spend my money.
To raise my Ed to get me to raise my tax it just drives me insane if you want to give me the facts fine,
don’t sit there and do a raw session with my tax dollars to increase by taxes he did that with the indoor pool.

[39:27] And we busted on so many damn times we filmed them we watch them do this they do the rock sessions about the indoor pool they’re not supposed to do that they did it anyway they were spending my tax dollars doing it,
and it’s just it’s it’s it’s not right is it your big sham we’ve actually asked the ACLU to look at the selection the way they’re handling it.
And we’ve got nothing from them you know for an organization that tries to claim that they you know watch these things in the safe elections and I like this or like this one’s red hot this would be one that you really should be watching.
You know he pull books that are using some other software company you know it’d be like taking your,
you know you’re you’re you’re Del home holding up you know there’s got to be a,
board of directors code of conduct every time that there’s a school board election board member.
They’re they’re not a good sign against the law for them to promote promote cuz they’re not they’re not members that are not with this regard to school okay,
then he happens to be the superintendent so then close,
I mean he’s pretty much right there.

[40:46] I need us that who’s in charge of enforcing that he’s a smart guy Brian is that,
okay then.

[41:14] You know what you have Vernon Brown who was chair of the of the task force and stn who he works for has contracts with the with the school district technical contracts and then.
Baker is coach are you know her whole family owns First National Bank and almost bonds go through dority go through First National Bank so many other conflicts of interest right there.

[41:39] It all on the task force,
get out and then the co-chair for vote Yes for the Vernon and of course Vernon’s wife has it isn’t AP teacher I don’t know if you know this but his wife is an AP teacher,
with the school district was best friends of Dan Conrad who’s marketing Communications person for the school district she can tell me that Deanne hasn’t fed and burning information because she’s best friends with his wife,
and I mean this whole it’s very incestuous all the stuff going on in the culture of the boat yes is the sister-in-law,
to the baker you would never have somebody that was interested in being the chairman of the vote Yes campaign that didn’t have,
some type of involved you’ll never find somebody so right,
Summit media probably missed the boat on.

[42:36] They put together the task force find out okay who’s on the task was on but some that are connected to businesses that are a financial stake,
sandwich somebody said to me and they’re like well you know,
she’s going to go to get make any money from this and blah blah blah and I’m like well you know it when you put out bonds you know what percentage you get isn’t it what is it when they do you know the bond isn’t it 5% Mike that I’m the life of the bond,
how did the dishwasher 2% know it’s probably.

[43:20] Hunter baseball team won 120 what 1% of 10,
what would you what would you get for that well it’s an Institutional Investor that does it not of a Community Bank like.
First National Bank Sioux Falls to do that they’re boarding already does but there are Trump First National Bank.
So but don’t worry it will then go through an institution such as Dorsey or such as Edward Jones are some big institution Merrill Lynch so to speak or whoever underwrite these gigantic bonds.
I’m at the federal level.
Once the money comes to the Guns N I don’t know who I don’t know where the checking account is,
so I’m assuming they probably do and Great Western actually a great western and I’m in the bed I bet I bet you there there’s a likelihood that yeah First National Bank is in there Wells Fargo’s probably in there,
so yes all the money aside and all that I.

[44:36] You know like I said I support this but there just seems to be a lot of things that just don’t add up,
I mean with the with the election but you explain the interest rate thing to me and I’m glad you did cuz it makes more sense now to me cuz they have never really explained it that way.

[44:54] They talk about the construction cost where they’ve said.
And this was the same thing with the Event Center if any of you know about the event center that was the same thing we need to build it now.

[45:07] Because construction costs are going to go up and I’m always like yeah that’s called inflation you know duh everything’s going to cost more next year we all know that that’s not like some,
but the school district is use that argument to it’s just going to cost us more down the road well it’s a false argument because they’ve known for years that we would get to this.
And why weren’t they save in the money up for 1 minute and ended their lead in the argument is memorial sixth grade last year we had too many Memorial 6th graders well,
who sells kits for RV living,
what the what the increasing population was for the school district this year.
Brandon Cella West Brandon was 172 I believe,
I thought I just counted on this but I thought Maher said 800 800 increase.

[46:05] I think that’s what he said but I’d have to watch the show again but here’s the rumor that I’ve been hearing and and and co-host German Fest and we talked to talk to a teacher and then we talked to someone that works and administration without administrator,
office support staff I guess I could call her and.

[46:26] Date you know they’re gossipers and teachers and they’re pissed about how.

[46:32] There’s no plan on how you going to stay after school so in other words teachers are going to get fucking.
Screwed again I’m pay their man that administration of man is in charge of bad.

[46:48] Scary thing is they’re saying that they brought they brought Maher in this was a new thing that I hadn’t heard,
they brought Maher and to pass this in as soon as this passes he gets it rolling he’s gone because I guess the old lady doesn’t like it here and wants to go back to beautiful Nebraska.

[47:07] Like the Sioux Falls isn’t exactly you know my opinion Sioux Falls is,
fantastic but if I had a choice between Sioux Falls and bumper Kearney Nebraska I would be living in Sioux Falls that’s just my opinion but you know some people just like bump,
they want to stay there as well so I’m going to work on stat.
And once he gets a past he’s going to either retire or,
whatever you got to be glad for those teachers are going to cost because of the teachers in God’s up nothing no news about the school district was partly because I talk to support staff to,
I have a friend that used to work for him and I think he just quit last year he wasn’t part of he was in charge of inventory over the library.

[48:01] And he told me that there is so much waste will take perfectly good computers that are working instead of trying to sell them auction them off or I letting students buy them at a reduced rate is thrown away.
For someone to smaller School,
sound to the students for god sakes why don’t we put it on the city does it surplus auction when we do something like that.
I mean I’ve been to those Surplus,
yeah they’re cool actually,
awesome I almost bought a clown.

[48:49] I know that’s what really tall fiberglass clown.
But I don’t even know where used to be I think I don’t know why I was on my way in for the previous administrations mayor’s Fourth of July 5th.
Didn’t go for very much so that I was at there was a brand new Hoover
brand new Kirby vacuum still inside the Box plastic wrap around at the box in the street.
$175 like that.

[49:28] If there’s $199 school bond out there I would want to make sure that.
That the contractors are kept on budget that they’re kept on schedule they keep their reserves they keep the keep the reserves under control and they don’t overspend.
The thing is official restraint believe that this 40 million dollar slush fund,
they’re probably anytime somebody says other stuff with my tax money always go,
that’s that shit was that just for example on Tuesday you know we’ve had this 20 million dollar parking downtown,
dirty dirty habit I already have to spend another $56,000 on an engineer to tell him where to put a pipe.
I mean and it’s an extra expense to have like a 10% contingency reserve account,
I don’t know where you’re coming up with,
47 million because I thought security and age 82 here today I got it right here Security in 88 for Robert Frost and Horace Mann Elementary is 2.2 million.

[50:42] That’s what I’m saying this 40 million dollar fund they calling to upgrade
bounces one day they’ll say 40 the next day they’ll say 50 that memories because I think when you add all these in I suppose okay,
it’s for extras and they’re going to fix a gym in one of the old schools and.
Well you know one Vince new Elementary School proposed for 17.5 million.

[51:12] I am concerned that that’s enough not enough money I mean 17 and 1/2 million bucks,
and the elementary school cost 17 and you’re kind of like,
what get the kids are a little bit smaller at the elementary school but you know it’s like so like I brought.
For your enjoyment Scott the the area mpo area and growth Management areas map,
this is the this is this is this is what’s the proposed growth between now and 2035 in the direction of cities going to go,
right now the Orange is the boundaries of the city in the,
the red the reddish color is where it’s expected to grow so we could probably predict by looking at this little map here,
where the schools are likely to go.

[52:25] See that all that stuff is just kind of like whatever to me I just want to know we push our borders out anymore.
Will the Sioux Falls borders are pretty much they they took care of that last year,
there. You can always ask,
take the established boundaries with a little a little City information,
with all their neighboring cities those are all established.
Done done because all density can build an element Elementary perspective is.

[53:19] Crooks has said that they’re said he’s going to go up to this line in the city of Sioux Falls and allowed to go up to that unless you want the city of Sioux Falls go into Crooks Crooks has to be okay with.
Being absorbed into the city which is not likely to ever happen though.

[53:40] And so I said that’s so I guess the biggest thing in this whole matter is I think they’re spending too much money right away.
Are borrowing too much money right away in the second factor I have is I don’t believe I don’t like where this election is being held I think I might just have a gigantic issue with.
Here’s a little here’s a little funny story just show you about the lady who runs the school district elections okay.

[54:05] Her name is Beth Chase she also runs on the substitute teaching she started.

[54:11] What Chuck says another job shocker so anyway.
But she was the one a few years ago remember where they they were balanced locked in a van and they couldn’t find Bev and she would lock these ballots in a banner they want me to come listen to Lady running the selection so anyway.
So this is it this is funny this is I’ve been giving a lot easier here so Teresa Staley has to do Teresa to believe it or not so Teresa Staley.
I just think she could talk all the Steeler report sometimes she mailed it out someday she doesn’t buy this time she’s she’s putting it in the shop and she let me proofread it cuz I work.
Prince sister company and.
I was reading it and I didn’t say anything to her or I talked to her about it today though but I didn’t say anything to her but I said to the sales manager shopping as I said I said are you okay with that thing that she said in there about the school district printing the map.
He starts laughing and he says let me tell you a story about that so here’s the story.
Teresa’s been after them she’s been pretty neutral about how I’m sure she’s going to Bono but I know she’s been neutral on the matter.

[55:27] Scratch that she’s probably not who I don’t know how she’s going to go so anyway she told School District you should really be.
Machine tabulating the boat you should be using all the precincts.
And then she told the school district you should print a map and the shopping news and The Argus Leader pretty Precinct map or locations of the precinct.

[55:49] And so.
She put it in her article I’m a school district to put a map in the shopping news and they refused so I’m spending my own money to print it in here myself with incorrect grammar no,
and I sent it the sales manager I said.

[56:09] So you’re okay with this in here and he goes yeah I like it and I go okay so what’s the story behind this and he goes here’s the story because you know about chases and I go oh God this is going to be good,
and I go yeah I know who that is and he goes so she calls me he goes and leaves me a message.
Like a few weeks ago and says I want to print a map in for the school board for the election and leaves her phone number.
And he calls her back well if you’re a salesperson and you work at a company and somebody leaves you a voicemail and says they want to do business with you what are you do you call him back now and you probably call him at the number that they let you write three calls her back.
And she says I don’t know what you’re talking about.
He goes well you left me a voicemail saying you want to print the map and in the in the shopping news no I didn’t.

[57:05] And he goes well your name is Bev Chase right and she’s like yeah he goes well that’s the name he left on The Voice Mail and this is your phone number that I just called right,
yes that’s the phone number that you left on the voicemail I didn’t leave you a voicemail and he goes well yes you did how else why why else would I be calling you back.

[57:25] So this is the lady Brian $190 bond election calling peep just calling random people.

[57:37] You somewhere that save that voicemail and so anyway,
please tell me this so why was she denying this why did she just say we changed our mind wouldn’t you just said that like maybe she did call and then we changed our mind we didn’t have it in the budget.

[57:54] Weird he said he goes she probably,
meant to call the Argus Leader and called me and said that she did not realize that she called us and said so did he told her own,
you know I’ve always would you be interested in putting them in the shower.
So he left them voicemails and they never called.
So no he didn’t so Teresa so Teresa’s brick turning the world everybody to know that the school district.

[58:38] Does public service it’s it’s, it’s really funny I’m always going to leave you a voice,
never told you never got a ballot from you that said no on it just like I never got any other no balance,
we lock them in the van they find the van like 2 years for now full of no balance just stacked up somebody finds on it. I think it what you need to do is you need to come up with,
teen volunteers to stand at each one of the districts.

[59:16] Whole entire ship match my joke was they’re going to have to vote do you stick to your you stick your ballot in The Ballot Box I said they’re going to have to ballot boxes at the at the
coincides they’re going to have one that says yes yes,
Andy and the yes ballot was going to be a regular mailbox and then no one’s going to go that’s strange I could see this as an Office episode on the office,
flashlight on,
95% holy moly the highest in the states that didn’t say no it said on so I guess my prediction is if it does pass
it wouldn’t surprise me because of low voter turnout but it’s not going to be much over 60% if it’s super high like 70 80,
90% laws were joking around about to be real concern this election was fuck with big time,
and 60% is all pretty hard. I would think so,
but it also depends on what the voter turnout is it who voted so there’s no requirements for.

[1:00:35] Quora my sister just out of Voters cuz it’s all about you.

[1:00:48] Probably decided by I’m guessing about 3500.
That’s what historically is scoop out with those when they do the super precincts it’s about 3,500 people who’s the school district.

[1:01:03] If it’s held with other if with the city it gets up to be about 12.
If it’s by itself it’s like 4% is there an appeal normally without attaching it’s like 4%,
that this year wasn’t at like 12% for the super city election.
Again Freight.

[1:01:32] Well technically this is not an election this is a school bond vote.

[1:01:44] The only thing is we speak we don’t know if people are voting more than what I was going to do this but somebody warned me they said you could get into a lot of trouble,
cuz you have to seriously prove you were trying to catch them.
I was thinking about going and voting and I already voted so I’m done anyway but I was thinking about waiting for the day of the election and going in voting at 1 Precinct in and driving.

[1:02:11] Boy yeah you know what the fact that I’m trying to
some kind of a pre-approval yeah yeah might like as a secret shopper type things I mean,
seriously, why couldn’t you buy couldn’t somebody approach the city of Sioux Falls Police Department Say Hey I want to do this,
yeah I know that it’s really probably State’s Attorney’s office hey yo, your buddy,
secret shopper going to put me in if you can be a secret shopper,
yeah I don’t I’m not going to be one anybody else want to weigh in on this.

[1:03:04] All of the cool education activists I talk to you say they’re going no because they feel that,
what they were sold on this is higher than that they thought you were being sold on 158th and now we’re 40 over that that’s so they think that’s going to hopefully people are going to vote no and then they’ll force them to come back to the table and come back with the Lord,
I am waiting by the time we get to election day the The Proposal coming out of Brian’s Mars miles going to be like.
We were at a billion dollars and we cut all this off.
Tools and 900 million on a LaunchPad.

[1:03:59] It’ll be a great education for these kids.
I think the 208 million came from when they were doing the meetings with the parent that I forget what they called them when they were,
during the day before they had the official official,
yeah apparently committees they were trying to publicize 280 was their guesstimate for what they thought the body should be.
That’s just insane in math teacher.

[1:04:39] So I get a longer summer,
they were mad that they had that boat to change the school and when you went where did you go to,
where’d you go to school Mitchell Mitchell I knew it was in the region.
Heck yeah,
yeah right you’re from Minnesota and your fruit over after Labor Day to see what’s up I’m sorry but you live in Minnesota but your,
I was always after Labor Day made it one or two years they didn’t stupid experiment to go the week,
for labor day but you never this early was state fair I was school district,
so I was I was chuckling about it because they had to start early so they did so they start early,
start on a Thursday for one and I’m like which was Thursday you obviously those first two days of school you’re not doing,
you’re doing nothing you’re doing nothing you’re trying to figure out your fucking lock they get a weekend.

[1:06:03] Did they only go for days does the Labor Day weekend in and then get off for days and everything and I’m like you started early why
yeah but what was the point of this and that game with what 6 days
animals you fucking around with your locker for 6 a.m.
Parent, Get on Up the story on Facebook about how her son was,
go ahead receivers just devastated that he’s having to start after Labor that know your son is super happy cuz he gets out way early and I love getting traded summer of his life and on top of that,
the funny part was there big argument when the vote was coming was the I was kind of helping with that the change the date thing save the summer thing,
and their big argument was.
That this is always a peek it’s always a p kids and all this stuff did you know that after once they started the new program to start after Labor Day AP scores went up.

[1:07:11] At 8 p.m. ruhlman 20.
To their whole fucking argument about how it was going to hurt a p which actually in the opposite fucking Direction.
Decided to go back to the old way and you’re like.
What Labor Day to Memorial Day He told me at the time why he supported it is like.
He goes when the girls got out of school last year it was snowing on the last day of school it was snowing like early May.

[1:07:49] Hesus like it was stupid.
Coming up next time you’re around your own school for 4 days a week I think it shouldn’t be I’ve said that all along they should get breaks in between and that’s it.
Would pay the teachers for a we get my salary for the Full Bucket year and then you should work the whole year it’ll get me started on that guy say here we go.

[1:08:09] 07 hit
what you did change I want I’m glad I brought you on Craig because you did change my mind at a really good job explaining out all the finance change my mind about that so I feel I feel better about,
you feel better about yourself
I already voted out yet but I did not feel good about the election but I I feel better about the fact that I’m paying taxes on money,
that’s it in a bank account I just registered that we just spent an hour talking about the sick and he’s suffering so the clock lot
see you next time.

South DaCola Podcast Ep 020 Schools, Water, and Parking Ramp with Joe Sneve

South DaCola Podcast Ep 020 Schools, Water, and Parking Ramp with Joe Sneve
Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

Joe Sneve
County & City Watchdog reporter for Argus Leader Media

Catch Scott at Club David Aug 7th at 7 PM at Club David doing commentary of the city council meeting.

Tags and Topics
Scott Ehrisman, Robert Mehling, Sioux Falls, Argus Leader, Schools, water rates

Machine Transcript

[0:27] Paul Walker by episode 20 South Dakota podcast episodes,
a year,
could I have a hobby for kid.
You’re still at one right that I know of I know I haven’t told your child for kindergarten in 3 weeks.
She’s ready for it. Are you ready for looking out all the government forms she hasn’t been in.
Like traditional preschool or anything like that so this is kind of our she’s been off the radar so I think so.

[1:31] Now so it’s kind of like it’s our first introduction into like Opening Our Lives to government with our children the next she’s going to go to public school so.
Poor kids like I’m sorry to hear that,
yeah what was right or just our gas because we have Robert the producer who have to host whose name we will not speak and then we have Joe sneve E,
did you get that right I got sleepy,
Stevie Stevie from the newspaper,
Argus Leader sorry Hill that radio host ceuta montse the ark.

[2:20] He’s been better about at least giving the reporters credit when he’s talking about Argus Leader content. Have you ever heard his reasoning for not saying the name I feel like I’ve Been Told,
why we didn’t get along with anything since you think it’s funny it’s a it’s a Harry Potter bit he said it on there that’s the only reason,
in friction with one of the former Publishers few years back.
Master spell too many words right,
Greg T o d e y on the website and I was laughing,
I always tease Theresa Staley cuz I’m like chivalry like the stories when they’re talking about you,
spell your last name like multiple different ways it’s like they may just take a stab at it,
for them so they can always go back in and change.

[3:25] Probably what are the broadcaster up at SDSU to journalism school that if you spelled some his name wrong in his story Billy.
It’s kind of a continue reading remember the name I don’t,
I know my grammar is not the best and I know I misspelled words but I am kind of a stickler about spelling people’s names right b word good,
yeah and I just just like to just was cuz I don’t want that something them to come back at me,
get off my favorites been watching how many different ways people have been spelling dear ketchum’s name,
Chad I just said catch up most the time but.
Write down small that’s always chaos.
Which Darren spelled his name this way you know your eyes out for a long time I had to go back and look each time just to not make mistakes cuz the old are in his Darrin.
In the stairs Darren which is really weird I’ve never seen a date Dar another two darrins on.
Bewitched and sister nice going out the old the old Wayne’s World.

[4:43] York was that I did that go.

[4:48] I don’t know I was thinking you were moving a dick Sergeant Sergeant York sergeant,
anyway anyway I know right about the stop.

[5:12] What do you think about the school district handling their own election for.
Basically a 300 million dollar Bond I mean what reality you don’t have to agree with me at 9 to take my interest loan special election,
and their claims ER their claims are job because their one claim as we have to have the budget.
To the state by September 30th which is true that is not a lie.

[5:43] We could be amended why we just let flat out ask Brian Maher on the show you can amend the budget anytime. Can’t you and Brunswick.
So you don’t have to have a special election so you can have it with the journal I saw you think they’re feeling I mean what is a good strategy,
well it depends on what your what you consider a victory.
If it’s if only people they’re going to come vote are the ones who supported right yet. Wrong if it’s a standalone election I think that’s not it want to say that they have.
I’ll tear your motives cuz I don’t come to these people I’m not covering this but my first.
Buy at first blush when I saw that was they’re probably trying to keep turn out down excellent understand strategy.
What but also did the other the other part of that is is I will I was going to say that.

[6:51] Is it a state law that says it’s been election special election,
in 60 days of an already schedule election it should be moved to the schedule the last 60 days 60 days.
Free clothes why would you spend all this extra money when you can just do it in November and then you know the will the alternate have Bob would tell.
Mountain pretty early before everybody West River even a fox.
Don’t work hard interactive doesn’t use it doesn’t software support them anymore people be Pro tried to get him to work during the primaries and it didn’t work very good and Shantel said no more I’m not using them.

[7:52] Who’s going to do who’s running this off work how are they going to tabulate they haven’t called Bob you know that right they have had no discussions with him.

[8:02] They’re going to handle their absentee and remember they did that 2 years ago it is if Belle Chase was at lunch you couldn’t eat the door was locked and you couldn’t vote.
And it’s like no that’s not really how it works you can’t just and then I just have a problem with hand County.

[8:20] This is going to be this 300 million dollars is going to be decided by 3,000 people that’s just Insanity rest make any sense.
Yeah I’m probably made it obvious that you always will have a higher turnout.
And big things like this but I mean I mean I understand I don’t feel comfortable enough to hang up I agree with you to support public education.
Okay got to get a 60% Passage.

[8:47] And maybe they’re just thinking it’s easier to get a 60% if not enough people it’s almost like the way they talk anytime you see the superintendent or.
One of the task force people or or or on the school board members talk.

[9:05] The person Phil Mickelson she doesn’t seem as confident as some of the other ones talk they just seem like they are perfectly confident that this is going to be.
Like they have no worries about it and that’s what worries me the most is like what are they know that I don’t know that they don’t work on conclusion the software doesn’t work properly on e-poll book,
that means.
I could go vote at every single super Precinct multiple times,
so that’s the part that worries me the most who’s checking this.
Bev but that also is counterintuitive to the to the argument that they want lower turnout because,
voting Super precincts or whatever he can vote anywhere so it takes another hurdle Overton boat.

[10:08] I would say that using the super precincts are having to go anywhere actually I think does drive internal organs I think it’s those confusion people are used to voting in a Precinct.
I did there used to be a trying to do now for the last couple election is always come back to this stupid thing.
A certain government of what’s the temperature this way a certain government official that is not involved with the school district called a certain person over at school district and basically said.

[10:42] You can have been handled absentee sheets Scott capable.
And they decided to have Randall it anyway so I think they want this all in their house and that’s the thing that worries me the most who’s watching.
Who watches the Watchmen who’s watching the election,
well they got to school.
I get it yeah yeah they ought to elections are elections but every form of government is independent of the other forms of government.

[11:21] At least in terms of Elections Bruce to ask to be an election judge.

[11:28] Any glass pieces I will ask but I don’t know if they’re going to let me but I’ll ask and I’ve even thought about asking and then the other thing to is.

[11:37] Yeah that would be that would be nice but I just don’t know I just got reassured that this is going to.
Run as smooth as they think I don’t know I just it seems it’s being handled so weird it any have Vernon Brown who’s running up this other group and you guys reported about this you know.
In the treasurer’s with the public school Association and supposed to be released.
And in the girls in obviously a is there is a baker or maiden names Baker in the baker’s runoff bonds to their Bank,
you have learned Brown who works rest in which is a conflict because they do tons of work contracts with school district what are you so worried about it for at least they’re nice people,
it doesn’t matter if someone’s nice or not conflict to something that’s on paper.
Hey nothing to do with your personality but we all know South Dakota doesn’t have the most I lost myself.
What is planning on you all the task force members however many people work we’re on their we’re planning on watching them in there.
Families to see yeah once they start building all these things who’s getting the contracts are they are these cuz that’s the problem.

[13:02] Let me couldn’t you report on currently that here’s the task force.
Curious historically what these people have done in the relationship they’ve got with the school district or government in terms of,
Dakota vs contract.
Speaking of scams do you know I have to go too much into this cuz I know you’re working on a story about it.
But obviously they want to build a 230 million dollar water plant which is that price tag is.
And of course they want to do this to the the infamous Enterprise funds that mystery bucktooth and bowl cut created former mayor,
so that you can celebrate so we could have in the second mortgage but.

[14:10] Obviously are water rates are going to go out but this is this is this is what I’ve sent to City councilors.
We have all these cities around us to use our water treatment services which is fine because they don’t want to build their own water treatment plant expensive,
so they’ve been paying us and they pay a higher rate just so people know that what we pay for our sewer and water.
What and what they pay us is a lot more unless they’re just screwing their citizens I don’t know but my suggestion is been.

[14:47] Quadruple the rates,
and if the cities don’t like it they can build their own their own treatment plant and then it takes pressure off ours the other argument I have with this thing is is what they getting their numbers so they can have all these growth projection.
And were you saying on the way over here the last census of was it 2010.

[15:10] Throughout the interim but 80% I just seems like it’s a it’s a weird.
They’re just expecting us to grow and we might not we might start slowing down here in Sioux Falls you never know we’re almost at our borders already.
You know so I think the 260 million dollars about 160 million out of it would actually be spent out there at the water treatment facility,
the other hundred million would be to upgrade,
the conveyance system they call it which is in town your infrastructure that would try to be in the car where you have like.
Clay pipes and some reason I guess.
So let’s say I mean that that core work that conveyance system was going to have to happen anyway so let’s just break that up to the facility steps 160 billion dollars,
the plant that’s out there right now it’s built 1980 and.

[16:13] They say like I got an old article from like 1981 saying I only had a 20 year life expectancy when they.
Today got a 18 x 4 years,
so I got a big chunk of the hundred sixty million is to renovate what’s already there and that seems reasonable.
But I don’t have the numbers in front of me but maybe like half of it is to build on.
Stad tankage and capacity like right now they have like six basins where they break like one,
like seven or eight different steps where they filter out all the crap out of water comes in Black filmed it through the whole process just out there got the same to her you know.
Rihanna four five years ago they were only using five or four of the six basins now there at 5 once they get to 6 they have no,
room for capacity so when you’re not a mathematician or anything like that but you can tell just by looking at what they’re using out there that they are Nearing.

[17:26] Capacity it does base itself on the fact that cities going to continue to grow and like you’re saying I could fall off TJ Nelson in the mayor’s office.
So like you know it’s hasn’t you know for a long time we’ve added over a thousand people here right now are you at the house and now we’re getting it.

[17:45] Well you can’t Bank on that,
right because if if they reach capacity it’s going to take like 12 years to complete this whole waiting till the rack pass,
governance might might my shoe and then you were mentioning this on the way over is that there’s a.
Perpetuity of an increase in the water rates yeah.

[18:26] Aiken,
yeah cuz it was the biggest CIP ever right like my Shooters biggest one ever was $570 an hour,
what’s the biggest cfp ever if you see huge the cleanest water,
sweaty beautiful you drink the water,
and then that’s adorable I see this presentation in the numbers like $200 more than anything I say.
If you take the water treatment plan out of it it’s.
Last but I mean that’s what he said that that would likely see some modest rate increases,
to pay for this I have reported yet I’m not going to break the news here but some folks might take issue with the categorizing them as modest increases.
When you hear what those numbers are I’m working on a story for Sunday’s paper about some of this stuff and we’re going to we have a little bit more inside us to like what the rate modeling will look like,
but I’ve heard a little bit too. Going to that my thing is that.

[19:50] I understand the Enterprise fun thing you know you you charge the users to do upgrades and get that.

[19:58] But I also consider what we’re doing out there as infrastructure.
And that is what the second penny is supposed to be 4 so.
I can understand the shoes in the Enterprise funds to build new pipes maintenance running the facility.
But to say that we’re going to pay the mortgage on this this monster 200.
60 million – Enterprise front that’s not right I think I like how you broke it up how you said that a hundred millions for this and 164 that’s I think we should take we should break that in half.
Have the hundred million part of it we paid for out of the second Penny and then the hundred sixty million paid for out of the Enterprise funds and breaking apart.
And start using II penny for its intention infrastructure Capital this is capital this is infrastructure.
Instead of just saying out again razor buddies water rates that way we can free up the second Penny to build palaces,
and monuments you know and that’s that’s the that’s the problem I have with Enterprise and the other thing is is about the population growth and I’ve mentioned this to counselors in and Theresa’s asked to have this breaking down she hasn’t been successful,
and getting this I think it was in 2016 they figured we had about 5,000 people move.

[21:24] 5000 new people in Sioux Falls 3300 of them were babies,
that were born here so that’s not new people coming to Sioux Falls break it down,
break this population growth down for whatever she wants how many years senior citizens coming here to retire,
how many of the people like I said or how many people are they move to Sioux Falls each year that come from the Town Center using the treatments ready Brandon Canton Tea.
How many are babies,
how many actual people actually moving here from someplace else adult movie near break those numbers down and then you could have a better understanding of what you really need and I guess that’s the way I look at it.
Some of what they’re going to be doing out there is prompted by the federal regulations coming down the chute,
shared by federal regulations coming out your eyes seem.
Limited in reduced or is that a series of tweets I mean down where it would appear that in South Dakota.
Federal Regulations really don’t matter permitting.

[22:51] Basically I nitrate permits aren’t being companies who discharge Wastewater into the waters aren’t.
Being held to the standards that DPS put in place until.
According to the folks I’ve talked to the city says that they have until a few more years to get the compliance for the states going to.

[23:13] We don’t die did you know the states letting people get their ducks in order before does the state have until the EPA test,
like last weekend I tore all this asbestos insulation on my basement in the dumpster behind,
I would not admit that I would cut this whole entire second,
lay it on thick or next I was curious nuclear waste out of my basement now.

[23:58] Yeah yeah I was just not not really Shop but you know that.
It’s not the first time that this is kind of in the news where a federal rule or regulation is decreed upon the land and.
State officials kind of like,
will see you know I will take will take the money that comes with it but we’ll see if we can forward to this for you cuz like I said I saw it on Twitter,
and there was an exchange between a gay guy employee of the administration and an employee of the Argus Leader,
about the story in where the truth lies and in all of it so.

[24:46] We have to discuss that but you previously said maybe here maybe elsewhere that the previous administration at stop returning your phone calls.

[24:57] And what is your sense of your thought of your early in the early days of the new Administration is that the new boss same as the old boss or is your phone blowing up all the time it’s definitely not it’s been kind of a night and day,
different I’ll tell you there’s a press conference today about the budget what was that all about us embargo,
I can’t talk about the 4-wheeler in there because you go on a date,
they were going to email me last night that we Finance HR and T2 nails were there,
and it went out they showed us the presentation and,
and that’s I think I don’t know if user got burned or something like that but,
there seems to be just more trust in the media if we say it will honor an embargo there don’t have any reason to think we’re going to.
Not under the Embargo I don’t think anybody’s violated one yet generally journalist are pretty good at,
is a saurus right you’ll burn a bridge if you do that so,
situation I can call these folks over if there’s something they don’t want to talk about it on record because it’s just too hot or whatever you know they’ll say look we can’t talk about this.

[26:20] On record and then we’ll go talk off record you know what I mean like they’re very forthright with me about what’s going on and.
It’s just my opinion and I’m sure it’s yours too.

[26:36] It’s our government we should build to know everything and accesses information,
actress in question as much as they have a right to say what they want about,
people talking what are they trying to hide by breaking news breaking news we just learned,
which Olsen a view of the Argus Leader does with the days that God gives them when nobody talks to him his imagination runs wild,
that’s what you decided to do with the days that God gave you I’d only been in.
Mayor Hooters office two times in the whole time I covered him and it wasn’t until the first time I was ever in his office was in.
February or March this year I started covering the city beat in 2000.

[27:49] 14
Saw the game of three players club Palace who got the blue carpet in there and like it was super nice and I didn’t know City Hall was So Posh and then I can contact I had seen.

[28:07] So fast forward to the new Administration and Paul 10 Higgins.
Hakins secretary Julius was he through secretary and it’s kind of awkward when you go in there cuz it’s okay Julie I’m here too.
Send me some beautiful and she’s like okay so she calls back.
Hangs up the phone and says you can go back do you know where his office is,
and like I didn’t need to be escorted back there I didn’t nobody held my hand they were just so cute makes open home whatever I walk through I see Erica back sitting in her office with the door open like literally the doors are open in San Salvador city hall.

[28:48] Night and day,
different cell after the door Man in Black Roach,
where as you know we would text him a couple of times since he’s been mayor and he doesn’t respond right away.

[29:08] Don’t usually within an hour I’ll get a text back from him like he did something out of meeting one night and all I said to him was I like what you did on this item and I can’t remember it was later I got it thanks you know,
yeah I mean I don’t know what the reason is but we’re also still in the honeymoon. Here and we’re still like,
digging into all the stuff we couldn’t get under the old regime you know like they’re glad things coming out right now from the Hue through ministration,
10 minute timer, so maybe like we’re building a treatment plant only I write someone flatter stories about them and,
they’re not going to be happy I mean the first test used to be a photographer he seems to out he’s been in PR Rose before,
so he seems to understand the role of the press and he doesn’t,
seem to take things personally I don’t think Paul ten haken takes.

[30:21] Didn’t take it personal the next day was a new day with the media wear as former mayor huether.
Grudges yeah there’s going to be a lot of stuff online today about how.

[30:41] Mayor 10.

[30:43] Haken is considering still moving forward with this parking ramp deal.

[30:52] I do not want well I don’t know either one of those thing somebody said to me is you get outside counsel.
Cuz you know this Joe.
A lot of the same people that were working for heater and it coping to cut this deal are still there so.
Turn letter she was there when this is all going on you can’t tell me she didn’t know anything about it.
Of course Karen’s going to look at Paul and say we’re legally bound here you know she isn’t going to go around and,
I know that there’s been some people who have worn Paul that keeping a ride lot of these heat there people around is not a good idea.
Because it’s going to end up burning your ass in the end cuz you’re going back and tell him what people like Joe Frank and Sue Quan back,
throw heater soldiers on Kearney.
But I don’t know Jeffrey Schmidt I don’t know I’m told that.
There is there are other people in City Hall at ancillary rolls in this but the primary players is which I wrote today we’re Darren catch him back at least people around there still these people,
that you don’t think I’m trying to make the best out of this deal and.

[32:17] I think there’s some people saying and I really believe too they think it kill it number 1 construction hasn’t started.
Okay that’s the first thing they’ve done some utility work that’s about it number 2.

[32:32] You can keep the bonds and build an actual parking ramp there and use the money to build a parking ramp that actually has enough spaces to handle growth you know and at a reasonable price.

[32:47] What the problem they’re probably would be a penalty as someone said to me you know they’re probably a penalty to kill this till like Lamont or so.
Or to the bond or whatever but is it better to just.
Bite the bullet now and pay that penalty and get this to go away because this will always be tied to Legacy and this Fiasco and if you just cut the cord right now.
You’re done,
any key in Impala you can’t blame Paul for this either because he had nothing to do with it he can definitely just come out and say this is our best option to kill this,
we have to pay a penalty it’s going to be a million dollars I’m sorry.
AutoZone on South Main in Seoul.
You just you just you just say it that way otherwise work we’re going to be tied to this now for a hundred years.

[33:51] Most people won’t in the $0.20 bill this day in 20 years most people don’t pay attention,
so people that listen to this podcast will Siri saying if you build it they will forget yeah they will.
That thing had quite the story behind it before it got built you know and then after,
5000 people that move your next year will be like at school building.
There any weather is leasing out.
Which one they’re both options we have the one by five guys and they’re both on the table,
I got yelled at for walking through an Argus Leader Park on my wife works for the Argus Leader and I dropped off in her vehicle and I close the door and,
I think it was the Publishers assistant or something as I was walking out be rated me about holidays for employee parking only and I was like.

[34:56] My wife works there so stop go to hell.
So sew in
the spiritual things are not what I want.
I have heard that there certain people knock City councilors but there are City councilors but I’ve heard that there are certain people in the administration.
That have been trying to find an angle to kill us,
is an escape hatch you know I think.
I respect the dating are the people Tracy turn back my Q3 catch him knew that their time was going to come to an end to end a few short months after they pass.

[35:57] And I’m sure they made that thing watertight options that I said you could throw out there.
Police would not cost us anything cuz we have City attorney staff that could do this and they’re sitting there all day anyway they can they can do this stuff.
My first option was to be send a letter to the construction company that basically says we are.
We’re thinking about litigation don’t even have to say they’re going to do it then said we’re thinking about it you want to go ahead and start construction you can but we highly recommend that she don’t,
Ibanez we may not pay you the contractor tractor that actually building that doesn’t cost anything the second thing you could do,
is you could send a letter that basically says we are considering litigation.

[36:49] And we are awaiting the results of the doj investigation etc etc etc and then we’ll make a decision.
After that or whether we want to move forward or not in other words we’re considering litigation so.

[37:06] We always suggest you don’t start construction the number to would highly suggest it because we might not pay you so.

[37:16] I think the city has options that don’t cost us anything you can just drag this out,
as long as the Department of Justice is going to drag the investigation out the city can do the same thing just keep sending letters I just keep send a letter every 3 months,
we’re still considers cost,
taking things slow under huther eventually.

[37:48] And I eventually lamontez probably trial would just back out I think on their own.

[38:02] Maybe I can construction safety workplace safety in South Dakota Zone 47 right now we can get it,
we can get more people to try really hard but anyway I did there is options there
I think that’s where I look at it is that.
There is things they can do to delay and take stall yeah.
7 years is good at installing.
And you just stall stall the crap out of in Journeys going to go we got other project I don’t have time to sit and fight though,
CPA how many years just playing games,
it’s very yeah. But not every Federal in but I mean what more damn it would have nothing more damning comes out then you stopped for no reason oh well.
Why do you say I’m not at my worst that’s the worst case scenario.

[39:24] They back out and don’t build a hotel we have this $20 in the bank,
we build an actual parking ramp for a good you know $20,000 stall not 40 40,000 stall,
and we get the actual parking needs downtown that we need and we leave some space next to it so if somebody wants to build a hotel next to it they certainly can’t it’s just not going to be,
this one will where are you you should go to.

[39:50] How to import executive session that that tomorrow that they’re going to talk about this and I’m pretty sure it’s what it’s about.

[40:03] That’s.

[40:05] I don’t know I don’t know what’s going to happen we do know that they have Defenders we know that concert nightshirts defended it we know that Christine is defending it and this whole thing about.
So bad too but I can tell you two things that I heard from both separate things I’ve heard from Christine quite a while ago,
that Paul sink was Shintoism and that he was tied in with Norman he was tied in with the Equity Building and and he was tied in with whole grain.
This is stuff that’s never been on paper it’s just stuff you here up second hand for people and she told me this nightshirt told me that Norm was mentoring.
You know.
That tells me mentoring means a lot of things that means investing in his construction company they were using him for all of their projects.

[40:59] We know that was kind of like why would Aaron yeah but what was it known or documented between sink and Canfield.
So which Day in Ireland right ownership in a relationship.
But until they filed bankruptcy none of this was no everything else that’s going to come out I’ve heard from people.

[41:32] The doj is so deep into this right now that there’s there’s something going on.
That’s very serious and just like I said when we started talking about this.

[41:46] Every time something comes up about this we’re going to be tight to this fucking thing and it’s pole cut the cord now get it over with.
Certainly treskilling patzcuaro,
turning out to be true Pat star his whole issue,
wasn’t through the developers where it was he didn’t think it was we’re getting in the parking space project but he should probably cling on to the anti acid decide for.
Doesn’t hold water,
so that’s not that was never going to be the argument that killed project it was this is who the developers are that was the thing that causes public outrage not the fact that it was $40,000 a parking space.
But it wasn’t raining cuz I called all the counselors to see I asked him.
Did you know your project guarantors three of your floor project guarantors were on resolved construction and.
The answer is unequivocally no from Greg.
Night Sir stalia Pat star but I had to phrase the question different ways to Christine and Marshall.
Cuz I would say wait I don’t I guess I don’t quite understand what you’re asking it was a little bit weird so finally I had to just say well it sounds like you didn’t know is that correct.

[43:16] Patterson yeah I didn’t know I like I’mma put you in the category it made it easier to ride the nut graph but.
No response from a couple of them the same way it was with with the three I truly believe that it’s such a shit deal.

[43:37] The best course of action for Paul.
Would be to cut the cord now and if anybody jumped his case about a bod fucking defend him top to bottom.
And cuz he’s been doing there’s been quite a few things that he’s done that I’m like go for it you know this is good stuff and I defend from top to bottom.

[43:57] Only has to say is before my time and it’s a bad deal and I’m cutting the cord that guy’s not here anymore I’m running I’m the new sheriff.
If you don’t have to be a dick about it but he can just say I’m the new sheriff and we’re done I wonder if.
If there was there’s nothing stopping.

[44:20] Them will they pull the Hulk run off after they already approved the deal so they could pull,
so pause making it sound like now that they’re not a part of it see that’s the question everyone I know it’s not true,
they’re certainly part of it Jeff Lamont is running Village River Group LLC he’s the managing actor in the,
Comfort Suites hotel the fact of the matter is those three who also own home construction our project your interest meaning there personally risking their own money,
you wouldn’t do that unless you had some reward coming right so like to say they’re not involved his practice just told him oh shit because.
Their names are on the deal and they wouldn’t be on the deal if they didn’t stand to gain the issue for everybody in this week.
City the people Ginsberg and says we don’t want to do business with people who may have blood on their hands.

[45:17] They’re they’re being investigated they’ve been fined for reckless practices and make crack,
that was where the outrage came from a man died due to the store and then you turn around and die,
about taking care of specs to sue town,
from your base it was a call.
Calling contractors in been saying go ahead and do the work and the fact of the matter is who stands to benefit from this and the issue that’s racist alien,
yeah some of it in her Camp had was we don’t want people making money off of the city project 2,
are not reputable or have a bad track record it’s kind of like when they talk talk about alcohol license,
sure that’s a super lien on a movie theater but it’s like a suitable they don’t seem like suitable people but actually yeah that’s fine,
squishy that was Pearl movie theater and proaxil and don’t let him drive all the way there you have to allow Boos at movie theaters and extra yes
we are here they look so stupid about that but just like I said.

[46:44] The stock gun range in the Stockbridge Michigan hell yeah baby.

[46:56] Get out.
This guy doesn’t even did you go to the guy owns West bottles even live in Sioux Falls and I’m sure he’s never made a campaign donation,
but he said him and his wife just on the movie theater they live in Madison South Dakota I think they live in Madison is where they live they want to see it up there too,
I don’t know I don’t know and it’s like they were two player that’s why I didn’t get it approved he had a safety plan the cops approved it
why is it a sin to safety plan was fine I think they probably would have approved it if I didn’t write a story that they were pursuing this,
permit 2 or 3 weeks before they got from the council and then a couple of nomad members got,
protested the only thing that I would have.

[47:54] What I said the pad is I would have just said no alcohol while your throat.
So what’s the point having one beer but that’s kind of what they consider in cages without booze when it hurts,
they’re only allowed to have one beer while my beer down the throwing axe.
I thought he said that you only drink one in your house while they’re throwing he said yeah but everybody’s,
maybe I’m wrong but there’s this.
Rooms that have cages in them and that’s where you go in the cage to throw but everybody’s in this room for an hour you’re throwing for an hour it doesn’t mean you’re in your cage for all so.
But the gun range thing I have to go to the Dell Rapids sporting club there’s usually.
Empty beer cans filling every garbage there so I don’t think anybody.
Well I’m still waiting for some chick with flip-flops on to drop an accident but rapper.

[49:03] Looks like Teresa said to me I was Tresor pack at member one of them said I just hope they got to go to church policy,
well I mean yeah sure the Astros are going to be like sore called relay,
responsible they would only be serving Labatt Blue or Molson inside maybe you’re right it would regulate itself,
I’m sorry I I was listening to radio show us some like sci-fi from 1960’s speculating about what,
beyond the year 2000 would be like and I was just like you know it’s listening that and it’s just like the pretty shoes at that time you know they figured it would be like you know what laser guns and which planet to colonize next and I’m like it’s 2018 and we’re just going to like.
So do we have to put our beer down to throw an axe inside ArcheAge where I can have a beard,
I have a bigger lady but I can’t have a little cheap red wine while watching,
some crappy movie my wife is drag me to at the cheap theater in Temecula,
gave us feel about how she works on the movie in Denver and was able to have a drink while she had watch the movie and it was the greatest experience ever.

[50:27] But I don’t think we should do that I know it was weird weird every city in United States has drinking theaters it’s been suspended in Europe for.

[50:42] He said what more do you want him to do,
I made the point to Teresa The Pavilion has drinking you can drink while watching a show that’s all ages,
the Orpheum Tri City Event Center yeah I know I just said you know those are all places,
that you can drink how many teenagers you think you’re drinking at concerts in general admission at the Event Center will try are they police in that,
but people don’t just drop their kids off at these places but I don’t imagine dragons show and that’s it felt more like,
I already front tickets,
with all the kids there and I like the glowy stuff and whatever and they were serving hard drinks I had like three too many you know what I was.
Trying to Shield my good show to Sioux Falls Demi Lovato.
Yeah what is it never heard of Demi Lovato story about survival.

[52:09] If you want me back okay so nobody know if if more people are going to the pop shows we won’t baby book is going to Country shows.
The show me anything else exciting you think going out on City Hall that that.
Well good he’s really talk in about how I’ve been trying to square stuff.

[52:34] Well thank you could give them some of that property or not give it to him sell it to him there still space thing about it is it’s not going anywhere it’s perpetual.
Saw it there.

[52:48] Tragedi Square LLC which is a legacy,
if you guys Surplus this and tell me build something there we’re going to lose access to our building is Perpetual it goes with,
landana what so if you believe,
my Cooper is there a long time I’ve got no reason to think he’s lying no matter what happens there whoever buys it,
yeah whoever ends up owning it has to maintain that so that’s kind of long and short of it,
and then when it comes to surplussing land there’s really only like one criteria the city has to consider.
The Surplus land and that is do we need this no answer according to my Cooper and the administration.
So the council’s decision is pretty well made for them yeah but the Legacy folks are trying to I don’t know confuse the council.
By saying we’re going to lose access to this it’s got its retail space it’s it’s it’s it’s downtown space competition that’s why.

[54:05] There I think they’re going to lose those views that the people who want to develop to Huey building.
Have said they think it’s because like I said he’s afraid that these nice patios they built on the back of that building.
Yeah they’ll build something there above that 12 from work and when you look out these patios you’re not going to see up the river quite like you do now,
they say that’s the issue Legacy won’t go on record and say they’re making a stink over views they’re saying it’s cuz,
what about garbage trucks what you need to go to the garbage truck in there we need to have we might get some more special,
they said they could have had a restaurant on the first floor at some point in the only a single replicated reloading base,
there’s a loading Bay back there and they need to have access for a truck to back up.
That I’ve been better this year but it’s a every single restaurant that’s downtown doesn’t use a loading dock because companies like Cisco and us food delivery companies,
do it is dollies indent ribbon areas like that they don’t do daily deliveries that’s so that’s the only people that argument disingenuous another argument that they say has been made to that is.

[55:27] FBI garbage trucks garbage truck access but only.

[55:33] Garbage trucks don’t use regular garbage trucks downtown they think only one company serves downtown and they have a special technology that used to get into tight areas so.
I have yet to determine of that and I think that they.

[55:55] Address for all the more desirable mean that you would be able to been there long time.

[56:00] People may not be so quick to come it was like okay well this feels a little bit yeah probably raise the rent.
Yeah it’s just it and now I don’t know any any other any other controversies I even you know hopefully.
Well TJ cuss anybody out in Facebook lately,
now it’s Patrick Anderson but they are okay and Panda we call it panda,
search for nickname. Patrick Anderson he took some some data from the store and was like.
Shining a light on the fact that the city isn’t it hearing to the standards or whatever and TJ Nelson took issue with some of his tweets so they went back and forth and it’s something like.
I always have you talked to government fishing but don’t you tell me how to do my job or something like that it got kind of fiery and I was in a meeting when this was going on and I came back.
And I looked and I saw the tweets I texted TJ and I said I see you met my friend Patrick and I think it’s all water.

[57:26] But I was thinking what kind is it,
waste water under the bridge cuz he missed a golden opportunity to make the joke shity water,
get out of the car on the bike trail,
get out of there they’re up to their chins and I go get out of there probably and they’re like they were like they were trying to get super powers,
is when is the swim in the river as kid at my dad’s hair is a Trestle Bridge that’s probably 50 60 feet above the water and we would jump off there in the
and I always joke that you probably come out of water was like a third arm and some point now that you’re probably end up with some bacteria that eats your brain looks like one of the nose,
Never End by a bullet hole.
So apparently somebody had jumped too far to the right or the left in like scrape themselves in the way down so then.
A market with us still there.

[58:39] This was Patrick Wiley’s brother’s idea cuz he books music at Club David so starting we’re going to try it for the month of August the owner of Club David said I’ll let you guys do August we’ll see how it goes.
We’re going to do live commentary to the city council meeting so if you come over to Cub David on the stable start August 7th,
who should I call MST 3 K so it’s going to be Patrick.

[59:10] Can me and we’re going to do live commentary yeah I know,
so we’re going to have Bingo cards and then and then we’re going to have a big sky is pretty big screen so you’re going to do this is from dating.
I haven’t been there for a while I go to bed I go to the information I was unloved it cuz I can chew their ass right there that’s great,
and then you can go up right after the presentation and go this is suited definition.
Even me who was criticized what are used to be this is like a freaking circus Heather pastor and James Reid.
You don’t Ciara said it Bass.

[1:00:10] The county is where you go to get your you don’t know where you get Human Service Human Services.

[1:00:21] Well that kind of Katherine crippled says they should do something for them.
Can you put up tents in my yard and it’s like I can’t do that really
yeah yeah yeah,
call my dad had a solution to dissolve homelessness,
go home but here’s what years Michael magic lease all he has home,
have a right to come to public input and and and you know just because you’re homeless ruler and I agree I don’t have a problem with that anybody has a right to come up there.

[1:01:17] My thing is is if you’re going to come to public input to a government meeting that’s being filmed.

[1:01:25] To ask for assistance of whatever don’t put your $600 cell phone up on the podium,
that’s the part that cracks me up I want to know walk up there the whip down there freaking Anarchy there freaking $100 Otter case and they’re $700 phone on the podium I need help,
you need not to have a $700 phone that would be your first Obama phone.
Stop video. First my first suggestion if you’re going to come in a spray.
So yeah well who are the other highlights from Pelican Patel you like Stephen Seattle sit there and kind of thing.
The best part I’m just going to say this and if we have to cut this out that’s fine if I get too carried away Robert.

[1:02:18] I always say I was saying to Pat and Bruce always go I always like it when Stevens up there you know he gives the same speech every week,
and I said I was like what he says they said I was delusional and I’m like you are Desloge at all listen to that,
and it was Pelican but sometimes he’ll drop like music lyrics.
I know some people who know he’s not he’s not a dummy he’s he’s kind of high so high functioning he’s very high functioning but I mean when he sitting there telling them that their murdering him and it’s like.
It’s like do you realize that after you’re dead there’s really not much to do about this team.

[1:03:13] Could you say that where is the crap out of me tell people that all the time laugh about,
Kate Marshall a little worried about the potty words did you know you can bring a loaded gun,
concealed loaded weapon into any public building in in Sioux Falls and there’s that accept the courthouse and there’s not a fucking thing they can do about it
and it’s razor hands and like say who’s worried about that I am your where to buy it,
from calradia,
yeah they losing your job who had the guy he tried to take the signs down remember that.
What’s up Keith it was pissed he had to take the signs down he has to sign the other sign and the Carnegie and there was a sign at City Hall that said no guns,
allowed me to take down cuz state law says nope you can bring concealed weapon into which can to the courthouse see that is he doesn’t make any sense to me it’s like if you can’t bring it into the court house why should be able to bring it into you can’t shoot Billy bring it in the car gears work on here,
what does State House on Lee Road and actually pulled the fire alarm.

[1:04:28] He was trying to get it all that’s right they’re trying to pass that would allow guns in Chambers up in Pier.
And it died but I’m off for debate people to hit the alarm,
button looks like the panic button to prove like the response time because they were sort of like,
kind of check out the kind of knew that I was coming so they didn’t like rush rush in there which.
They should have just rushed in there it really inconvenience everybody got to tell everybody get down for the capitol on lockdown,
what’s happening right now you’re fine I’m all for it because,
maybe they’ll just eliminate themselves one of these days you know what I mean like you know,
the South Dakota State Legislature now is half because they decided to have a gunfight,
get out everybody’s carrying.

[1:05:36] I guess I got to go to the store with you with all ICP where they got right I could tell her shut off time I was a little.
Private so I was standing in line sweep speaking of that I was standing in line at sunshine one day and this girl girl in front of me in her 20s.
And you don’t shoot a gun on a holster it wasn’t concealed it was on her waist it was a pink it was a pink 9 millimeter in will white holster and the first thing I thought was like I don’t think.
Boom and the cheese in front of me and I’m just looking over and I’m kind of Chuck.
And like you’re so cool and you know and then I get and she still grabbing her stuff as I’m checking through and the cashier says to me.
So sweet how you doing today I said I feel really safe right now just super safe and I just looked over at this girl and she’s.

[1:06:36] She thought I was complicated.
The pink 9 millimeter girls on that you got a hard end,
month of August watch Jonathan Alice’s Twitter handle and Patrick Anderson’s cuz they’re going to be filling in for me,
my little boy I leave on the 8th and I don’t return until the,
yeah I heard you’re going to be gone for a while so that’s at Argos jealous is that it I think so,
at P Anderson the Anderson.
Sorry for your vacation.

South DaCola Podcast Ep 019 DTSF President Joe Batcheller

South DaCola Podcast Ep 019 DTSF President Joe Batcheller

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.

Produced by Robert Mehling

Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends


DTSF President Joe Batcheller


Riverfest August 18th.


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Machine Transcript

[0:27] Welcome to Tuscola podcast number 19,
so what is that and what stays guess what i’ve wanted on for a while but is the rent like a good time and there is no what she can and,
oh all kinds of corn go bachelor president of downtown sioux falls.
Co i don’t know they call president president now have a whatever i press it because yeah okay and then of course go seasoning will not speak and robert hulu.

[1:02] Haven’t been there for a while I work kind of the the bad kids of the pot of the podcast Community was suing Firefox.
Like take one week off and then we go out sick of the week that was nice things that three ways these guys going for the summer hooked yeah yeah and you know.
Or kind of lazy so most times for pretty dedicated for a week and a half.
Riding on a bike trails in the morning.
I don’t remember about we did that one for about 2 weeks 2 weeks and 1 day it rained and the next day was like how the mosquitoes are going to be out,
Saturday we’re like we doing this anymore like now,
SoJO before we go into the big announcement today.

[1:57] You’ve been with downtown Sioux Falls now for what 2 years now it’s been 3 years I had my 3-year anniversary last week and you were from.

[2:11] And your wife and you moved and you are a city planner and,
most recently in Vail Colorado so that was great experience like most people are familiar with fail there’s a lot of money there it’s a resort community that kind of Pride themselves on being,
the premier Resort community of North America and.
Those are some amazing development in in vail lot of sweet pickle condo tells,
mixed-use developments in so that gave me some really good perspective coming here to Sioux Falls and,
some stuff that’s on a very similar scale with Sioux Falls actually geared towards a different audience but still you know we’re still talking about the same kind of type of developments,
you roll that you roll then on this job after you know the last mir save downtown.
Yeah no common sense line when only you can be in.

[3:17] You can kind of fortunate that over the past three years downtown is really taking off I mean even more.
I mean lots of developments right building a hotel,
you know if they’re finishing their finally finishing Phillips to the falls or whatever you want to call that 11 shells going in which is super exciting and just I mean
so what can you get that i mean i that’s awesome yeah sue steel just announced that they’re gonna have their own private little thing going on there and of course the downtown thing but,
what what have you seen over the past three years that you go.

[3:52] You don’t besides all those great things where you see why downtown is become so popular.

[4:01] A screw down on First Fridays.
But now it’s like you can’t even walk on the sidewalk and so proud of 3000 people.
So yeah why is downtown so popular now I think it’s kind of this it’s it it’s been this slow build towards it that’s been happening.

[4:23] Yeah well before i she’s on yeah i mean the unit it really sorrow whatever solitaire on doors and yeah absolutely no is frozen or byzantine is downtown pretty much yeah and and it,
those are kind of the Mainstays from you’ve got a few that a few others sticks and steals been around for a long time as well little bit more,
recent and zambras but I look at the development of downtown.
And it started with division for Phillips to the falls,
that led to doing something about the loop,
and then investing in arts and culture and laying the the seeds for that has really been transformative for downtown,
it’s in culture we’ve got the washing that billion that i think it was in i wanna see leak ninety eight that that open up,
it’s been open 18 years I think.

[5:32] So that was that was.
It was hard for people to at first to see the value in the Washington Pavilion and I think it’s,
be hard to say that has a man of value and for the community that as usual constitution brought his eyes and the people in brought more restaurants in town and the reason i say that is because.

[5:57] In the pavilion opened they reside there was basically there’s more than three restaurants that there was basically three restaurants you would go be back before you go to shell and that was that was nervous christine as in touch are,
now opened in 1990 and was the only restaurant that was open after the shows were done so.
Tina’s in Minerva’s recalled at 9 and huge crowd,
four shows you have monster crab because people would try to get in my nerves i make reservations can get and we were we always joked sure was overflow.
So when people could get minarets thirteen as a come down our place so we would only three restaurants and i think the pavilion really.

[6:46] And alot of new restaurants out yeah it’s absolutely in the but there’s been so many things that have me down town successful what you said.
It’s a combination of a sculpture walk is another one I would put out there and then sculpture walk has done wonders for transforming the vibrancy is street life.
As simple as a sculpture bringing complete strangers together talking to one another like they’ve known each other forever about this piece of art and just being a creates this kind of delightful experience and culture
yeah just creates a something to discover for folks so,
yeah yeah absolutely there’s a guy that came in from I think it’s from Austria and he was going down to Vermillion to the National Music Museum and he commented on sculpture walk and like a,
take me to come back every year for this now so you know investing in arts and culture has been huge for downtown but.

[7:49] The thing that is happening is is its national trend.
And you see a lot of baby boomers have become empty nesters,
on a motor yard any more than one house sort of this infusion of vibrancy in their life and so they’re looking for an urban experience.
And then millennials on the kind of the other end of the demographic spectrum are.

[8:18] It for various reasons they they they don’t necessarily have as much opportunity as their parents did they can’t afford to have another if they’re married they can’t afford to have two cars all the time so they want to live,
where me they can get by with one car they do they’re more interested in experiences than buying products and so downtown ss are well suited for millennials and so that does that’s the national trend that’s happening there’s this interest,
in urbanization once again are cores hollowed out,
in really starting in the 50s and that trend,
first i just within the last decade and that’s all you see in happen in downtown sioux falls so.
You know I’m I I like to think I’m pretty good at what I do but I’ve been very fortunate and I attribute a lot of downtown success to these trends that have been going on and so,
you know.
Job i’m just trying to make sure that we celebrated as much as we can and try to turn step of the way success and foster the long hours three there still is tho,
and I just thought about this there’s still a lot of misinformation for instance.

[9:40] There’s a lot of people complain that hot harley nights wasn’t we downtown to share explained alot of people that after i told them you know they can have it downtown cuz the love it,
is all torn up and there’s no place to have it yeah and in their life also send you back down in i go yeah they’re gonna move back downtown again.
So that’s the missing information new have no home.
Primary talk about the violent crime rates downtown now the one thing that i won’t disagree with her is and.

[10:14] There is a circle around downtown you have to admit there is a circle around downtown that is not as safe as.
But the way she didn’t make she didn’t clarify yourself on that when she says I’m not defending her and that was not very appropriate.
It’s very horrible things well,
Amazon that I will just say that another other parts of the core of Sioux Falls they get attributed to being downtown and yeah downtown is a lot safer than yeah,
downtown is downtown is a lot safer than,
lose other neighborhoods and that’s kind of a function of the critical mass that we have downtown so many people downtown and you have so many more eyes on the street.
And you know that i think that that is that’s a large part of it a you talk to people if they feel safe downtown absolutely that you,
the crimes that happened downtown ten to be around drunk and disorderly conduct and to be there benson trespassing instances in and shop with,
and so by and large it’s it’s not violent crime it’s it’s the this is like these are Petty crimes,
when there is a violent crime that happens.

[11:35] Is it a lot of times is outside of downtown there was here’s the example what’s what frustrates me there was a person who was stabbed in an alley supposedly.
And you know reported widely on media outlets and turns out that this was a person who,
had some mental health issues and stab,
herself and we out yeah and we never heard anything else about it it was put out there in the media and then there was no sort of nothing says side about two and a half years ago.
Technically there was a stabbing technically there was,
tell me the weather in what you don’t like it’s for you say that cuz it kinda goes back to the pump for.

[12:36] Um because there was a stabbing but the stabbing occurred in the parking lot of the blackberry,
yeah but everyone said well it would happen at the pump room and it’s like it didn’t happen near the pump right,
and understanding occurred in the parking lot industry you now here’s the thing about violent crime to you that that also is kinda frustrating is that.
A lot of times it happens between people who know each other of the other and people like to attribute that to you know these Urban places downtown sand you know go downtown you’re going to get mugged and stabbed in,
it’s not the case may take your thyroid of a stranger assaulting you,
it’s more likely going to be someone that you know and someone probably it’s going to happen in your neighborhood or you know within 2 miles your house that’s typically how violent crimes were,
so I know some women I know this all me but it’s not nice but I don’t know I wasn’t doing something wrong,
you do you do when my wife and I first moved back to the Sioux Falls Area from Brookings.

[13:53] We went downtown for a couple years,
27 blocks away.
The halloween parade you know i jumps like physically jobs is vizio general frighten comming walking home late at night from downtown.
It is Scott and I got out at the Halloween parade we enjoyed some beverages had a nightcap at the Top Hat when our separate ways,
war podcasts all lead and they’re talking about robert and all the,
a stuff doll that we collide as they’re talking about how old moving sound.
Or swirl jumped under some leaves and i freaked out,
hurry slightly less drunk walk yourself out while we were does not have the francisco behind the hit a big uses liz are a rebate but that’s a,
U-Save and it’s walkable even.

[15:13] They used to have I would I live in the ronning apartments there and I go to the pump room and I’d walk their platform and I will walk back to my partner.
And I always walk to fade away and they have a powwow going on man I mean like a pow wow going on in faywood,
and where in there just what the lines of picnic tables and eight cases of beer sitting out and they just be pounding beers and four morning.
Just having having a good old time yeah it was pretty it was an unsafe,
but it wasn’t a crowd that you probably want to hang out with people that have kind of,
no over space and you know you can be a was in a locker there so that was that was always interesting.
I am i really like feel say with park and never go on there is a kid but,
there’s a lot of places where you could hide in there it was there was not good visibility.
That you can see through there at all at all you could cuz you could walk into feywood Park.

[16:30] And beer nearby trees.
Turn the gas vacation planned so they e pa dr grant from the epa and they basically.
You remember when you were living here they had to go around.
And they dug.

[17:07] Hole in the ground to pull up all this gas for caitian and well and then they rebuild the park and there was a big debate about,
yes they’re gonna put dvd back and it’s like why should put it back yet raised david was hiding the four xl he at this yeah you could barely see him,
yeah straight and trees are so high that he always uses had usually new york ny rangers i am
my seventies and eighties and it’s there’s always a tree bring back was to divide up to use or the other way a branch in fresno insert austin powers cakes and have some of the,
and in the other thing is that the big mystery I don’t know if you ever heard me talk about this job but is it was really.
Pissed off because he had to buy the base for this or something like that.

[18:06] This is 1970 its a $200,000 sculpture 1970 so it’s worth now and so he’s like.
I’m not going to put this on a concrete block and I’m up with this hot Italian marble.

[18:27] And to this day people of asked like when you took David down where did that bass go.
Nobody knows yeah i wonder if it’s was your name in some way locked some water.

[18:43] It is a blue fish you feeling somebody has not a on a walk that’s fine i’d never say never remember then the just bm over the
at the black tell me marble head gold leaves you later yeah so i’m fixing wonderful ever come across the glass hinson about what we’re
that means there will come a scratch that was it never there be controversy oh yeah i’m in a lot,
in a park slightly in awe of course and only down there and send this man is a good at
what is better honestly he’s been outside since nineteen seventy i think he’s online yeah only and a lot in these arrested but it’s gonna be okay but the park with been done for like
yeah you jersey shore three okay i read is like come on i was at your being on the re and really have to watch that was returned to find the,
Yeah so the big announcement today yeah big news.

[19:52] You’re gonna be breaking this to make them now or anything about top.
David and Erica are going to put a dome over all of downtown breaking news or shorts all year long.

[20:08] No it’s not a no so i’m thinking county.
When this whole thing came about where we were going to get the land I had met with David and I’ve known David and Erica billion for a long time.

[20:26] I’ve known Erica since I moved here I met her through work and some other stuff.
Good evening in your car right after this whole ordeal happened with camera man bruce bruce and small mass the railroads.
The miracle we’re trying to figure out exactly what what.
Space was gonna be and they said to me at that time cuz probably near two years ago that they were very interested and they were going to summit and are p.

[21:03] For this so it’s no surprise that they they were awarded,
and intercourse.
The one r p for the delay and four acres it’s ten acres total they got four acres next to the the rear of building this thing the space to the.
And they’re going to build one building that will be done by 2020 and I’ll be a six-story building residential.
And then they’re going to build another building that has to be done by 30 or something.

[21:41] And my question to you is on this very exciting,
leaves the pictures of whole mobile go to your heart disease in falls business services as a video on why i go there to see the pictures of your and.

[22:01] Should i have in this whole matter no live discuss that’s is.
Build residential there you’re going to have to create a quiet Zone with train because the trains are still running.
Movie star so.
Is there going to be is there going to be a plan do you think they mean just your opinion that they going to do gated they’re going to gate those on 8th and 6th Street.
You know instead of doing you know the whistle.
So Bismarck North Dakota recently was got there quiet zones.

[22:43] Things that they got all either all the funding in place or they’ve they’ve been.
It’s been created so I think it’s got to be done I think it’s it’s livability to livability issue for downtown,
I think they are downtown residential numbers are,
are going to be hamstrung if we don’t do anything about that.
One day i size i heard two different stories out there with.
What the rules and regulations are with quiet zones that you have to do.
The city year that you can do part of the city and and from what i understand you can do part of the city you don’t have to all the city but for the most part will be pretty well,
set up to do downtown I don’t think we’ll have any even if we had to do the whole city I don’t think there’s too many other areas where you have to do it,
yeah exactly or the free huge for three.
So yeah so why can’t we put a little bit of that money towards downtown I mean it. That’s a project that’s.
Yeah yeah I know that you’ve had some opinions about the deal with the railyard but you know what Bismarck did that I think is interesting and this is going to get into you.

[24:07] An area of controversy for you Scott but it’s in in its Woodward Fargo did is.

[24:17] Is tax increment financing to pay for their quite sms and basically what they have is they have a written were getting a little nerdy here now but,
that the people use these tips to pay for a new id district they don’t do a parcel beast approach with tax increment financing they have.
I live downtown bismarck is it if district and they the it sunsets in about five years,
but they identify with the public benefit is going to be and then there’s a portion of the tax increment financing that goes towards that public benefit,
in here in Sioux Falls,
don’t get me started yeah well that’s kind of one of the things that about kisses there there’s one study about Tiff’s and it’s that has been cited more than any other study and they look at the tips,
in Chicago and I mean we all hear you know the woods what they say about Chicago politics and,
thing is with test each community is different you if you sunny tips in rapid city you’d probably come up with different findings and what you’d come up with for so as to the area yeah i’d like the idea that is district,
so you’re not you’re not picking a favor.

[25:46] You decide to develop in this area can i get not because you are but that’s the district right,
public benefit should be I think any quiet zones should be one of one of those things I look at what we have to work with downtown with some of the streetscape.
And the elements the street lates the garbage cans street trees and.

[26:13] You know there are there there’s some maintenance that needs to.
And we don’t have a reliable source of funding in place for that maintenance,
and I’ll tax increment Finance Tax increment financing possibly could,
go towards something like that that’s what Bozeman Montana has done they take a similar approach to Bismarck or it’s district-wide they put in all new street lights that are dark sky compliant their energy efficient LED,
great benches and streetscape amenities and they’ve got a beautiful Charming Main Street,
and that’s how they finance that’s where the thing is I don’t I guess you know you have to decide what you want the purpose of of the tip to be but.
Anyway we’re getting a little bit off-topic I think to your original point though yeah they’re definitely needs to be quiet Zone,
yes i live by the railroad tracks in my wallet is yeah you know and it and it’s just like this does bolton noxious just recently time is yes sir you,
counselor nightshirt about the festival thing downtown.

[27:20] And I basically sat you know there has to be some there has to be a study done in there needs to be you know something done different.
And because you can’t treat downtown like you can park it’s just you just can’t because it’s like a.

[27:40] Thank you and so you know what he says well what kind of dropped it for now.

[27:49] So I don’t know if you’ve heard anything on Courage. I encouraged.
Nick Wyoming to do his own study and there was a guy from the white wall.
Hopefully I’m not going to get myself in trouble here but there’s a sound engineer from the white wall sessions kind of said that he could do one.

[28:12] I don’t know if he if he you know he could do one form that would.

[28:20] Basically go around downtown in measure the sounds for about a week to two weeks straight in certain areas and you for my uniform.
If you stand at.
12th and Phillips on a Monday between 1 and and 2 this is what the decibel.
There are some of those readings that the police have diamond and their.
Actually not that far off from what the limit is and let’s really see what these things are,
all the nasty when you can just order lobby and icons and now all the sudden it’s and the effort world you now and it’s like well.

[29:11] You know yeah the thing with icon that.
Duration is well either i don’t know if i should do that let here’s la say.
It has to do with those people have patios and I’m just going to flat out say that because I have somebody I know who has a condo in the building but there were there condos at.

[29:35] Is that West Windows to Windows they don’t have a patio and we were sitting up in his place.

[29:45] And I heard a very very very faint sign,
and I can figure it out it was either a fire truck or an ambulance and I looked out his window and I saw.
Police car going in front of house.

[30:01] So there’s a police car a block away with the school sirens on and all I heard was.

[30:08] Barely could even here so I know and I said them do you think that the sound issue is because they have those patio.
Any kind of.

[30:21] Why it’s one thing to is that before that before john’s two one was occupied by residents right,
i’ll be there to notice it before it to and so and then there is the lab and i’m sorry the he same well the way that their position in the stage.
Turn it still be it’s correct its north of the crowd there the traffic.
Just the problem the traffic is going to produce noise but those will too much food those will conclude by 11 a.m. usually,
gonna be like a bunch bluegrass guys sit in the grass and that’s not months can be you know there’s gonna be la mas o yeah.
In like you said downtown do we need some quiet sources of sure but there needs to be a balance to you can expect to move down to.

[31:24] And go on the sound is quiet is when i wouldn’t heel yeah shocker have or on charles lee you know c jazz lane.
Yeah yeah I mean you moved to downtown and you need to expect there’s going to be a little bit of source,
friction when you move downtown there’s different uses going on different all walks of life downtown.
And yeah so I just kind of goes with the territory,
happening downtown that.
You can’t talk about yet but it’s something on horizon over this next year maybe go on the twenty nineteen that you pretty excited about that’s been cut from around or is it just kinda everything that you know i probably know.
Well yeah there’s a there’s there’s a few things going on.

[32:19] I’ll just say you know with Sue Steele I think that that is something that is really exciting because,
rocking you know a doll little but the same area as the really are redevelopment that this is all contiguous,
and it’s more compact it’s less kind of spread out then then the BNSF rail yard,
so there is going to be some opportunity there gonna be some opportunities that.
Present themself with having contiguous space like that I don’t know really how much it makes sense.
Do a baseball stadium or Convention Center I mean I’m thinking of it through the rise dance pointed you that you know they’re going to hold on to that land they’re not selling it to the city so they need to do something.
Do it yourself no that’s yeah that’s their plan so involved with and.
If you have the money to do it do it privately because you believe what you want.
You know you start your public partnership makes sense sometimes yeah sometimes.

[33:39] But sometimes it’s like there’s going to be more creativity if you just let it private.

[33:45] Owner do what what they need to within within the rights of the Zone yeah yeah I think the,
I have tons of ideas for the space but you don’t know what to wear,
sad some different ideas will take it to there’s some great potential there I look at that receiving Warehouse with the giant windows that are south-facing,
yeah you could open up all the doors and stuff in the summertime,
and have open market in there and in the winter time you can close it all up and still use it yeah I mean I guess if if I were.
You know I had a magic wand that’s what I would do I would I would do some kind of public market with a food Hall there you know there’s some really some great examples across the country,
so what you thinking yeah kind of small Booth restaurants.

[34:54] It’s it’s it’s really a small business kind of on feb all type of incubators and in a lot of ways you look at my place market in seattle and it’s the same kinda thing chelsea market in,
new york city is there any there’s examples from coast to coast with these test things and it’s it’s,
how will a lot of businesses get started it is fantastic to make you said he better,
it’s it’s cool because it’s almost kind of like the Jones building you know it’s just tiny little walk up restaurants and literally run by two people,
p*** Papa didn’t run the cash register the cook,
but more of you know eclectic yeah more eclectic and then you can have a little shops in there too.
Yeah that’s kind of what I Envision for that and then I also thought that.
They have to keep a park on the make a really cool park down there.
The kind of the north side her side opportunity and trail leads back up.

[36:03] Yeah yeah I think it was great opportunity for the phase 3 of The River Greenway to really start at falls park and go all the way to Fay wake.
That’s a long stretch by it you know i can see why going along with either is this the first thing i really need is still.

[36:26] Window but the serious note there is a way and i’ve done the research on this because everyone said we can go on killing these.

[36:38] It’s ways of getting rid of them how ya nasty.
Um there’s all kinds of different you use loud noise using he you just irritate them for several weeks we should off loud noises and eventually their life.
When i think about explosion go in the area of those a neighbor move me guess just have a couple of australian shepherds roaring sound that is a good and serious i would have to see about this for a while,
it looks bad we will spend millions of dollars on the roof,
1112 million dollars already on the river Greenway.
It’s covered with Gucci yeah there’s some spots that are really bad and it’s literally all summer long it’s not the Beast don’t take a break and go,
today we’re not this week we’re not going to shit on the trail they don’t give af,
part of a part of the things which you know we don’t that’s necessary for philips server fastened over here instead of always parks right thing that they have to care,
put literally there are program there is things you can do to get rid of them and move on
one thing we could do is create some natural buffer strips of one year and we can let national grasses grow between the bike trail on the river and it creates a great filter to from river natural filter new tweets.

[38:05] You know in in ten years,
if we don’t have a swimmable Sioux River in 10 years shame on us I mean that is just a great,
natural amenity that we need to invest in and celebrate swimmable but I don’t know if you want to swim in well if you want to swim in it without puking afterwards,
we’re talking and we were just talking about the drive over here about how as i understand it the p where they.
State over discussing how to keep people out of the water and I suggest.
Last menstruation or sign up basically warned about the quality of yes in in the river.
And and the former mayor bucks with a bowl cut wouldn’t do it.
As I told you we were having.

[39:15] This is dangerous to your health to get into this water and now will be more the deter people then then.
You know I don’t know if too many 14 year old kids are going to care that much.

[39:32] Domitalia park or event that area that’s kind of what is not very deep there.
And I saw these kids down teenage kids down there last summer I was riding my bike by they were in the river.
Throwing frisbees and play in the water and ago what do you guys do we didn’t hear the killing was trunks.
And they’re like what we’re playing for when did you become a curmudgeon
maybe they were going to the bathroom.
Is that is on or get hot water on the jar is that is like the most polluted portable dvd player reads of and was like what but is highly that you cool i.
Nobody ever told you any of this and they all looking at me like.
Oh my God yeah yeah.

[40:37] They walked out and they was like looking at each other and I’m like,
disgusting YouTube video guys in the swimming Rivers.
Yeah dog usually have a pretty good digestive system where they can digest that.

[41:05] Yeah anyway but you’re right you’re right there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done on the cleanup side and it was one of the things that a lot of people talked about,
that’s all well and nice that were make and the banks look good but what about the damn river itself you know yeah and.
I i suggest a filter them there expense.
They can run about 50 million you can actually do really cheap ones though.
It’s a lot of maintenance with them but i mean it works and you know it is what time she can scratch your head and go.
Our priority sometimes because there certain things that we can do.
And you know we decide whether to spend money on this instead and we’re like.
Yeah I mean we know why it’s s***** because and fertilizer and pesticide.
It’s I can’t even imagine the suit that soup with that is yeah phosphates in poop.

[42:27] Yeah a little bit about my vision for downtown that that’s kind of one of the cornerstones right there I think that we absolutely needs to be a priority.
You know i’ve had looked in its a lot of other cities,
Denver has done a great job with South Platte there’s people swimming and playing in that they’ve got a park where you can wait out into the river there’s kayakers surfing in the river,
so that it be great to see that sort of activity that sort of interaction with our river downtown c falls.
You know when it’s a one to get back to the server the vision aspect of things you know with.

[43:10] In town i’d that there’s nothing in the works but i would love to see.
I look at like Bilbao Spain they’ve got it before 1998 I think it was.
Bilbao is a sleepy town in Northern Spain nobody ever went there.
And they built the Guggenheim Museum this beautiful piece of architecture,
that Frank gehry-designed houses some amazing works of art and their tours of numbers increase by two and a half thousand percent holy yeah.
Something like 14 million beautiful,
think you could go yeah what’s your height rabbits from the nineties that’s not loose yeah but,
no but I mean like if we can have a kind of a statement a building like that’s a statement architectural piece like that.

[44:20] Across the river doing that no I mean,
that the dark dreams this is going to be in a trash bag can see a lot of tour buses coming off the interstate to that.
On 4th of July.

[44:42] It yeah i brands of four dry and he was telling me october i think is one of the output yeah and he visited.
Where they’re putting it together and and was told me all about it.

[44:56] Oh that’s cool push you gotta let those,
I was riding my bike by their prey,
yeah that’s of right sixty micro piles heater that was done like to send before you put two on layaway yeah that’s it that’s it that’s landmark downtown in,
no but really c a house and it isn’t.
I don’t actually interesting some some kind of I think we need to shoot for the moon here and I think you know we’re really good at dreaming begging Sioux Falls and.
I mean why not go for a world-class Museum something on the scale of a Smithsonian I think that we can do that we have the capability we’ve got enough people in the community that would support that,
not just in terms of attending but in actually putting the dollars up to be able to do something like that.

[45:55] Natural history museum,
with all the kinds of dinosaurs and fossils that are around here and you can do it.
Yeah so call Sioux Falls were named after.

[46:22] So we have something like 14 million people that drive to South Dakota every year to go mostly after the Black Hills,
as for we see it eighty percent from what from what i’ve heard eighty percent of those people are either coming east from the east on i-ninety or from the south on i twenty nine and,
and I think we’re leaving a lot of untapped potential out there for if we’re not pulling them off the interstate we get,
about a million people each year going to Falls Park,
may be great to see that number doubled in the next 5 years.
A water park out by you know,
and the Danny are in that area or whatever but she can pull people often with kids.

[47:22] You’re in town for the water park big slides.
Have you heard about the water park outside of Berlin Germany in an old blimp Hangar massive it is the largest indoor structure in the world.

[47:48] By using your site is the world and then there’s two by six and i’m sick days that everyone has a hole in your ski resort yeah and,
have a water park in will while has had huge yeah it’s a mess now,
you could fit like sixteen football fields and there’s a false holdings and and planted palm trees and stuff like that so it is like basically with our actual weight beach but you look up and you just see fridge from,
the fact that you’re inside of a giant Zeppelin Hangar yeah I mean they do have a reason to like the kit cuz the kids are going to see a billboard,
you know Terry and they see that it’s better than better than stopping at the world’s biggest,
INRI I guess I look at the what we’ve the progress that we made it by investing in the arts and culture,
I would would be the way to go,
I say art museum I mean or whatever I mean the Natural History Museum you know yeah.

[49:04] Or we can just get the Pavilion to at least make the Museum free again,
let’s try that one on for size you know.

[49:23] Exhibits yeah around our necks pouring shit for people,
yeah exactly there’s a lot of cities lot of traveling exhibits let’s i forget the name of it is up in fargo that the,
in an exhibit from delta who leads all of his amazing glass you know the lies go they’ve got an art museum in there the humor the,
collection they brought in a private collection of all these beautiful to God paintings and and how cool would that be in downtown Sioux Falls to be able to go see something kind of like that.
I think there’s a yearning in Sioux Falls to.

[50:08] Become a little bit more sophisticated in our cultural offerings at the same time you know it it’s kind of it’s it’s kind of a little bit of.
We’re down Home Folks to though and mean like we we appreciate it,
I think it’s a balance I mean I think it’s a fine balance.
I have arts and culture but at same time it’s like let’s forget our roots you know that a lot of folks that in a race all to the first generation are mais ce how many people would through that uses yeah like.
Really interesting Modern Art.

[51:02] And if you really don’t want to answer don’t answer because you’re like you f*** your butt asked me this question what’s your favorite wrestler.

[51:09] Yeah it’s like it’s like Sophie’s Choice.
What restaurant do you go eat at more than any other one downtown cuz you’re always like I know what I’m going to get there and I’m always happy when I get it you know I was kind of sad.

[51:29] You know I will say that we do have a lot of really good restaurants um I’m pretty amazed with the progress to be made on that front.
Turn off I’m getting into trouble here or not but I go to MB haskett quite a bit.

[51:54] Yeah every couple years I have a new favorite spot in my new favorite spot.
I love the food yeah they do expanded their bangers and mash I like the best I’ve ever had free Bloody Mary on Saturday and Sunday between 10 and 2 if you want to.

[52:11] I mean my new favorite Parker’s is always been a favorite of mine and Bros for a while and so exchange so,
yeah yeah haskins is everything seems like something that once favorites on the restaurant so these i was but now i recruitment.
Town but the mackenzie river can was modern display lasted two and family friendly restaurant which is something that don’t really need souse so many more people.
Directions to Vons coming draw an eel the boy.

[52:57] From the south side are comfortable which is great we need that,
you know it’s it’s not like,
to avoid the twenty hey there you notice like it going at pizza burgers it’s gonna be great that is there gonna take care is,
yeah I mean it’s a it’s a nicer for a franchise it’s a it’s it’s better than a Chili’s or an Applebees I tell people that,
oh yeah
those are really hot,
it has the purple song says was coming to sioux falls are coming downtown.

[53:52] I had an hour of was the one thing you don’t you have to go do this because that’s what would it.
Go see the goose well you know I talked about what are pretty unique features are that you’re not going to find it any other downtown,
and for our meeting in afternoon.
The traveling on business loan in early.
What’s your name first thing I do is I recommend to try any of our restaurants we had a lot of great restaurants but then for your dessert you got to go.
You got to go to 180 Chris hammers places he’s got the best amazing amazing.

[54:45] I’ve been beliefs once a week I’ve been going there and get ice cream is so good I mean I mean.
You’ve ever had play.

[54:59] Gelato out of a tub and had homemade oh my God it’s the real deal he knows what he’s doing.
Yeah chocolade mousse.

[55:21] So you know go to one of our amazing restaurants go check out one of hanmer’s dessert places and you got a Hemi,
inevitably you’re going to experience sculpture walk along the way and if you have time afterwards you got to go check out Paul’s party doesn’t start cities namesake.
Pretty soon.
It’s like a museum in there a little bit yeah I love going in that back room yeah,
and there’s a bunch of Odd Fellows,
yeah yeah he’s been getting obsessed with the Odd Fellows.
In there yeah Anthony and then I have like a Sergeant Pepper’s.
Can a jacket like six words on my dad was like yeah yeah yeah cool yeah say it’s as easy ambrose is absolutely six ounces the the key the.
Opened the same year I moved to Sioux Falls and I used to live behind get 80 90 100 behind giggle.

[56:42] And I would walk down there at least once a week and have quiche,
that’s right have a quiche and a raspberry smoothie like once a week I try to do that.

[57:08] Yeah she like the ad about downtown well we.
Dtsf is we are the downtown leadership organization we really try to connect grow and celebrates downtown community in,
one of the ways in which we do that is with our events and we have had some amazing block parties already this summer.
We’ve got two more coming out for partnering up with the Levitt and,
out in the blind boys of alabama if you’ve never seen in which i’ve seen twice they’re,
yeah they’re actually blind.
Let’s see them they can’t see yeah yeah full of just for the record they have a full blues band that backs so it’s not gonna be like.

[58:12] Ask for my songs yeah it’s full and blues yeah.
Let’s see we have course Riverfest is our Marquee event that’s coming up on August 15th,
of the think that has the most unique of that to see the falls just a setting right there on the river amongst your lease maximo cold architectures of new architecture,
yeah we get we had about,
i think the figure was fun nineteen thousand people last year and that’s over the entire course of the event.
But that’s your thing good time having a baby first,
little baby ear plugs in her ears and bring it on down. I was at the fair at the fair.
Hawken popped a little bit and my wife get it
my wife made a page getting assaulted by the wrong kind of women you being picky now
my wife makes a face and I just said oh don’t mind her she’s upset the next year she’s going to be driving one of these things down here.

[59:38] Clear bra broke that’s what that that’s what happened.

South DaCola Podcast Ep 018 Jeff Barth Minnehaha County Commissioner

South DaCola Podcast Ep 018 Jeff Barth Minnehaha County Commissioner

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.

Produced by Robert Mehling

Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

Guest Jeff Barth Minnehaha County Commissioner


Tags and Topics

Scott Ehrisman, Robert Mehling, Sioux Falls, Jeff Barth, Monster House, Minnehaha County Commission, Triage, Mental Health, Incarceration, addiction, City Council, Ambulance, Kermit Staggers, Paul TenHaken, A-OX Welding

Machine Transcript

[0:27] Damn i fell cold podcast number eighteen.
In our procedures guest i figured id wanna have a month for a long time.
But we had a lot of weird stuff going on with the city election well and a royal wedding yet right right when this happened county commissioner job are.
It’s an honor to be here and honestly you could have anything in the course cozies name when i speak,
i was not granted any kind of new titles or names of this row what i am very upset cocktails and robert miller great producer over here hey and.
Jeff of course this year and you’re what term.
Is there a visionary and by third term for thirty years and this is what twelve years county commission and how many people are running,
the you relax three right three of us are in general and all three of us are.
Going for reelection and there are three other candidates without the three candidates there are two democrats nikki greatly and john cunningham and there’s a third republican.
Five minutes i don’t remember his name that search oh and he’s just graduating this month hopefully from law school down at us she is twenty three.

[1:54] The real question so county commissioners are not termination.
So you’re going into your for fourth term if your real i did what i forgot there for that is is is is make you currently the longest.
No hell is seated worker currently elected to long is turned democrat the entire state i don’t think so but the house is gonna be as well she.
And the machine on the end but third democrats in other counties as well.
Name one time to pick it up i don’t have much time does the.
I’d like a girlfriend that’s in canada between her over the asking you do you know you know the county commissioner he commissions in another county.
Well i am the senior commissioner here in sioux falls and.
I’ve been the only democrat on the board for all these shaft she had before that we went four years with no democrats.
And before that again there is one mike o’connor and have to replace him and i replaced the gym sweet.

[3:15] Now you said there’s two other democrats running in the primary no there’s no primers and there is no salt needed to be there is six of us are in the general a while and visit you don’t light by district in the county that it is so nice to.
And we we have three one cycle go into the other cycles are five total commission is the question what if john get selecting you don’t know that bother you.
I know you know john john we should get on the show.
Rate my it with an to worry about it you know you play the game and do you have to be ready to lose and.
Certainly i hope the citizens make the right decision both for me and for them even if it’s right for me to be done and ready to be yes.
Um just quickly you know obviously there’s some big things going on the county we have were building a new jail.
The from recently the share of my left ear house down there that’s no that’s not a joke that might have to happen so does that is very sad al big things going on and counting.
Well i am working and in this trash the tree are suspicions rehab and we’re going to have a meeting on that next wednesday,
at a breakfast meeting with the city and school board hundred v and some folks will be.

[4:49] Presenting the issue some stuff with the tree are system and it’s exciting i’mma is good idea your listeners abdominal could explain the tree of.
System to them.
We’ve tried for he’s a catholic so he’s probably things about something else right now that’s the us to divert people from incarceration.
At least incarceration go.
You know if a person blinds and to dry out will drive out of person blinds and treatment will do treatment of the blood in a mental facility that will do a mental facility if they should go home will send them all.
The point being.
We don’t have to put everybody in jail book everybody’s right so yeah and so will be assessment made as you come into the system.
And someone.
Working i think they have something called ray risk assessment instruments and then they have these options and they’re not fully fledged yet there’s.
There are things that need to be expanded on like the mental facilities to say there’s been a total totally an unreliable partner as far as caring for people with mental and chemical issues.
You know you send people down to yankton and they bounce right back again trouble one time for complaining that they were.
Dropping people off on the street after we sentient yankton and so no no we.

[6:24] Permit the union gospel actually fireworks the union gospel fire went to go find where to nursing home.
But you niggas let’s go harvest on the street where people on the street so me so you are saying is is like on sale now.
If someone is is to intoxicated or or they did something and they didn’t commit crime.
Then just from jail have sit there until they figure out what they want to do some where you’re st hughs you can still will come.
But as long as to maybe there’s someone who can come and get and that could be you know into i actually have a court date and all that stuff that’s just not gonna storm in jail we used to have the tax where if you’re drunk.
That’s where you went he and before they could let you go you have to have half an hour of counseling.
Never stand for twenty four hours haven’t won for.

[7:26] But not right know no but it’s a very sore subject with him he was he was a hundred feet from the front door of his house and.

[7:38] The cops said you’re intoxicated and they make you stay there twenty four hours i don’t any more exchange silver and center the just wait till your sober and your real release.
The detox and have no is for people that may want to go for a color treatment whatever he you know that’s again something that.
A lot of people are not supportive of that in the sense they don’t believe that your addicted to believe that you can be addicted to meth amphetamines on highly addictive very hot and it’s.
Who up some people just don’t believe and that’s a decision that you made to start smoking cigarettes and now i’m twenty years later.
After the taken one of her lungs are still smoking and also the voice that i do to but when it is it’s.

[8:40] I will question for you obviously you human torch only lecture for this so.
Do you think that the.
You know we talked about this for a long time that you can county in many county in the city need to do more things together.

[9:04] Do you have with this new administration and new city council the.
More positive outlook that you guys are gonna do more things together or do you have more negative outlook or do you have maybe like things just can’t be.

[9:20] I have hope it is she’s pretty cute though the.
The fact is that with the new mayor and i met him after the election for the first time and told made info from but i was hopeful that we could account for some things and i think.
Is it already seems like he’s pulling and some other resources i know that he met with.
Cindy hamburger chairperson of.
And one of our staff people has been working industry system right so they met with i think all very supportive yeah he’s agitated because it’s right up his alley as far as reducing crime rate and.
We need we need his input we need his.

[10:12] You know leadership to move it for last last press conference is more leadership you know honestly we we had.
Ideas like this with the previous mayor but they want his ideas and he didn’t really care yeah it’s it’s like.
I said to someone i go if you if you wanna look at one of the things that he.
Totally all crime was one of the things you never but public transit he totally ignored it.
He felt the only way to solve the problem was either just get rid of it or charger way lot more than people can for.
He did nothing to solve their transit problem and it’s not easy problem to solve no but it has to be solved is the public transit.
The pp issue that no one is riding the buses center release anybody on android agree every or what my opinion on that is that.
What kind of running incorrectly.

[11:18] Well i just was reading a bit of and some absences out he’s there’s another transportation provider similar to live trooper.
That does buses and i think that per transit could be handled by an organization like that.
Just as easily without ginormous vehicles reminders there’s a lot of private companies that would love to be a part.
And then we can we can kind of i didn’t say wash your hands of it but kind of i’ve also been of the opinion that the hospitals.
You know instead of building basketball arenas and and and will not liquor licenses and.
And have a sports bars maybe they should be transporting a lot of these patients what is a huge issue this year themselves and.
When that as part of their medical care and some of their on medicare medicaid or or an insurance plan that gets put into their it would cost them that much action to do.
Can you know it would it be i believe in the same of transports i believe they should do their own transport to but that’s a whole other other thing but.
But that was that would save the city.
And the tax payers allot of money if if we have pair transit go more private and.
And it was saved money and be a lot better.

[12:50] But i also think that there we’re bus service is going well building is for one point people bring up all the time is now it was very susceptible you know we build we build this affordable housing outside in the bust area.

[13:05] Oh how are these people supposed to get to work well in the other end of the round was this is the spoken hub system.

[13:16] Kind of.

[13:18] On one to sugar in the grid make it in the making some like i i one time i looked at it the bus rides the bus schedule to take use curious one take the bus to work one day.
Ninety minutes for me to do the bus when i can drive.
Ten runners louis body issues song is this something pedal things going um okay yeah you you we talked about this.
About that but we talked about an idea you had and i really liked it.
Where to reduce maybe some of the rest of the sioux falls police department is doing a restraining handle some of these things in trash center’s gonna help alot but the handle some more of these things where they can kinda solve these problems on the fields.
Resting people you suggest that the county should charge the city for every time they were loaned to happen it’s certainly a huge cost to us and.
In our building forty million dollar jail expansion based i don’t have a problem with that i think it’s a great idea to city spends money spends money and.
Way more foolish things it would get the police to maybe try to solve some of the stuff out on the field more and and not arresting people just because they’re bothering people downtown for first friday and i’ll,
well i know that you know they arrest people right there at the bishop dudley house for being intoxicated and i found that was going to be.

[14:48] A place where people who.
Have had a few could go and sleep it off calmly without one no and i don’t understand that cuz i thought that was going to be.
When turning over the plans well be a.

[15:06] Well we all want that but the the you know the homeless issue mayor months and started the.
Almost advisory board and that when we decided to build the same form.
He left us at the altar and we had to build ourselves up on that hoe from the city and its gave several counselors hell for not voting for it’s this is exhausting program there is money that was in that.
And some of those folk are just taking back to.
Safe home rather than taking to jail right you know and it scraped off this sidewalks and we had one that didn’t make it this way now been in i never did hear exactly but.
Froze to death he process and you may have slipped and has had a i believe he had not been drinking personally.
The series is this gonna banquet for food something like reading sunny hill during it’s rough out there.
Some of the sideways mouth said deal.
I know a nurse with the same thing happened to actually she was really a wonderful person at my parents nursing home and she retired to take care of her husband tucker dog for a walk slipped on the steps and.
What’s the general front steps but that’s life in south dakota it’s that can be hazardous place but going back to in or.

[16:44] We do need to solve more problems without arresting people on we need to do more about.
Problems with mental illnesses those of you that,
speak during public input with the pleasure of a story with me you start a light,
i am yeah it’s like it’s like the wind do some center rules.
It’s like it was somebody’s mentally no i’m being serious here when somebody’s mentally ill.
No send a rules is gonna is gonna fix someone who is mentally i’ll you can’t fix someone who is mentally i’ll with the same rules.
Is that really how works no proper treatment is house rice and in the end of thing is is that they’re doing presentation tomorrow at the information all about eleven seventy two.
That goes into effect july first which actually is gonna open up more public input.

[17:48] They’re gonna have to allow the cities now i’m gonna have to allow public input at all public meeting.
I don’t do that to send james a ring that bell i only brought all the sponsors.
It’s why i’m not aware of that very much and when we see you guys our county yeah but you know we have a winner official meetings where we don’t even talk.
Do you have of official agenda for example just recently we went on the economic development bus tour of a couple of businesses and the county this is the second year in a row we did it we.
We visited rose bauer and lands that builds fire trucks we went to mac county community water which.
He has water for businesses reasons we went and visited the algae everest corey’s up a dell rapids and we went to visit the have two brothers see company and it wasn’t all.
But we don’t have.

[18:51] Test loreal the sound we just went to those places that we don’t have to make a ground lose a candidate for chicken on chicken alone.
And ask questions and ignore think she even get lunch on the deal.
You at the same time there’s really no opportunity and no one’s making speeches now i guess or planning director pointed out a place where we bought.
He’s not allowing highway for for moving the highway a couple of it we found a.
There’s a church that was built a hundred years or so that’s encroached county highway right away and so we bought land on the other side of the road and.
Move over there laughter for video house.

[19:45] Yes there’s but no we have a height limit of thirty five feet also in i’m actually thinking that the school district should put a ban on the house and that could be the new measures.
Where is the burger king parking richard the derby twenty foot hole underneath that would miss the pro when it but it.
Oh them so so yeah some about that you mention this.
So if the cord to the judge’s ruling if they don’t move the house or demolish it.
Within thirty days the first year is that it has to take care of songs that were well and having talk to the sheriff about available.
He seems to have a twinkle in his eye occasionally of this kind of thing.
But i think this will katie tvs for that equipment or of our national security dollars a gallon tank but have when i know of where can we use a v i think.
To the left and what are the neighbors to get a chain too while you’re at it you know the fact is that a lot of the contractors that do this kind of work.
For early wrapped up with all the house there is there be busy time.

[21:08] No i just vision boards on the plywood over the thing for six months for anybody does anything to it but when i think of you potentially there is some.
Reserve are some resources in the building that could be recovered players only having to sell windows salvage auction and then we are thirty days.
If someone go introduce our job or the owners is.
Start taking all the stuff for anyone to stay should just leave the walls yeah well there’s some questions will go to the doctor some questions about who really owns the house.

[21:46] With the mass is so please leave you if you belong to let’s say the bank that has the loan on the house you by the parlor at at at at at.
i’m sure it is it as its all rumors right now but i’m sure all his is a complicated solution was super easily avoidable well if you wanted and,
you know if you one of change the plans but in the building inspector should’ve not say darling nozzle not not heard that book when it.
Really comes down to me like water solely times in one week the retaining walls and fall over.
On the retaining wall falls is if if the building inspector didn’t can’t sign off on approval until the fire inspectors yeah.
This i’m bay you we will never been a cord there was a move the wall is too close fire place where do fish lol and after high.
That are you and also and hold them in korean thing will only former collegiate talk is the fax is the one that is in works of sugar.

[23:01] He was the last one that was on the board when i get elected sure we are having a thing that the screen for agree with them they disagreed about city somebody that they.
And again it’s not a county issue but i like john henry county issue zero quick suppose.
So where’s the money come from then.
He has to go and what to be a thing where they drink would take control of the house and then maybe another would be an assessment of the property.
And so if it has two hundred thousand dollars to take it out and it would be on that one on the left bank would have to pay the county for that or else we directions from get what we could.
Can we option of properties regularly give me a sledgehammer twenty four hours i get.
Can you track of and i get a lot of their winter trailer everyone the bowling some pieces of land.
You know eight feet wide and four hundred feet long serious yeah i’m sure.
Like where they can’t agree on who’s fence right and so they make it into a separate album platinum nobody pays taxes.

[24:13] So what happened sunny in.

[24:16] As a result the people refuse to sleep while to find out i’m i’m in as much is all out what did that but is it does the court order allow for the county to go in and.
I’m taking this take possession options of off to recoup costs sell i don’t know about the i think we discussed the bulldogs furniture on.
My feet and some friends that bought a house and work minnesota back there on a bank auction and it took a.
Today’s the clean the house.
Before they could even move in her because the people who got booted out letter laying only had enough time to.
Take you know they’re called in.
And the possessions they wanted so the house was on mass we probably knew for.
Four months or so that is being kicked out right lights weren’t foreclosure the twin cities right about the time the peak of the housing crisis number like the most of them and i mean.
Was always leaks and or like you have people that like to but the vents for water heater or like me or appliance just out of the house closes on the electric lotus was the price of copper these days.
Right yeah yeah know what is worth with that is i know some people that do that but they sound right.
But anyway any other topics before we let you go have sworn ambulance is gonna be a huge issue of the county this year.

[25:51] On i heard a rumor and i can’t go deeply into this because i’m not sure it’s very positive.

[26:00] There seems to be worth a new console.

[26:07] Serious exploration of doing public publications city mall for i know we have another issue though where we have.
Three voluntary ambulances and two for profit and losses in the county along with paramedics plus we’ve got mad star.
And then we have humble dell rapids carrots and and jesse from a solar cover sixteen square miles in the north east corner.
But mixer is going to the city of bread and ask them for a subsidy.

[26:38] And i understand that they’re planning on coming to see us ask for tuesday that’s kind of difficult for me to see where i would.
Want to subsidize a for profit business and just go public the other party that is that even the volunteers make a nickel and it but i am i mean in the call it’s like if your hanging out at the ambulance shop.
You might be getting six bucks an hour sleeping over night at all this and then when the alarm goes off your getting fourteen dollars an hour but they’re not you know taking and.
You know what trump tower kind of money and you know it’s hard to see what’s going on with permit explicitly they.
You know there hopefully you know bringing minutemen millions for their.
Corporate masters but yeah i would like the idea to think we all need the whole county including lincoln county and cities who falls all the.
Larger communities to get together and examine where we wanna go are we the fire department.
Management early seven told once that.

[27:48] So they’re not gonna fight i guess is what i’m trying to say and you know they’re already gone all bls trained which means advance life support so we’re gonna have trained ls firefighters.
And are you sure for the ambulance service.
So why not put an ambulance at every fire department where the initial investment and probably thirty fifty nine dollars and it just slipped five monies for but it pays for itself.
Because you what you height what you do is you hire a third party contractor to handle the billing for you.
And then they take a commission and then they give you the money that they collect from insurance and.
Because a lot of times there’s gonna be situations where they’re not gonna get paid because you now have been paid yet and i have issues there too i think.
I would like to be able to assess people who don’t pay.
For their ambulance run so we probably just like street we put in your house this a lot easier to do that when it’s a public event and if you don’t own a house that we put a lien on you’d like we do.
People think that you get a court appointed attorney for free you don’t know we have to leave we.
Have to pay for but you’re going to pay for it so right hand unless you never have picked a hell of beans a close relative who avoided paying.

[29:18] During their taxes on their business for several years and now he gets to see his tiny little social security check it.
Garnished lies yeah well i think that the guy from you eventually lose ambulance guys tell me that the only get paid for half of it and then they also have the frequent flyers for a.
One little old ladies that want you to come over and see if their kidney stones are acting up.
Or the fullest one have their catheter replaced.
No i don’t think he goes to level with some painful conversations and.
We’re gathering out without would be thinking well disappointed that i was just thinking leaving towards my mouth with one finger.
Great radio won’t play the video get those calls from people you know you’re being two years away is that and what time of the innocent.
And then if they are not getting paid you know here’s another thing.
In ambulance ride from del references to of gets paid the third as much as an ambulance ride from beers for the falls.

[30:38] Why federal government that’s medicare medicaid federal government says we have come using urban county.

[30:46] Beers for falls out is several county and i mean i don’t know where you password cows coming down from there from down there.
But either way it’s pretty driving by rough worker.
Can i buy it on that.
Did you everything else share of the four we know it go on to your next fourteen high-powered mutant where you’re going but no i don’t know what hypothermia going to that the dress code is a very nice place or,
and a few fighters t shirt i can wear the city where i am going to the wedding i might even do.
Yeah there’s like this why don’t the medical on a morning coat you to one cc fan that paul.
Ten eight and may have invented the no tie look but jeff is the original.
Six thinking of ashes the og of t-shirts and jeans and blazers were its shocks that’s also chilly out there so knows that.
I think.
I was gonna re watch the video but i think paul or shocks its first come from the ice problem do not think the real food point here with the tires that.
You’re not supposed to wear short sleeve shirt under a blazer.
And according to this we’re supposed to have like a hell so sure that it got me thinking the snake-like bracelets guys.

[32:25] Does the shirt cough in her like saxon recorder yeah.
Yeah i know is make texture color we can be word tank top under everyone or no sleeves and enjoy the weather and turn the tv on the three in the morning.
It and it starts around and then when i fall to sleep in my wasted up all night watching it swear eternity as the wedding then i fell asleep and she stayed up all night and was shot.
Hangover and i told my neighbor that were still a little hung over from the wedding if so where was it this love is as home furnace know it.
We didn’t go to london just watching tv windsor castle of one it is it’s driving distance yeah twenty miles from my house and i’ve been there.

[33:15] Yeah you have been all right stonehenge.

[33:22] So is their other stuff you liked and always everything up it yeah is there anybody that in the county that he likes doctor and against awesome.

[33:33] What is going on and you know we at mcdonalds on the weekend people that.
I have researched on the internet all the hoes whenever you know calls about people who do research on the internet about.
Play something you know we do this is it.
Everything is on the internet is everything using my defense for anything you look hard enough you don’t you metal occurred in think now no but every now and then you know you can take your to and fro cap off and.
And they sure other people so like this is not a winter i nearby.
They are being recording the planning meetings right yes i can’t find them anywhere think you have to go under planning.
Planning and zoning i will send you a link when i find one verse one to.
When i don’t watch enough about what we need another one today wasn’t having any doses for the cable her so you know what’s up with public television really need actually is more citizens to come to the meetings.
We some of the candidates of incoming nicki and jonathan coming.
And great i am actually said that i believe that people in sioux falls.
Are more involved with their local government anywhere else for this because of you study fine when it’s because it’s because it’s because of david powerpoint presentations.

[35:12] Wake me up in syria and where we need never power point presentations.
Let’s look at this beautiful picture is anything i think every thing every powerpoint sent the to your is a flower.
What is the picture to your day of the sunset today cocaine and.
That’s an extra can i like a bit of a.
Next week i think i’m just gonna make a power point where since the sound of trickling water for five minutes.
My very for city council in sioux falls is not what to expect and the kids get up there and give a speech how.
Project tree and was basically apartheid really like talking about the history of art in her released project free and he’s pretty calls.
Is the that’s culture shock wave of a minnesota have is the council meeting me in woodbridge would be or would whoever with.

[36:21] Well i tell you what first came to tell you nigga yeah and there was a couple retired guys from the unions that went.
All the school board meetings all the city council meetings all the county commission meetings and report back to us.
And nobody does that anymore but doesn’t speak volumes of the good work you guys are doing of the citizens so i can in order to.
You know for them to that could be but there’s a lot of stuff happens that we need.
But we need the public to be part of so they can explain it to the other.
No skills and the code on it’s better to have a public input before some things and i hear the presence of other union telephone employees to you are.

[37:13] You me yes or fortune in.
Can you guess workers of america local those three numbers seventy five hundred maybe i don’t know okay well that was mailed will her.
Yeah i was a vice president of the union where time went to management scab dirksen.
The news in two to chunky to climb telephone poles inc dot is answer the phone.

[37:46] I was always to talk to climb telephone poles cold what a hundred voldemort yeah yeah a ceo jeff hensley you coming and do.
No purpose acres wife june was sylvia member i heard that.

[38:06] Which and i need to sit ability to the story about the current all but he was never heard when he was a state senator he have a bill to reduce the.
Tax on a used car if it cost right now if you buy a car for thousand dollars there’s no sales tax.
He wanted to raise it to two thousand dollars and index it to inflation.
And because he tried to give car for his wife and he couldn’t find where.
For less than two thousand so anyway mice my state senator byrd everest from the everest family ready.
And she said that she married into the family she said i grew up in a poor family and.
We should not deprive for people with for the opportunity of paying taxes.

[39:00] Set the bar would say that there was a sleeper but it was a great argument was and i don’t think that anybody.
I would complain if they are deprived of their right to pay taxes to the very much well said that,
i bet you don’t say that i don’t see it but when i was there it’s always believe perimeter her but was flat and there was used to being legislature and,
i really miss being with their and i looked over and somebody in this is why i wasn’t really.
I’m involved with a lot of politics and i just remember listening to her talk and i distancing myself this person just feature.
Scares the senate leader i know they so i need to go guys while i was great having jeffie and be on his way to another room for me and then allow me is we’re kind of mixture.
I want people i available know that it’s a eighty gallon lot of appointments so yeah the way more means go to the.
They’re both legislative and executive branches right in you know there on appointments and they also have.
They invited to a lot of stuff do they get paid ones only the best in south dakota it’s about five thousand dollars more a year than the.
The city council should i want more but surely they do get the more we have a lot more responsibility and some counties in the country.

[40:34] Play all-stars conan’s must i use some counties in the state actually give health insurance to the nearest to the commissioner yes.

[40:42] Was there gonna commissions right to rule themselves is that.
If i don’t pay close enough attention to county government what happens yeah government yeah it’s it’s just it’s a weird things and go to townships in this.
So where we weekend to visit all ten.

[41:04] Hey cancel administration as right now ready look at the way the world is done american princess as the crazy on the way over here on the drive over here i was mentioning to you that i was.
I’ve been very impressed that paul doesn’t handicraft conferences and that he is the city administrator he’s.
The boss he should score our concert right so.
And maybe just because he is planning to say but i really believe that he’s gonna be more a lot more low key than that he’s there.
I even go to the press release page every day and there hasn’t been barely any press releases except you standard ones from the different departments about.
You know when somebody’s reading a book at the library or whatever how do we know he’s doing stuff done sioux falls and it and it.
How do we know when the next thing blew up and i thought that the fire.
Chief and mr fastener who is fire captain something or other did a fine job the day of their own press conference the mayor was not there he didn’t need to be there.
It’s their job their responsibility they came out they said this is what happened.
We were lucky from a black and some ac or is there that may need to be there these people work for a company that sure they briefed him and said.
This is the situation and paul was like cause i got stuff to do so in of do you press conferences what he wants to not do with today’s a goddamn soviet yeah.

[42:45] But the yeah so we’re just kind of waiting to see who’s gonna be on this team.
I was told by one of the other.
Mayoral candidates who talks to paul quite a bit that he believes.
You know i kind of agree with them i didn’t at first but he kinda convinced me that he he thinks of paul’s gonna make changes he needs to go right one.

[43:13] With department heads and stuff like that and just do a clean sweep right away and not drag it out so we’ll see what he does there.
Name this is deputy chief of staff or who are serious communications manager which was his campaign manager tj nelson and then he.
It is murder that erika back will become as chief of staff which actually surprises me because i would think she’d be more fit for the development but you never know those things are gonna could be.
Any of your eta please and i don’t know her that if she sees in his room with the city watch quit.
Well but the rule is your role of the city shoes size shoes basically or play yeah so if that could be the son of the avenue that mayor ten.

[44:06] Hey can and is wanting to take is more of a urban planning and was planning.
So the capacity in his first term here is only form awarded executive a you can you can you can look at it it’s okay no maybe he’s got a vision.
That wasn’t that is twenty.
Twenty six planned twenty six political leaders twenty twenty seven yeah and i don’t have no idea who’s tappan for attorney now and i have no idea who’s down for finance director in,
i’ve heard nothing.
I’m so it evens cards pretty close it gotta have somebody in mind but now i think with the size of the size and just to the scope of his transition team.
They would have a couple of names that would’ve specially not after would floated to the top and we’ll both really work.
It is it is not sure on attorneys inner-city this not sure on finance the lever and i know that i have been told by a lot of people that and i don’t know this for fact i just been told us that he likes to put women in leadership roles.
So you gonna probably see a lot more when.

[45:23] I could use is is fine horses funny but so well i can’t sleep so far in.
I should have been impressed but i haven’t been unimpressed by anything that still leaves a was it’s too soon only thing to his that but i did like the fact that he wasn’t.
Jumping up and down load em about does a expired we stopped a major is a mean i get it i could just picture that the former you know mayor.
Just weed over and add does astor and why fire department and you know it’s like.
Yeah we were disaster okay small.
What differences he said the drone.
What’s the big house the big help because they can tell where he’s shores for the water to keep it away from the fire we can build a made of information of the building.

[46:20] We’re gonna have a vet would have been protocol samuel l jackson address a park full on your butts.
Let’s put this in there but what about plant sale at louis.
Who are you can scrape off the street in atlanta now location going all over the one on sixty ninth and louise was removed or alarm go in the studio with peter cia.
Yes it would not of been it would not benefit.

[46:48] So the underside of our good work guys the gals which good job is a private contractor in bedroom to which is kind that a way.
I don’t really have anything else to you did he have anything at.
Enjoyed mr chris he’s interviewer is american listen to that it’s it’s i’ve learned alot about neil diamond and now.
Does it make me want to support him but it was a lot of stuff in there that i didn’t realize i was a tool salesman i was really surprised.
How much she got along format with him instead of soundbites people india and.
Yeah and its super cordless is the first politician i’ve ever had in this room would it be in cuz.
What was the thing is pretty no corey heidelberg was always funny restaurant that and.
He did the same reasons like no i know that and i totally just.
Boy i hook line and sinker and was trying to explain to court of repressed it’s the democrats version of the cold war colleges corey over the energy drinks and just like going on this really is a high over letters of like.
A lot of their.
Was she a bit his student days to got it he’s obsessed with be uncivil said yes to a.

[48:21] Cool well real quick did you hear laurel yani.
What okay you get did you hear laura are yani refuse or fuse the listen to it i refuse to articles related to it is the dumbest.
It is too me yeah was laurel he’s having now so in the car on,
the white house this is funny of the white house can the video and all that is white house staff debating over which one it was in the very and,
they play for trump because i hear cost of a.
Nice have a good night things by.

South DaCola Podcast Ep 017 City Election Post-Mortem

South DaCola Podcast Ep 017 City Election Post-Mortem

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.

Produced by Robert Mehling

Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

Machine Transcript

[0:27] Well we are again the episodes james call about last.
What’s cracking for basic now i have tried to bring a guest next next show.
Have somebody in mind but will be headed in what’s the accent is i got a line for check news situation coming in san jose next week so i got it.
No changes supplement the new mayor changes is boys again accents projects.
And so we have holes disney and will not speak and tell and changing history of a good,
you’re a good for a job or some of the things you been to other than robert million of course okay.

[1:19] So i guess we’re gonna talk about and,
your little action postmortem all zone was like we have this conversation before calling a hard time with them as well live like a million people,
what a text message is the truth contradicting its okay so.
Let’s lives there was there would look with the one that i was very disappointed i really was aqua one hundred forty nine volt thing.
That sucked in and you know it was heard to.
Say anything bad about either can the guy occur in all sail as a retired firefighter former union president and.
Of the firefighters and yeah good diet good gotten really fun to watch that yeah the crazy part about it was.
Well i heard a second wind luker spent alot more money he had the union backing and their money.
He had a huge donor was ball back.
Amen on election day here former states attorney david nelson durable call form obviously dave nelson was the chair of heaters campaign for mayor.
Wow and so i always knew there was i think the unit supported email zero call kind of book or over the top but still surprises me with how much piling on that sale did.

[2:59] The only be exactly hundred forty rivals just.
It seems like there’s more that learned from experience is to tell me knows i was mad for about thirty minutes and then i just said i’m still he still wants to be very active what more active in the community keep going to council meetings keep working so.
Will get on the council eventually air and some elective position.
I told me should apply to be insensitive words and stuff so that i was disappointed because i am very excited and janet down the council.
And i guess now that sale made it there’s a there’s been on line drawn in the sand i guess the cons because it was already.

[3:39] Kind of having some behind the scenes.
But you incidents for it so really yes so it’s it’s gonna be interesting to see how this works but you with the new mayor of the mayoral race and please share it if you want to.

[3:58] How many ways can your act law that fits something and frustrates me because.
I supported john lee i thought she was out of the two i originally voted for jason.
But the two in the runoff i really felt that she was the better candidate just because.

[4:23] There’s nothing that i’ve heard about joins past with a couple things but nothing that’s gonna make me not wanna vote for where the opposite was for ten ak but.
He seemed to just brush everything off like you you could tell that paul had been part of campaigns before.
Cuz he kinda knew how to adjust and whatever whatever.
You know big people or even power you know sam who is she so mean to paul you know his voice mail was and need.
It was the fact that he sent the voice mail it should never look was as intimidating lol do.
Leave a message yeah reason the whole point of calling is there something.
That the things technically no could be will be he said she say call me please write or united state and you know what the current.

[5:20] Call the voice note and you.
Control peter just called to message to say people do all over the country in the release of boys anymore.
I am so that was very interesting development in the news cycles just happened over that were lecture release the.
Part of it and then just some friends and then releasing releasing the whole thing.
I think this email overs that her characterization of that has a grandson that is something.
Feels really and i said was that we had so i know it is and i can certainly see intimidation and a lot of but i think when you use the word.
Threaten people or expense of anger you know in a voice me to sounded.
You know like home golly gee you your offering more you know you fifteen years what are you saying some more every,
you got a good tools on their own every morning using one blockage crap by saturday.

[6:33] It goes back to you know i don’t she should have reported the hacking mean when her financial records are being threatened though the bank first and thats not good you go to the authorities.
And that she should never said anything about it to the public and she should never said anything about the divorce submerged just blew it off.
Always able to just blow everything pressure yeah she needed to do something then i guess i would i would have stuck to the email or to the to the voice mail thing.
I was using it just coming in from a productive she is something that the potential to become.
A game changer amen i think it did i think her whole final week and are becoming a game changer that’s why in of seeing one of the widest margins of victory she los angles that the season of.
Write me does this look at this rate from my radio now so that flipped.
From the house not supporting ten taking to supporting ten.
Hey can you well and the when the apple pecan with their fingers precincts.
She seemed offended and she should came out and just said i saw the fb report this is the police union.
You know i’m not implement any major changes to the police department without doing a full study international walking to the mayor’s office and on may sixteenth i’m going to implement increasing.

[8:06] Should just said it’s a plan it’s an idea that i’m exploring and laughter that as the game on this full throttle defending the precincts going on and is like.
I use to the public.
It’s just my idea where or recommend anything yet because of a deal with the guy that her biggest thing is one ten.
Hey can you insinuated issues making a police report for the very easily could be there is police support among leadership.
For pricing stuff really is no opposition to it and then i’m on the rag and file to the f o p some resistance and not wanting.
To accept that can afford in both would be writers please support for the police support this effort is really does not doesn’t really matter so i think i think house and then turns right and actually i think her.
Sort of taking down deeper in the coming out is use a little defensive about that you know.
Goes back to the rotary debate when it was insinuated issues making up to support.
The conversations she had with police leadership about freezing basic that but no heat freezing placing hours movies doesn’t that i said she was just came out and said something works pouring chocolate on farther to say.
Ultimately thank you for the input from the apple be.

[9:37] Frankly that i i make the ultimate decision the council makes a decision was the founder.
And that’s how gonna make decisions and so i was wondering and you know she time.
I can certainly understand it of appease wasn’t even sort of an administration’s passes was current administration word right now os and not know a you know and i know that the universe counsel you to try to.
To be retroactive there erase some stuff some of them you know so i think that’s one one thing that.
Get all the new messages are probably not working as a better show of good faith with the public service employees and doesn’t need some something else does need to.
Is it precincts i don’t know but i think that ten.

[10:36] Hey can is considering doing something else so that that’s all well and good you know.
And it just comes back to me.
You know how you kinda have to react to this in the the one thing i set on the wiley show day was.
Shit and never you know some say wall portion of the republican party well the dominant party in the state of course you can get.
But if i was join our registers an independent.
Oh never told anybody was a democrat if it came up and someone says wifi range democrats a used to be red shoes.

[11:20] She should have either ran the campaign yourself.
Or hired nonpartisan person run it on a consulting company and actual well today the best person on her campaign team was your husband.
Who made these amazing videos they had all kinds of social networks support he was the best part of a team all the way and you know she.

[11:44] I really believe jolene wanted it way better if you were rushing in havana.
And took no help from the doctor what i do i really should we better is a good looking party could power the honor as a liberal what was that her name.
And not getting any help from the democratic party julie could easily go i’m an independent.

[12:08] Does that mean you believe in that diversity is.
Is makes me a liberal believing in you know lgbt two rights makes me some crazy lip now i feel like i don’t know where you guys are coming from i’m running this campaign myself.
As an independent they went ahead it will only stand on.
Coming after noon headlights instead of the probably one of them as as strong i think it’s mostly like why the picking on this end and,
and trying to labor and not a partisan race mean we can you know having another episode of on no races because really nonpartisan.
That will set this at the end of the day even if all that we’ve even if all those plants one of fucking line show one of one.
Well i think early on i estimates new numbers are you and i had that conversation when we saw this and patricks day parade that the.
I think she lying to close of the democrats a party in the state that is losing numbers at a pretty.

[13:15] Clip and i don’t know you know if it’s a function of that the other just.
There are powers nobody sees any reason to a line of so that i don’t know if i i i i i i i i i don’t i don’t know if the if the national influences.
Food in the south dakota democratic party leave it for the to let we’ve got some the conservative democrats are now becoming is independence but i do think in south dakota and in sioux falls.
The independence really do make up the middle ground present in us and the there are plenty of republicans who has are and.

[13:54] With no support from either party republican or democrat party she would garden.

[14:02] Highly likely release it was there of course she’s in the workforce is she she talk about she got democrats.
And you know without talking about that there’s a lesson learn from jolene if i was your uncle richard petty right now so the next room for office i’m in pain.
I did the guess something about having on having a house that’s why i’m not saying.
It is off air the guest i’m thinking about having on our next show will talk a lot about the democratic party was so.
Just so we can we can dive deeper into that is he has some opinions that are very similar to yours about the way that the democratic party is going.
Well we’re talking about ten.
Hey can this really good all things that i’ve been.

[14:55] Impressed with him as you know i ice would melt with him.
He asked to resign if i would come sit and talk to him and i said fine in one to a first you know.
He’s prob i figured it that point this is after the general direction that’s os earlier just like flying time i was for this past is like one of the organizers thinking about and i’m like.
It’s probably gonna win prizes reset the planets align.
So i was seven forty five minutes with using my first to suppress was he did listen to me the whole time he didn’t want me.

[15:32] It’s not like that yeah and i still isn’t happy mode so you know he take some of that greatness all but.
So it talk to me about some different things public input legends and you know in.
The one thing that say about paul and this is just comes from his background.
I really truly believe the one thing he talks about it will.
Go after he was on inside tell me last night talking about it is technology and making the city more efficient with techno.
I recently as in the holes are sitting on site is a pos.
And it and it sucks you can’t get documents search engines joke i told him we’re moving there was a you go there’s a wild-goose chase.
And they still make you go all these different places to find things and he’s like he is unacceptable you know and it should just be you know when you are talk transparency there certainly super easy things that the mayor.
And his directors can do.
That fix those things legally can do that overnight yeah yeah we’re gonna make search engine better fix it now it only are the speed back on yet.
You know put information out get documents to i told called another spray told him the reason that bruce messed up.
The signature on the petition drive for the ministries building was cuz he went to the city website to get the petition.

[17:10] And it wasn’t there it used to be there wasn’t there so we went to use in a hurry or whatever he went to section website sector state got off there.
Course record check about what we go over and get well that’s the point is this is a desert on a petition forms yet on that offices guess a with a citizen of very much so the specific ones but it wasn’t there raising rare.
And so i said it is bad and he wants to fix things with streaming of the videos.
I said there are certain things that him and his directors can do right away though fix tons of transparency issue.
And what are your feelings on taking me i didn’t vote for me it’s for because some things done this past was very impressed with so.
Probably give a chance cuz he doesn’t have a public record a message how i look at it i’m optimistic about a new does not have a.
Public record student present it states who iraq was fired.
But i’m optimistic part of my looking for mayors of oz need to the mayor’s falls is that.
Are there any good partner with the next stop worrying situation where their two new administrations i do think that.

[18:43] The leader of the states largest city an earlier state itself are not really work together collaboratively and not sort of get in each other’s way it’s funny you brought up that was something that we didn’t talk about quite a bit when i get me.

[18:57] Having he said having that very very important to me.
Having a very strong relationship stasis i just have to for economic development in this town to happen i have to have that relationship with the state.
You know he didn’t bring me that it and agree where in we’re gonna be looking at a time here where we’re suppose properties me over two thousand people there’s.
And then continues to have a strong advocate for growing.
Jobs in sioux falls sioux falls region with this statement are looking at inviting new industry new business in writing of those packages,
be able to work well putting those business is most industries where people are it is it’s gonna be huge and it’s in optimistic about that i do.
Hold that down ten.

[19:51] Hey can does embrace the technology pieces and i like would like to see the city on embrace.
Mainly a.
Card reader at the gas over by the washington pavilion profits before you can change as as we’re replacing the antiquated meters.
On the side streets and on main avenue instead of going with the card reader meter.
Doing an experiment to see what does this look like if we used pay stations.
Instead of cases of skin rocky here those ideas are fantastic thank you measurement is great show everybody the right show the inner the enterprise find of the parking system.
Is gonna be a little tight for about twenty years pain mortgage on a parking ramp that were paying most of it that is.
All the more reason why we should get the pay stations because if i go in and i use my card and card reader on phillips avenue.
Swipe it unit minimum pay for our i’m only going to duluth trading company for about fifteen minutes.
One cans you right behind me.
You guys are so forty five minutes of free parking lot and and if it pays stations we know it for you know if that parking spot is still valid or invalid have to go and pay no more free parking downtown sioux falls except for after five and on weekends.

[21:26] When it’s all ready for a that so.
Also the card reader those accusing because there are plenty of people who do not carry cash with them and i’ve seen plenty people pulling and try to back out it is just as its inconvenient and not very fishing funny part is if i don’t have.
I just parked in disabled see if i get a ticket was kind of role from school because yeah um it’s speaking of mr.
Ten he can.

[22:05] You promise transparency in this campaign you know obviously people problems lol.

[22:13] I don’t know what the mistake about that but he did promise.
What a day and it says transfers was a big part of everybody’s camping and ten.
Hey can certainly discuss a lot i think it’s of to the job of media including.
Logs and to hold his feet to the fire of make and keep that promise of increased.
Transparency the last thing that we want to see it is another meier getting to call him padlock these things nominated for it and the mayor the mayor se false today of your your from where.
I was nominated for emmys a from well yeah denominator first is the final season final is in the twenty team.

[23:03] Golden padlock award this is not a word you want to get the raspberry one of your exes more procedures that this is about government transparency and they basically.
Bust em on the side and settlement actually count wrong history and they are they said that.
We got half of the million we didn’t even get that that’s that’s just all of people meeting you shit danger of.
We get a million bucks to get half a million bucks will get we got our money back that’s bottles and in the second part of it was about the.
They did the child dying recently downfalls park and him saying that there’s a safety on it and it the public assurance alliance had it and they didn’t have it and there wasn’t anything in there was oral reports.
Yeah and you now but.
Ivy joker my blog is arrives price was nominated for this award every single year was administration has done so many things been so secretive.
And they have a quote and only cut quarterly the artist must enter something one time but he said something about.
Transparency is all well and good or something and they said but then it.
So apparently heather is government i vaguely remember his face when you get caught lying.
He barely feels like that’s you getting stabbed in the back.
Well when caught lying and i’m very embarrassed usually from ibm and the that doesn’t blame other people my.

[24:44] Is when the file was renounce for this whole padlock award dessert cracking of the statement humbled and honored his honor is,
you have been nominated so that if i know that this is all of the five o’clock today on the radio report he had a reply to this email for coming to and he probably won’t fix yeah i with you i am with a week left in office i.

[25:11] What’s the how many hungry people are gonna come see gonna come to the council meeting tomorrow it is files was what was created golden lilacs yeah that would be funny.
You know where my one for my bicycle around my neck on the.

[25:32] The speed of hit his honor and his last week.
What do you think of this whole thing i mean i really had to chuckle and i don’t know if i’m lafayette paul.
Or from laughing at my niece or from laughing at the whole situation of this paul shadow when the mayor.
When the two don’t have anything in common as far as i’m concerned and why would you want to shadow my eight and and i was surprise that my niece,
was even allowing that is gonna make for a hell of a sitcom pilot are realities seem like and doesn’t seem like mikes is taking two week vacation.
When he’s done this one simple that he’s getting i just see of we leave for two weeks at the white showing up in like.

[26:23] You know some soprano kind of workout active where,
on the first junsu and just quits ugly your ball come role in his office any more help i can’t hangout today and all and just kinda like me hanging out at the islands can’t wait.
If you think he’s sick as a dog like this go away you know anyone for paul.

[26:50] Open a can of worms or fuse is cleverly doing this to see what kind of information he can get.
That’s what i think it’ll need it to i always do ut it to see what kind of information yeah the mayor’s willing to share early yeah.
Me with the director ceo coconut information it on me in one day.
Ask the mayor for what information see gonna share kinda thing you know i’ve got no qualms with we are and.
Hey can i wanted to set it deepest hoses get himself was work.
The sea level get to know all the city directors or what to their departments do getting a little bit more of in depth understanding understanding of all that i don’t know if if you have to be housed in city hall.
To do that or a continue they continue to use your cat is so transient references history.
Yeah yeah striking a question to see the cover of it was others office space for rent right across and for a couple weeks.
But i think i think you’re right i think it’s the and she is a fishing expedition little bit yeah.
But i just mention paul.

[28:18] It might add some of the city directors that the conference table just having some discussions about stuff and.
Hey paul saying asking questions and the directors are kinda answering the questions and then.
It’s my old man is my external answer questions like says something with one of the directors was at what i was i was i waiting for the.
He sits down with the directors and the mayor and the directors give their.
You know party approved answer and then a little while later is meeting with out the marriage it’s the director’s like so what’s really going on it has like oh let me tell you yeah oh and there’s already been a little bit of that going on there’s a few people.
That i haven’t figured out the problem.
Because they were heater appointees very strongly heather appointees they suck when as a either appointee there’s a couple of them.
Who doesn’t what’s up who appointed and heather okay it is worth holdovers no no from the first four years obviously going to replace turn baker.
But yeah nice i know turbot’s sorry.
Sorry you can’t replace your maker and then he’s gotta be used to replace the fill valve because he’s already gone over for those of us were not up on or stop isms with little battlefield thousand four receipts here.
He can’t david blithely oh okay thirty a box for families office to is this.

[29:53] It’s a little hot for this job then he would run publishers lemak golden parachute and then it cuz apparently there’s no turn up to run it forever.
I want to edit turn back.

[30:10] He’s the finance director who’s leaving in june after you guys this hours bike over the past two years.
So stupid we has replace there’s a couple other people that actually believe they get sick around and they’ve been rd kind of.

[30:27] Oh but already is as i understand it but i have a feeling that welcoming our hands all over lord if paul paul and the brains.
Which i believe the smart enough that he’s as a person who use to you now have employees and understand those things work i would assume that he’s probably like he.

[30:49] Thank you for your service but there’s a new sheriff in town and there’s the door so yeah it’s gonna be fun to watch how that’s handled usually audi handles things as they go on.
You gotta resigned today.

[31:06] You’re going to resign today it so we don’t make a big mess out of this kind of thing well.
And i’ve always been a fan of the practice when it administration changes hands or even if there is a reelection at all.
Department heads oh sure submit a letter of resignation is a for the new administrative in there and then re every door to two accepts resignation or not accept wasn’t all the outlets hydrangea.
There’s some people really idealistic that maybe you know some weird sort of things actually happened yeah but you’re not a bad.
Yeah there’s some people that are untouchable in my opinion i i believe since good road was just appointed the fire department.
The good thing with him was was paul’s life in as why would you at this week and then i think that the police chief is probably pretty safe.
I do know that there’s little inside baseball i do know that jamison.
Was has been helping paul he was hoping paul you know when your on the run off.
And jamison express to some people that he was gonna keep the police chief in but kinda give him.
You know certain period time to life use coupon group.

[32:37] But there were some people that and greg was definitely gonna of the door and.
There’s there’s three other directors that i could pop cooper i think it’s safe here is the plan apartment his post retired couple years i don’t think they’re gonna kick in lol.
Honestly color safe car basically runs the city anyway so it’s like he’s like he’s like the the the backup mayor in it i don’t want to get rid of him.
It covers always done a pretty decent job on.

[33:15] But i think the health director it social services director.
And the parks director could definitely be by.

[33:29] I don’t know enough about some would say never parsed the other two people go yeah i can see that it is it is what it is guitar center special agents background.
But the parts director surprise lot of.
Super while heather and he was super secret keeper and kept secrets like crazy he expanded parks department.
Because he is.
How big budget was so that’s way ladies that’s why he was always expanding the parts from the one to get paid more and you’ll push for the pool all the lies we carman terminal wise try to get that indoor pool bill.
So i don’t know ho paul’s gonna take this paul what something like that around keep them around maybe likes me being awesome like that.
Will there be quite the question.

[34:27] On the future parks department is under new administration will will there actually be a normal list and will it be on the news in usa exactly what we’re talking about here the guy was just i mean.
He pulled stuff out of black consistently and constantly i was at the levitt pavilion ground breaking ceremony.
And the lady from live it said that we have one of the best parts structures in the country and how wonderful it was in the background laughing computer look.
That’s all the list yet one from last month about him i don’t get to make those decisions you know and like you said pull pulls you should show right now.
He’s gonna have people coming at all different directions in iran city before so he’s going to have to do all this is that lives in a house with soul-searching but i think it would be.
What’s good to conserve.

[35:29] From the reds don’t an act anything to soon no just listen to you don’t choose the second challenge pump the brakes get your bearings.

[35:41] Jake you know a good a good balance then starting good hard look at some of the things people come come to me with but don’t.
The only changes are the only the only sudden change that i think that.
Could be made and would not be opposed to people sit down card reader at gas lost its a quick cheap immediate pics and look at that day one solving problems.
So one more thing is you guys and some anything else to add to,
the new administration it’s a it’s a new day and it’s all the numbers of muslims cautiously optimistic ask i am to i’m benefit of the doubt you’ll.
I asked paul if i could be your when we talk couple weeks ago i told my one to talk to him again.
After he won basically told he was probably gonna win.
He spots me when i said that and i said i’d like to be with you again sometime and then i also told him i asked him after the election if i could be a part of the me round table.
Anything i cook so i was pretty excited about that because nice.
I’m only get invited once but no i don’t mind the crazy but.
What year is the year of the boys are transparency is the current mayor has.

[37:14] Not consider version i part of me and every way shape or form i believe the words he probably used it behind the closed doors described as shoot on sight where is the something like that so.
It was i thought it was cool to paul you know we both kind of agreed email that was just start off fresh air which.
I did but like i said if he doesn’t hold is an apartment and becomes transparencies here when on your blog you weren’t overly critical.
Oh and why was it idle i don’t know the year or really or maybe critical of it of the people.
That we’re doing all his dirty work for really really bleeding hatchet people use the money you can be his campaign manager’s wife i guess was on facebook constantly.
Just bashing the shit out of joe that’s questionable you know now you you you can you can how you originally your campaign managers wife isn’t on facebook bashing generic jewel.
But i’m going on in just specifically the things that you can point to the camp an actual.
Things that were there is a plausible deniability did you know introduce a good look at his.
Was is hundred a plant is twenty six point but i don’t know what days now the names of lesbians of goodies and there’s a lot of good stuff in there you know that.
Thirty seven and you know you are overly critical the actual plan you can be critical of tactics that’s tactics.

[38:50] And been campaigning for giving the government and i don’t think that you have been critical of his ability to.
Governor of the ideas that he would bring to cover the order gonna be right other than his hundred a twenty six point plan whatever it is now thirty three point three three point a lie.
He wants to get tougher and code enforcement that’s the one thing i heard but you wanted what is he wants me.
So that means that is me was me harder on the enforcers that’s what should write right of the ring overzealous yet but still a back x-ray help these people,
or does he want to use for what’s on the actual of india just what years it was just trying to work with people who was kind of water comes code enforcement but.
You know what do you do there but.
What do you think of the comments he’s made about how public input i was just doesn’t get to make that decision right,
right so i need to know how to drive whatever the i think that some of the counselors have.
Convince stamp is this is some other ideas that like you said earlier that.
Push pump the brakes and i think some of the concerts are st their saying pushes this goes.
You’ve seen interaction with the chair the current share with people and we think that’s part of the problem.
And we’ll see how people react and you know i i even told a couple people i’m not even gonna go do public and put for a while and think because.

[40:27] I’m just gonna kind of sit back and watch a point in like yelling at me when he still like i’m still tryna find that he is there as the new or the new counselors are we hour until the thirty give my chance you know the kind of react to things.
In that you know what’s the point in them.
It also i think i’ll convince him and he doesn’t make this any way but i think we can vesna go paul which is.
Let’s just give it a couple months and then it turns into a circus here.

[40:59] Right away the how we’re gonna do something to do something but lately he said it it easily could be that the.
You know the current situation public input fault close enough.
He just awaits currently being handled and get some of the current policies that are having their humanity cannot do this i gonna make anybody mad in your use to open and transparent everything is going on swimmingly.
Public input probably gonna be like girl you guys well or for the water to be able to feel like you know that they’ve been.
Her by the city or some that’s probably legitimate yeah in an.

[41:42] Before going to this last day here any comments on.
Tell everyone i talked to earlier what’s it about again on my blog.
I’m just glad he’s gone kind of a sigh of relief that’s almost like you know.

[41:59] Of all the things that you could do they were anti citizen.
And so pro corporate welfare in all and and and and all that stuff which is like it’s almost like a sigh a relief i am starting to compile.
Just put in electronic form i think there amazon or something like that of all my blog post called blog post about heather but it’s that the ones that the big ones from the time a short little reference.
Set of what he started running for office today and.
So that’s kinda fundamental commentary will reference for the yeah you think he’s working on a book about is his his is experience,
so i figured out i put mine together what actually happened because my block followed all the way.
And i’m gonna start from the beginning and just start grabbing bloody susan revel are book,
that’s scary i’m gonna grab situations and ima comment how i feel about them today can’t compare happened first it was the outcome yet wasn’t one who were the players that you recall and there,
that’s interesting when he was running for office i told people all the time that i was leery of him because he marketed the most predatory credit card information and i just fell.
You know i don’t know a lot of our except for that yeah and that was enough for me to go.
Do we really want someone like this from me or you know yeah and i know my a my final thoughts on those who are foreign to the years ago.

[43:41] I don’t recall acts like he did i think he told me he is smiling i did i said don’t.
I don’t recall i know that is under voted for hours ago for i don’t recall voting for me or eight years i might as evidence of.
Where the house and i don’t even live in c falls mi ago where am i what am i doing here is just relieved he’s in i think.
And in the past eight years in sioux falls and i really.
Strong eight years enters a girls and find in our own footing as a city it’s are having receded run it doesn’t it can’t give you their.
All the credit union some of the credit but that’s been a long time coming was so you last three big wins over the past.
It’s over the either ministry in that weren’t part of the the reception i think i might my one criticism of him is if i were riding his his win last that he just.
It just released cal callousness cancel.
Sioux falls on the win list for sioux falls of the last eight years sioux falls as my heater person asia sandals and here you know.
Some ice the tennis center knows who falls not the tennis center i don’t think.
The sale of the really are in sioux falls to god thousand poorly ago is as cfo as a women and i don’t know how it goes you know it’s been a long time coming.

[45:16] That the fat medical you have lines go away was train’s girl that’s the thing three teams are still there right and i was only knows when to travel more often been,
like a year double button hole with the last eight years we have literally changed the style in sioux falls if he,
if that wasn’t developers have done here at with family has that wasn’t his big win was changing the skylight in sioux falls in the midst of the situation.
What did he use rest the events such as calling right away after you got a ton of new construction watch the event center on a hot day.
Ask is constantly moving to.
Yea go to go to colorado brownie and watch it but the you you’ll get a ton of new construction lotto always even downtown is specially on that,
you know that sort of revitalization it’s gonna continue writing in the new administration but you know you got in washington,
that’s where to be able to have worked with developers in order to do some that’s of i think probably is what he should call his biggest win.
For ss to falls was on the pic that i was.
I understand why it was on the list right now and doesn’t understand why he thought that was number one right i would have thought he was the answer for i would have even if you just,
you know we’ve changed the silence of balls and all of these great new.
Construction projects one another the negotiation went with like the rail yard but maybe that’s the biggest item in his mind because of how much to use had to spend that much time you know like when you’re doing anything with railroad is just.

[46:57] And now your hair is most is the most recent of the city has had a direct involvement with it so that is probably why call the number one but i on a.
You should’ve listed events are not easter to it i’ll be there was also those also debated and study for a long time and he doesn’t always you’ve always get this done.
Sioux falls and will bring in garth brooks for nine solo shows that was.

[47:23] Where is my final criticism of him is he doesn’t know how to compile is hot as the new three years robert new no up for about four.
Yeah like for fun like i think i would have moved here about the time he got reelected okay what were your thoughts on.

[47:42] You know well but when i left the state i kinda thought you know sioux falls i thought it was pretty.
Pretty stagnant not like really that dynamic of a place or anything like that but.
I don’t get that vibe at all and other people i talk to the podcast just different artists and performers and stuff like that i don’t know if,
it’s related to heather or if he just happened i don’t know if it’s that movie where clint scenario where the you know the big we will prosperity with happened anyway for if you helped facility or he didn’t her or food and more if he,
stay out of it either way sioux falls is going from like a serious control explosions slash renaissance right now i would give more credit to.

[48:28] On all of the prisoners get the record you guys to that can relate to the culture itself is young and i think wit with you ther in particular i think his legacy is going to be complex because you’ve got.
Kinda like you know i’m put my history and had on here you got all that blinks four figures to build a big monuments and stuff like that but what was it like for the people,
yeah the little people that live around all those giant monuments and who paid for like that day after work you know who gets to be his george bush senior who gets to come in afterwards inherit the bill i can see that’s the thing that he’s brought up is that.
You know the debt is actually this is a little bit less than what was working in the office it was.
Was hovering at that three hundred million place when he came in the office.
Now i think is pretty good it’s bout to ninety now i think or around there so we but when he doesn’t say is that he created two hundred million in new debt.

[49:32] The.
So if he wouldn’t have created an event which is it possible and right virtually impossible because there’s always infrastructure projects but let’s say you know we didn’t build the event center some of these things.
That would be right now would be at probably hundred million.
And that is because all these things during the years he was in office stuff that munson and handsome spend money most munson.

[50:00] All that all those bills were paid off because of the scheduling of the payments and wasn’t anything that heather did.
It makes a sound like he got he is the benefactor good timing right and i think there i think that is got any political.
And visions in the future he hasn’t done anything super catastrophic that would.
Prevented running for higher office will you still liable right now but if that’s interesting story that you bring of the city’s started as mayor three olds use your number three hundred million dollars three million dollars and it makes.
The mass of all the body of the event center and he’s still and a his eighty years,
ten million dollars less in debt than when he started and that’s including,
giant hundred forty million dollar public to say at write themselves for that one again and the new tablet and the new public indoor pool those things aren’t cheap,
and then on top of that and the roads are pretty okay pieces are our per capita dennis down course of perhaps the dentist because we have.

[51:06] Two thousand more people this answer as is no repairs themselves i don’t know elected governor,
or senator who is your best the devil for a hundred years from now i hope for.
Time it was just leave it to that you know the jewish one me a great point.
Email rose were when it is she know she worked for months and she laughed god left city hall the exact same time my keys are rolled in it she.
Was the business journal editor as room this is now all the way up she’s watching and she said invest our roles were rated seven on a ten.
One monster left office and they rated seven hundred ten today.
He’s he’s really does that says format and and meeting you tube on us always started on the road supposes disease eighteen is of a kinds of decent rose.
In sioux falls seven hundred ten for municipality is really especially in the midwest.
And so you know it least he’s maintain that could a been better sure who spent money on other stuff yeah the thing that people don’t realize is.
How many bonds at tax and fee increases he said over fifty horse council voted form to yeah so he’s not guilty.
All you do is perform a boat and fifty tax and fee increases.

[52:40] And you know fifteen seventeen bonds some like that take now.
Jim is still more than a golf yup.
What are the side talk to the people i said get up you had company will do this for me and landed on my.
But i can almost guess i told people.
If you live in the same house that you were point one peoples or take up your tax bill.
In twenty ten introductory tax bill today and tell me the difference of when these guys is warms where.
Seventy percent hundred percent something like that in and it eight years but is it where dan is pretty crazy.
Which is a big coming on for that women is it percent was big big job water follies and but yeah yeah what is of yet and then on top of that you have.
They’re cool now destroying from talk about now but you know.
Proposing two hundred seventy nine get that yeah it is it is inside the energy companies they,
there was double the rate increase the wine to the pc isn’t an old pc monitor game theory winning alaska is people are no strangers to the nash equilibrium he happy ass of a brother to me and.
So we got an raisins of your taxes back so i still have my said yeah heather maybe ending this for.
Right you know the streets the same they were when he came and the death the same it was working lower.

[54:15] Lower but he your fees and taxes are gone maya and another.
Thing even look at is looking how much spending has gone down since he’s been mayor is.
You don’t text you no sales tax revenue is is is is a steady flow down down down down that’s the sweetest people are paying more than i make in they’re not they’re not getting the races are keeping up with your taxes.
The races are heating up with the expense of goods and.
They’re spending less and less money on buying things they don’t have it this time and it’s all of two to take a look.
At that winters and see you really get a car’s coming find out what the impact of each of those things are on or is that were just really sing really really.
Bed time right now for breaks and order retail the.

[55:15] Damn it so that’s that’s interesting and i don’t know if it is a tricycle also have enough of this.
What is her heaters.
Back once more in twenty i was always twenty twenty two twenty four because the appears on about eighty where i swear to god i’m scrolling i will dwell.
Is it really so as i say that your barf bag ready let’s finish was something that happened.
What happened in pages has a lot of stuff off of app yeah happened in april i can’t remove this happen.
We don’t know what to believe because the television about it but the city fish scammed yes yes apartment.
The weather going around this is a rumor you heard about this no this is the official.

[56:14] Purl a great day two people posing as vendors that they hold my this is where it gets kinda as suspicious to order normal vents.

[56:25] To normal vendors road money.

[56:30] To the two people posed as these vendors yes in there is a man in the middle attack if you will be at peace these individuals posed as of an invoice as as these two vendors who are legit vendors,
and the city without waking paid bills was estate be given to bake routing number.
They said these are new bank routing numbers the city takes the debate rabi numbers put them in the system says the money so here’s a rumor going around the city won’t tell us how much it is.
But i have a feeling that it probably is this amount the rumor going around that kind of seat out.

[57:09] Gossip thirty half a million wall knoll.
Lol really well i’m feeling suspicious that is a higher amount because i think it was thirty thousand or five thousand or even.
He thousand the city probably were told us born they brought up the fact that the press release that.
They have an enhanced crime fraud prevention insurance policy i’m like what the fuck is that.
And we brought that up and said that the publishers alliance will pay us our money back that we got taken for and if the fbi catches these people and can get the money.

[57:53] That the fbi would give that money to the publisher excellence in here like what.
So it sounds like we were taken for quite a bit is what i’m guessing if we have to get a payment cuz if we were taken for me even eighty thousand dollars the city will just have to go and cant write that off.
When they’re what your pastor deductible is a one year so i can how we get paid back for this.
Set with the four hundred million dollar budget we can just suck up ten grand in your like this and get alot of money.
And then the other quite.

[58:36] To the city employees that do it did this to the trouble of better yet who’s checking their work.
You can just send off payments and nobody else chat usually the system like that will somebody check and what you’re doing.
In big organizations like that tho its it’s really common tactic to just send fly i mean jarvis payment,
i get that part,
but will the weather be grounded number with somebody she checking if that’s weird is real it’s incredibly common from what i’ve seen in past jobs i’ve had,
the giant sub contractor in the city that i worked for are for coming out he got ten a week.
That were invoices that were not for anything and it just someone in the city just fire them off like every big business they know eventually someone will actually pay,
you know ten thousand dollars are under dollar fifty days common yeah i get that all i told but that were jackson browne’s with it with your no yeah i mean i think your writer friend remember that my account is in dallas it.
Are under.
Generally accepted accounting principles and practices that you card wanna make sure are a grounded is generally it’s not receives.
Ni in invoice cuz i’m allison versus going to actually pay it like it never did this isn’t the sales gonna.
Cut the payment was somebody if the vendor is calling to change their bank routing numbers and that’s out of the blue you sure that somebody should check right and if it’s not is normal practice for him to be doing.

[1:00:17] They set the vendors change the bakery numbers quite a bit,
see there’s a lot of stuff yeah is sold that is interesting in thing i said someone was.
The mayor just brag not to long ago in another when but it didn’t make the big when was the gas in the summer when this is our to keep track he should you like calendar or something.
Twelve months and neither is when this tall top winds get to sleep on the couch tonight.
No say anything when for me not for city so long tracks plus sullivan’s.
Send the level after it’s all the lights so anyway.

[1:01:07] I forgot what that with a few seconds of major never mind is it so anyway what is it okay now remember.

[1:01:18] Five is the part he increased by twenty people since he’s been you know that he’s increase five but mostly business alice.
Yeah he was bragging about the fact that they got this brand new financial software.
Then i would think we have some things in it that would help with the whole double checking people’s work and play going okay demeaning than management.
They’re changing this bank routing number maybe you should look and that’s your kind of thing.
Because they said they were using software from the eighties which was bad i guess i was looking county is just numbers and with all anyway so that’s what’s price on this is that.
With all this new software this new people they that it’s just seems like somebody wasn’t checking someone’s for is what it seems like to me.
And it and it was a half million dollars holy shit down you know person can just change the change of bank routing number.
And send up a half million dollars and everyone just kinda goes on or about we got an insurance policy will get you pay setting to premiums insurance policy.
Can we do to lol you sold.

[1:02:43] I wonder if anything will come of this with with with today he i think it would.
At least take a look and let me know when one of these and every light so not have this happen again just recently double check get get get is falling and then just say aaron at thing now.
If so we changed the routing number do burger king everything for a while with or having someone all check the food bags that when the spare time call them and in verify he that is.
Is this a yeah management have management call you know.

[1:03:26] Johnny down here so that you need to change your way around this is mary ten.
Hey can solve for five two zero number was ow ow ow good cop one yeah growing back there seems over.
I thought i told i told allie today isn’t going to get jesse schmidt from the.
Better business bureau over the workers to dig stamps the if somebody calls and claims to be the city’s grandson and what,
to pay half million dollar bill and i tune cards be very says,
maybe call was to call the city’s daughter and find out this is gracie abc contracting it would like to get paid for that three billion dollar bridge we just bill,
with i tune cards oh okay.
No that was was the second jewelry dollars nothing said we don’t really have it out it.

[1:04:35] He paul to pay it heats cards.
Can you spot to fly but whatever it cool,
what was all said it is finish my cat that i think with the new council.
And the new mayor and stuff that i know about paul’s past.
It’s going to be a lot of fun watching even if there’s any even if there’s no controversy.
It’s gonna be interesting to watch the warriors it will it will be fun.

[1:05:20] The i know that janet rocky thing that she liked she’s not a lot of things just wants to put the pipe.
So it’s gonna do a lot of fun watching the counselor she knows what she’s doing ratios what she’s doing and it’s gonna to be really interesting to watch how the other counselors handle that yup and the mayor new.
Where we enter the caesar what kind of demarcation line cousin between us on restriction but you jack credit she’s meeting with everybody and letting everyone in our ideas for me she hasn’t been.
You don’t keeping the cards close to herself and saying i’m not shown no she probably see council’s election yeah for as of she talking every single concert right is been talking here about our ideas she says no surprise she’s a big transparency over.

[1:06:10] Awesome and so you’re not gonna get any surprise jet and i think it’s frustrating some of them because they’re so used to work and.

[1:06:20] With different you know where you never know what you what information you gotta get up and i’ll.

[1:06:29] Hopefully our retires how to avoid for years will have more sunshine or summer school right tm right trouble have a.

South DaCola Podcast Ep 016 Sioux Falls City Election 2018 Predictions

South DaCola Podcast Ep 016 City Election 2018 Predictions

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.

Special Guests:  Joe Sneve, local government watchdog reporter for Argus Leader Media, watches how your tax dollars are spent and how the rules that govern your life are made.

Bruce Danielson aka “Cameraman Bruce” local activist with Sioux Falls Citizens for Integrity.

Produced by Robert Mehling

Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

Tags and Topics

Scott Ehrisman, Robert Mehling, Joe Sneve, Sioux Falls, City Council, Mike Huether, City Employees, community, Tax Revenue, Transparency, Bruce Danielson, Kenny Anderson Jr., Jim Entenman, Greg Jamison, Jolene Loetscher, Paul TenHaken, Mike Gunn, Janet Brekke, John Paulson, Nick Weiland, Christine Erickson, Thor Bardon, Zach DeBoer, Tom Hurlbert, Curt Soehl, Graphic Design, Campaign Signs, West Mall 7 Theater, Joe Sneve, Argus Leader

Machine Transcript

[0:27] What does episode sixteen something cold podcast for the timing could be better on this the free.
Pretty election eve is always sick is almost are you playing this.
Like going way back to his sister and i don’t plan to lie in to my suit on aug and in the bachelor you people were you or backwards are you really want the free.
Lights falls election.
I guess we gotta go backwards worker production schedule including the multiple double for a sweet long conversation with the young lady not too long ago about.
Me enjoy my bachelor lifestyle.
So we get into okay well we have a full house tonight robert of course is here cuz when we need him to run the buttons and co those whose name will not speak.
Two point o he got away for two point o tonight for a bit and then we cameramen bruce these statements and then our special guest of the machine is,
joe metro go seem,
from the gas leaders is super sneaky sincerely sorry is a hand writen is just will say my name it looks like the.
Steve knows was like steve pearse another the area and where is the steam comes are is the empire of.
Take me to the the salty as new ceo name is steve steve smith is a of the is little them as a.

[2:07] Hello there everybody is always busy as always no longer right now there’s an idea behind my one friend her dad was adopted and his name is.

[2:21] Bill williams where is running well and williamson car we call him bill bill bill bill is one thousand bill bill bill anyway we’re running is down real quick we can talk about course,
tomorrow’s election and when i started out with what do we think,
each of us state the number one issue is number one above everything else that was talked about more than anything.

[2:48] I think it was transparency and hear it candy’s telling me.
That that’s what they hear from their constituents i really do you in my transparency and this is coming from more a casual observer of yeah action transfers invisible issue for people.
It’s always transparency yeah ethics and transparency yeah that’s the one it’s.
Transparency first if transparency yeah that’s a lot of stuff we have a transfer and see what he thinks will i was it has residue but i was kind of cautioned with i’m in.
No we want transparency i arrive soon of us there’s another fight over transparency so that dominic is.
The user with alot so i don’t know if if you ever motor.
Give a call to will and like crime but friend call me page me out last week and it was kind of man and then after going to talking to my apologize to him cuz he was breaks he said to me cuz he is crying really an issue because think about it.
He says all the petty crimes gone down like you guys reported.
And he says they’ll always have gone for the drug and violent crimes and he says how many people isn’t really a factor goes yeah why in the murders have doubled since last year for how many people does that really affect in two people really think about that i started after i talk to him.
And he’s right but i’ll be there is that make me the bad guys or the or the drug addicts or whatever and not to downplay any of that but.

[4:27] He is right and i am the transparency thing.
Especially with the arm sleeves going for the event sour pork the las day in downtown parking in,
twenty seventh and twenty seventeen was pretty much transparency is in prison candidate,
meet us at work and they all have pointed even when it was a didn’t want to change this is crazy even well see you then,
i see what is the human growth.
I don’t know what is was very presentations that he is most aligned with the mayor mayor user of any race whether that’s fair or not they become,
this is a world the same way business acumen those kind of things that will haunt me center so the big the big things they live.
So i don’t think of in the same campaign person wanted to talk about transparency but.
He’s the reality that some folks time to you there and he had to make a decision so somehow and.
Everybody is talking about it so here goes and answers the phone.
Yeah you can you can have five or six people at your age you’re the answer though have you heard that cancer and he’s is now he stop to this answer several times i’ve listened to this them watch all email or all.
The base of my god my head hurts but.
He has stopped and this answer says i’m gonna get with my directors and i’m gonna get behind the doors were closed doors and we’re gonna make a decision in common everybody know.

[6:06] Well that’s what we’re going.
What i hear say that i think what he’s saying is i’m not change we fix us of things more fully be before they come out of the oven to in here there’s.
In for all your ingredients and is that a and the oven wondering why people like why and for what i know so.
How is your day going so far what to buy angry cooking words.
A hundred pounds of news on the council he never took phone calls.

[6:50] Oh no you all the single life noisy there mexico use buried somewhere in on a harley ride or something i mean when you you could never talk to if you were really doing anything in town at that time,
so when we were trying to get things done and we wanted him to come out and talk about some things is he was hiding say i had,
and so he runs was reserved in this piece is twenty fifteen so i have not familiar with him as a city councilor but.

[7:21] I don’t think he’s blowing smoke when he tells me he’s got his own man everything is heather at the windows.
When someone who you know anytime you change management there’s a management things courses are gonna do the same but he’s going to use what he learned in next door neighbor had my car i would dare to internet has a mere.
This is one thing i’ll give jim became air i doubt he’s gonna listen recessions eight thousand prescribed for every week.
You know i doubt it’s gonna do you gonna have a person dedicated to put press releases that’s what he’s gonna do.
Why do they call you won’t go after all scheduled beer with me.
From the best which are gonna do that is gonna be.
Yeah yes i received his girlfriend butter butter her notice in the day and all the other.
She probably at the specialist is i think that’s what will they do you think do you think this is just the beginning,
of a lot of people and is like i really cooper probably retire just retirement they have cooper that really is not gonna do the three is now if you if heather i think it for his retirement,
and the ones you tried to transition ryan if you guys he’s probably june or july we’ll probably stick around he’s got.

[8:53] And he’s getting up there is right.
Yeah you got more energy than we will freeze was gonna quit because the slightest be over the past two years sixteen thousand dollars so we kinda saw that coming.
I think i go freaking quit because she is a heather plant ice thing soup one back and then quit because she’s heather plant i think that.
You might see whatever the group we gotta see if we can assume the georgia jeff schmidt does dom was.
In city government for two thousand six hundred and the journey their experience yeah i was think the.
All of our friends are gone but they think connor will singer during father’s money yet and the uk to get ready and no matter who comes in the office is is it cheaper i agree with you and go for a walk in.

[9:50] Yeah i don’t think they’re all gonna leave the cities a good guy a good if there’s a next person will have i think a lot of me just just live with the city council operations manager makes.
Ninety thousand dollars a year to be in it well works work hard,
what is is it ninety thousand dollars worth worth of work i don’t know.
I’m not in that field he’s gotta degrees that’s what i’m told i have been told by city counselors wellies gotten he’s is his pay is determined by the amount education is.
Okay you know but does he do ninety thousand dollars worth of work i am,
well the light is very well respected by the council today and yeah i can live dvd trust and it is a very honest about things and one thing at a job jimmy gps,
with a trespass using big charlie is of the me are saying,
then we can go to accelerate it,
what a way less selection is the one we always that was was well spurs using me wasn’t her two issues it doesn’t work and it always has got a different,
the you i think some more affordable housing some was crying someone as infrastructure sends the resource development diversity and is all over the map sensor to,
i start by the end of this in time that well with his smooth road ahead i mean you did something twenty ten but you know the city elections take place.

[11:27] When the roads are at their absolute gas off at twenty first the whole campaign of.
That was a way of making as it is election makes more sense cuz if you hit a pothole and with full.
All the same either i think you did a good job on the road silly complain i think i would have with him.
Is he didn’t take care of a lot of corny road sidestreet i would like to see more that.
But george wants an article her article yesterday.

[12:03] When my kids are came in the office a rose for rate seven out of ten as the rain right now seven out of ten so.

[12:12] He was single backwards you know so i mean it’s hard to say it’s hard to do that but i think what grants talking about is making government more open,
no i wanted to run me and an owners when it is receiving his capitals street greater,
i might literally only just over all exterior or on this will include all the right side over there was a way that suffers is.
Signatures instead of actually put in my vacation is bringing on more than one not.
So so why don’t we go down well just kind of porn the races start with one zero arrows agreement there we will not have a new mayor tomorrow.
No no no we’ll be right now i.

[13:10] Do i use this for three weeks from an enemy that um always always start with.

[13:21] I’m at the end of this one and let you guys want because i did nothing neck.
I need vs christine what do you think christian eriksen hands-down christine christine yeah christine contact just ss much as i want scenic pull strong articles from.
I mean if he does get be.

[13:41] I want and to not get sucked with all the world did from i’m jealous lol sorry.
Is it always amazes sixty five the one tied up and he needed this week we change your mind but.

[14:00] Because all writing a seventy thirty google’s and does she even see the new line.
As this is our ever more interviews and in the last couple weeks that is prior to that but he christine.
These are my christine radio measures genius so he must christine too so i’m screwed if they are horrible game thousand dollars.
Did you know that.
Yeah that was great is finance report of like hey thousand dollars yeah me that can i talk to in so we got that one breaking versus poles.

[14:44] I think i pick falls into win last week to show however that’s of course that’s going for you just to be.
Has mild sausage and you’ll see janet i am going to give it to her by a little bit too it’s gonna be a close race.

[15:02] And still have been looking at it if i had the most gay kermit.
Is theresa and bill peterson doing the calls and jeff martin leaving at the first or in the surrounding she’s got some amazing endorsements that came out of the blue.
And they know what you know she has her capability and her press conference as much as it was and buy some people.
Who is it was a worst it was.

[15:36] It didn’t resonate with people people talk about and and that thing that was circulating today.
Yeah and was begging lose their you you guys made cylinders is smoking.
What is the smoking gun but it if there was.

[15:55] It was guy was jamming to the administration city council like you guys before but what,
what year was you white son policies executive orders that she says are leaving to the culture of secrecy transparent advise and i can absolutely respect that i don’t think.
But is was was happening in our executive order.
Confidentiality thing then say you fired while in this and that wasn’t quite as damning as you guys you’ll be you’ll be banished that’s the worst one in that whole thing,
here is what on earth is he disagrees with them that is fine but will you read about executive order taking away the responsibility of the city council.

[16:43] That’s in charger.

[16:45] And that was more of the simplicity the city clerk and some and functions of the city council were taken away by the mayor just or executive or not challenged.
You’re talking about when the city or the new ceo as part of it right and there’s there’s more than that was the legal.

[17:07] Is it against the charger.
On a related to the language turn says the office in he was um i was and some stories after this happened about some the stuff going around the country and.
All the legal people agree.

[17:27] It’s it’s a no no absolutely you can do to say slippery slope they say it’s unconstitutional you can’t bar.
Public employees from speaking about public information it’s a few doors.
It doesn’t say that says you cannot release it really shouldn’t permission from his supervisor.
It’s says that you will be punished and the fact that as a sense of information,
there is no legal definition executive information is not giving anything that i am i could be it could mean the maintenance guys and going to the argus leader and saying hey joe,
we spent two million dollars on troll a paper last year is that sensitive information.
Or they can come home and so i did i get you guys anything is there is no smoking gun like lee but.
When i got to the press conference that she was your job based on what you guys are in and cannot be that way of aw it was.

[18:28] Yeah well okay you not know i press conference a few weeks for that policy.
It’s a little different so it’s not the mayor in the mirror overstepped his.
Is charter responsibilities what delightful isn’t the answer to.
What the what the general’s press conference did show though is that janet knows where to find these things.
She knows or if she six on the council doesn’t seem to return his calls right now is turning or misfortune recent on the council.
If someone doesn’t contract in front of where and general go.
No you can’t do this weekend or you can or whatever to have someone to fall back on i think or press conference show that more than anything is that.
Hey i want to read the stuff i understand this stuff i’m ready to after i are ready to do this job after the first result might actually do.
And i don’t know if i agree with my thoughts are with us now but i thought my my filter because his dad was not rallying to stop her for half price for that date.
Oh crap.
She is on council you know the music gonna stop why are all these things that the council has been okay with an the says school isn’t every year.
However having those the names behind her contenders thought in my mind a little bit because.

[20:03] Maybe not the stuff it’s getting powerful people in town that can control their way around her back and so some of the.

[20:12] Are you skepticism have after that covers the other that help you can dampened a little bit with the letter she.
She put so say i’m not where the other what do you think break here also.
I’m excited because his paws around before yes he’s very well known for is also i do think that the doors wasn’t ready.
Got recently,
covers three high profile as well respect the rush jake low and mean yeah right to what neighborhood is it yours and his.
For me it’s alright starter,
rice and meat causes and heavy weight behind it behind the that does not this weekend and there’s the underdog she did not know the clarity the right was gonna ask she might be.
Her name.
Hey speaking at home all my under the exact right when i switch and that i wanna be ass as the present is yes is popular repeat the exact right moment as.
Robert why you use interview the candidates when he said um if you wanna static to know.

[21:37] I guess after interviewing both of them pretty is one with yeah.
When yeah well you also remember being on the show your nipples off go back and watch it i’m interviewing him if you go back over later you have one here in the first,
what are the one of the things that keep coming out the in laws couple days on that race is that.
Also runs for everything is it somebody else running.
What’s the weather in all there is is perception because his stuff is all in how there’s so much for the last two years campaign materials having change last time you right i think as a person who would of ran.
And lost last time i would change my campaign materials i would.

[22:26] What you know we go on these years he calls and i still have the one on.
My in my kitchen that says vote for john so the next one you change that the next one i definitely think there’s gonna be rough i think we all can agree that central district where we live.
This one is so funny noise there is ninety or mayoral runoff.
Seven months of this to this rule that the last step would be fun.
It will be several different about the whole city votes all these people are confused they show up like wise i pull but we live in such a long bell yeah,
it was the one on the floor again yeah yeah rex is phone lines and probably jammed.
So this was really tough for me what form of city candy stains that i heard sale zack tube or timer.
Store garden and stuff are family i get it put to run off.

[23:34] Hi sorry i’m gonna go i’m gonna go for and cursing.

[23:42] When you go to the guy who agree to the credit.
I think i had created time in a and zach yet come zack this ca and think of us either okay.

[23:58] I have been paying a lot of attention to central well so that i have been watching it enough to know that that.

[24:08] There are enough people in that district in their labor days and they think the current sales yeah labor.

[24:16] And i got some very hours or any other heating and that’s just where i am and always been knocking on doors a lot,
more than at the other candidates and he’s doing really early so that’s why i’m giving him an advantage in curse that’s good mailers out so that’s why i’m giving him an advantage like you said the labor people.
But i can tell you the exact time squeeze in there too is a real strong possibility in eleven days and yeah for i just don’t know why i cant see megan scott.
Or just because he has.
Seven tablespoons ever seen worries only go show it as it is this forms of people posted what raise he’s retired and stay does low volunteer where.
For him so it doesn’t ring a bloody raw signals form next free day you go to every what do you think i live in central with me.
What size don’t though.

[25:24] I’m basing this operation off of the number ones and see and give it is i can tell zack dot okay my laundry yeah.
Set door is got a fantastic story on tv and as a counselor i just.
I don’t remember giving pieces of mail from an,
and or a g maybe just not in the house once but i’m business all off of all the answers and tom it was zero is interested it’s the blonde one signs.
That when a person go was released no license no.
What is the google always reagan’s sizes when begin music,
there’s no again it is this post for me and just held for more because you can see the signs i actually believed that.

[26:21] I told people if we got zack for work tom that would be a industry be great to bring different things to do.
That would be awesome you know about you robert probably be dead wrong but i’m thinking zack and sore for a few days while we’re all over the map on one leg no.
I think they would mind if those two guys were there i think they both support each other when.
And the black one story was so it is only.
When your tongue over doesn’t like the most beautiful campaign materials probably never seen we were friends are just ahead of you disappeared one fatal error on one pieces right now the contact information contact information.
He did not tell you when devote not next day it’s on which may like a pizza with a pizza place and you,
amanda for for greater not on the phone number on there yeah dude i’m so is it that i was listening to some people talking about the.
The campaign trying to advise suitable for step back listing cousin that’s coming to.
And they that the sound was talking.
It was going the way they want is simple wednesday and where you never really laughed about the damn democrats have in their election party the day after the election yet.

[27:53] They set the magician cylinders isn’t sixteen yrs all democrats in the the day they have a dr there for the next day.
The democrats who was.
The state democratically for about a kawasaki that’s my mind economy soc if i told you that remaining stock yeah i’m suck on demographic three.
It’s called the this up he’s in this so ct on soc this is laughing matter edie michael’s appointed to was democrats in the more popular in the state,
yeah or next time you see,
we are all of the democrats they’re dying for the area that were the case you haven’t was the reason to have eleven.
This is very simple over there with the weather is like to know when there is no.
Will you let case scenario where does not want me is when rays.

[29:08] I like peter but peter just doesn’t have a chance i’m just gonna say i’m sorry peter i love you and we’re tied in the year for over.
And and you know their incompetency is just i mean.

[29:24] You know what peter did pretty good the last time he ran to it it didn’t do too bad at all.
I mean so he ran before yeah there’s a fuse for the last week of his is there i watch a few everything.
Yes i’m sure mom i want to see the term because he was all happy didn’t popped out he totally bailed on the ingredients are there in like five hundred on seeing coming.
Don’t think it was always three three the job in the eyes i was really is off the best part was i was watching it live stream and you to.

[30:08] Peter was great this one part where.
Is there talking about trump a little bit and only bless goes with will stay with school issues and.
If peter looks already know peters glasses only does it he looks overlooks overblown egos my apologies like this and my apologies so far it’s a.

[30:32] I love you yeah i enjoy it i don’t think.
Okay to go somewhere and i was actually surprised kate ran because the rumor going around was she was she was done but.
Apparently probabilistic wrong because of the new school.
Yeah haha words of down into the does employees of the three of everyone to school district that can do in the valley changes colors and want to.
Yeah you know they this color few running units are turned over in.

[31:08] What you never know we could all be shut the red nose you never know it is a three percent raise is in your everything that happened.
Yeah cool sold the mayor’s race in struggling hard with this one to a lot of people.
I was thinking we break in there.

[31:33] But i just had an idea and then just getting i’m just gonna do it because i’ve been going back and forth to charlie indulgently and paul joining ball on his is a pull on instagram all.

[31:44] I told last week is gregory paul for.
So here is the present on right had this all only on.
Paul and john we all that’s interesting enough because the forward or so.
What was the date wasn’t endorsement what i thought that was like the most progressive candidate for the most conservative candidate i wasn’t.
Why i’m sure you work i am wondering if anybody was in the world is it called cory myers ago did you guys just like.
She today or something i can you recorded this little.
Yeah i don’t know why the shoes those taxes as.

[32:35] Don’t make the man that is one so young and there was nice i got it stays on it i think it makes people mad because it’s like well that’s son endorsement.
It’s thundering amazing dirt they wanted to use them and one of the nurses made sure they don’t have to do it again.
But the same time if.
If they don’t even on indoor house now yeah well you can i do what you say everything’s gonna be grey.
And joe and he’s reading john c in ten am and the reason why it should be on ground what she has.

[33:21] As as the one person in the room that has poured through thousands of our records and the way he patterns are i just.
See that we have a certain number of people were gonna show up and vote tomorrow and you know there’s about three thousand out of early.
And so i think we’re gonna have around twenty five thousand people in and it’s gonna be the usual suspects.
I think there might be a four thousand voters who will show up to this maybe the first time ever with new voters.

[33:57] And i am gonna be very surprised if it’s if i’m off very far on that number is and those who do most julien.
I you know the leader was really been working hard and am trying to train these people to go out and go.
And silly early on are you registering people here yes so that helps a lot.
So the in and out the disparage any groups that there are groups that that.
Like to make a lot of noise that they forget to go vote man and so he died seeing that i have to.
Will you send a president brown boys rock star that can’t payments for bernie just in very different.
With a very nice news twelve.
Yeah we’re procedures is included in all situations all no now’s shenanigans is that a brilliance is it to carry compared to write tonight but i think we with the enthusiasm.
Doesn’t know if he quits it to turn over but where i am looking at is faces young is the dynamic of.
Of the the key age group voting this year was born in nineteen fifty two.

[35:25] And everything goes down like like this you know when with the older motors it’s a nice steady.
Climb up to you know nineteen fifty two and after nineteen fifty two it goes like barely curves and then it goes over here and then if you’re born.
After nineteen seventy bottom drops out and so i don’t see.

[35:51] That you’re gonna have to really really work hard to get those people that were born after nineteen seventy coming in joining things on.
Well she’s getting women out and they really working.
There’s a young republicans sold to turn off all right now and there is mold.

[36:13] Well now we’re like its mail goes flying whole different what do you think.

[36:21] We had a will for the things that did that will be in off leave and all this other then the manager.
Call me when lectures and we got julien and whatever it would i think it would go back between ten.

[36:39] Hey can you for ten.
He can but there’s a space in their own mike my question is is this as an aside is he leaving the changes and so what.
Causes of plan if he actually does when could always the original in a legitimate election result legally we use.
He’s is a person of duties okay if you can take it stays on my last name of your friend has a.
A rumor is yeah the next billing.
No balancer the they can we date stays that has my campaign manager i want people wondering is ten million.
Where is the last thing i ever takes place keep the capital is okay and i wrote a blog thing.
Turn on the.
Miss them and are covered right here in this is interesting cuz as campaign is i cannot change in a keeper tennis shoes jeans.
I don’t got arrested in a that does is this a resident with these uk if you dig through records census data.
For a class it’s the government itself has miss spell the million different ways what is the drivers license.

[38:11] I know i think there’s a space like my drivers license in my birth certificate all the games examples like.
Official diagnosis around it always so you and that is i will go back to tweeting again lecture.

[38:28] Set get ready there’s sort of occupying a lot of the same space younger already did a lot of campaigning digitally which isn’t spicy before and.
What’s your blood results to get from right something that is what i i really while i’m not coming out how at this point.
But your ss members nine is bruce and i’ve talked about was that thing literacy figure stores little bit more compelling issues.
Probably going to call me little bit more active and motivated to vote.
Amen i just don’t know where we’re turning against the courts were why can’t do i don’t get that his time is.
To the community are there different are strong and he’s kinda is lol system is known from commodity and the business community once in.

[39:27] People do things they carry a lot of influence not international business town i disagree with things.
Really i was in i never really against money in politics right gm paul.
Most money thrown around and came out today to order thirty four thousand soldiers i would’ve.
I’ve for it but thanks for offering though the.
Desserts for all of the mothers is know that i was always the penthouse to replace this money doesn’t win elections he didn’t he didn’t get donations heating contributions,
he sell financing of the proportion seventy five thousand but has a lot to do right now except for the one on the right side of the day is already in his account.
Weather jones of the child has been in it i use all the console thing all over again it’s spend a lot of money.
Raise a lot of money spent alot of money don’t knock any doors blower and billboards everything else where.
Eight you know we was all that race permit prop,
permit spend a lot of money though forgiven first heather came in second burning brown displaying crab came in third june costello coming for her like i gym and forced re doors and not be afraid.

[41:00] Does two dollar just spent an hour with just a couple people,
no i will be home around with him one day and cannot see you exact generations start room with like.
Three people in it and i thought oh this will be on cuz he’s schedule mostly there they’ll read me here but he he gave his life time c s s series of questions i don’t think.

[41:23] No i don’t know if there are any people in generations a young man janette and sometimes see wolfram reminds me of my grandson he also uterus on the way our what do you think.
I heard about it i think that you’re looking at probably grade.
And i can’t decide cuz i gonna be facebook famous this is it is people like my kind of a thirty day.
I don’t think paul might be no julie but i have is the efficacy of the great vs your cheerleader paul.
So kindly these days who got one eight okay let’s do the next one i wanted to ask this question.

[42:15] What you will do both races who do you think was the most dynamic.
Candidate in all the concert races did you think was the most romantic in the mail where they where not or would who you think was the most dynamic go getter got out their.
Just put the shit in the race is an account for his first jesus will.

[42:39] It wasn’t getting to do the things in the object.
I think she’s shoulders or pleasure strategies what she wants to do what your experience was she put it all out there is gonna be a billboard of all of the other signs of the reason this is a house.
What do you think is the i probably probably say.
Say generation of the news was as free to propose policies in place in waves so i would.
I was in that is not from a christian eriksen on instagram and she’s active their home in ca for three with.
Announces or when unit was actually might say that the nyc.
No you don’t have to but i’ve never free did you ever heard the traditional well.
When callers on or is it because i can’t talk about neil exchange program the work and witness woman wages cars brother for please.
What time is.
And his lover is jupiter distance themselves from the site national shoes now purchase participatory budgeting yeah suggested by is always interesting and his nobles.
Help them what they received position of her her exclusives got a some big things.

[44:16] Yes and i told him that i said you got a camera you hundred mean you gotta come after so i think he the same with jasmine fruit to make waves and he sell.
When you have a campaign janice has where she is so little money to work with and she hasn’t really going out on a lot of fund raising from what we can tell.
And then you have also having the pot of gold sitting there if you just put your name on line so he ran again and so sanford owner was like yeah i really.
Yeah i could i have a little problem when when when people wanna take a,
council race is nine yrs is long were saying that is is for there was an error has occurred.
I think it is it’s a in it i like the fact that positions are taken,
we know it’s what worse is gonna call nick is made some.
Some positions and he seems to know where he wants to go we know what we had with christine or she has changed stripes multiple times in the last four years,
that we never know where she is and she’s acting that way all the way through this race so.

[45:36] In the central a would just like to yeah i mean that i’m not really seeing,
in just jump do helping dynamic desire that the word is got an amazing story like i like that story i like the fact that time can come on board.
As an architect with all the stuff going on that kind action rpgs in dealing with with secrecy on the event center and all these buildings,
really would a nice to have someone else read that stuff understand what it means this plant yeah sorry i like about two is that he.
He would be pretty valuable up there with her were growing city and we’re building.
An unbelievable pays for has only have that can lines in those eyes when going through things very interesting the discussion it’s that happened.
Add and a couple meetings that i was at and when we did the strong towns.
And it got people talking about what’s possible with the.
Community and we have to start looking at how are we going to re develop the core of the town.
And get rid of the suburban sprawl idea who would also yeah because we’re we’re really we have to have a consideration.
And then it to be counted as actually talking about the jamming part by mc talked about it you know and i am and i put the that meeting online just so that people could take it.

[47:15] And continue the conversation ears of all the one thing i liked about them about all nicks stuff and his issues as platforms is.
Basically you were telling us anything we get a chance.
Let’s go to program city was word word twenty eighteen hours get technology up to a level where it needs to be we spend,
millions of dollars years the city on,
are suppose it technology enabled crappy website is in jail in all and its average rate the answer of the most interesting was that you know your falls apart be careful.
Where do the gps thing when everybody we have argus leader forms livestream no every can they got is a question most of.
Kinda general answers like it was in the city of the living room or can be done very strollers we haven’t listening to music but that makes any of.
Here is what in particular does the weather conditions are like river conditions today with reminder.
Why would the governor which easily why.
So it’s not i define it doesn’t move in to the lever for me i’m not.
But atleast its something about the different answer yeah well some people if he if you think makes a humming goes website realized we always issues and platforms.

[48:46] He wrote all that himself he did it exactly but my gut when i first went there what.
I can ask them ago did you write this well i got some stuff from it is from your radiator we wrote that.
I made him a locker be the greatest public speaker.
But if you read his website realizations of platforms he knows what he’s talking about me and he’s got amazing ideas things are christine have.
I mean four thousand out but could use a dynamic.

[49:17] It said there wasn’t anybody me that’s fine the counter is always a great how are you robert.

[49:25] Quotes on races under with zach quality carrier jensen like really close second but yes axe energy was just reason why is she is of you do as i am building a first time i’ve new zack,
was when he is abba gold paint the streets yeah that was one of the most self the permission to do it.
He risked his life to do this on a local ones that know always the city was a hundred degrees out there something and,
and is really light over there is that we still no word yet.
But i did this is gonna be i got to party answer of the email address on this one.
I’ll give it to david z even though is that in the you got it ran one of the craziest campaigns once it is not in.
I definitely hands down give it to god but we all years in our all week and not on the scroll designs,
but i definitely jolene has been the biggest go getter in this whole thing without a doubt even if that girl loses.
She’s been around for something and she said she might be a nice day for you know governor of our state i think it’s either run for city council.
Boom some c your one of the various altogether yeah i’m really feel bad that you know now that i know julien and.

[50:59] We could talk her into running.
For he might still be there you know so i mean maybe that’s not season i think getting the policy you.
Becoming more of a policy wonk with her ideas and having and see i would really love to see all of you are image or woman city council in that.
Hands down the fantastic it.
Queue up the male oppression news stories that’s right i believe it.
Hey diana even following them all you talk to on the phone probably bored all of us ever since like.
You like money well i might as person in i think he’s the bravest person in the race yeah.
I mean he he’s will not was really also a very interesting the.

[52:03] He’s got disability and does what you believe you were ever comes here.
What anyone thinks come out we had a blast i was listening to allow the show went well he’s gassy as your status friends i don’t know what,
i don’t know this one is a friend we’re friends i know most of the we’re friends i know most walmart but this one i don’t know that he’s called the.
Not the bottom and on camera but that no body call he called he called my gun the time does tom skin skillet skillet siri top scary time scary because he was like i’m scared and.
Toss it to the top scared of what i did to it but you know you rate you would you make a good point he sells for this code is not sure i.
So i first met mike he’s on the boat yeah levels for absolute hoover and is he still helps there be using this five near overly bozo around or will i ever.
And you wouldn’t out bullshit disguise it on.
Long hair you know pack of marlboro reds and is she hockey life is rough around the edges for entertaining and then.
Very interesting hours and on about entertaining about use did kaiser for about a year later he calls and says error of their and then i see city council meeting public input new because there.

[53:38] That’s the same guy and i assume your at.
Where rice measure pocket yes.
Not to no right you know we was of me and.
Will you let us to some government or something like the.
Back to see you tomorrow still has his go pocket and i mean the unit because there is the exact thing and the only goes there once.
I mean i think this is the he got rid of the superhero i think that is me and going back to where it.
I don’t know if you got the red jackets,
from our group appoints room is it over yet is it was recommended job was seventeen things that goes on,
so i go with my lemurs and you might go and.
Before you met him with them that bruce that introduced me through through through the ball thing yeah so.
Is that your code for yes and and actually.
I let him know you know through my court case and everything was possible and they were able to because the mayor was just be an asshole be an asshole things i’ve i’ve enjoyed mike.

[55:09] I didn’t really get to know you know the one of the funny things in this whole deal.

[55:16] Prior because i as an ethics question on and his wife young just her position being german precision and is you know of.
He running from it was because of the city’s website sucks so bad i couldn’t i didn’t see that there was a form for ethics questions so i file an ethics complaint like asking if that’s what you can ask an ethics question,
as in as a citizen you can we file complaints.
They changed the rules of the time so you for so if you add email add jill and jim.
We’re better bad and i tried to tell him what was doing.
They were very upset by the whole thing and she said no services on when your man who is with him yeah so so now.
All of a sudden say a month or so ago.
Jim is like my best friend when i go to these meetings he is a site pavers wanted you leave or prove that is not.

[56:22] Yeah well you can use their,
you there pizzas at i don’t think there’s anybody like you know what was is clear the air on that one right now i would never do jim and then came and i always all the mayoral candidates,
i know before this.
Campaign not all talk to me like i’m their best friend for an yeah and and i was actually asked by by one.
Do not bring up certain topics if possible and are all your gonna have your camera so that’s it mean i’m getting that kind of stuff but.
You know all the time go go and you and i showed up for the the the the as yet and when i turn back.
Are you a wizard dealers blog still stores the room wasn’t where is this.

[57:20] Well i still have video out there you have to really close to absorb now i got married to it was.

[57:31] Did you know a high school in a group of young dogs.
This is what i’m bob the to work of the the city hall and that whole thing in and the use of the mayor’s race and you look at.

[57:53] The one person every is really tired sort of boston game changer all thing is let you gotta give.
You have to give it to her i think is the most romantic person.
A person who doesn’t drive the conversation probably shouldn’t lot of different topics she brought not she’s the one that talked about crying thing you know and i think she’s the one that pushed that.
Which really surprised me actually because i thought grade work push it in as if it correctly but now.
But julian has always talked about that will joins law and protecting kids and traffic and the ages hundred even the most streisand transference issues.
Anybody else and we on the show that was number one issue in the campaign and this is how and the most forceful because she’s she’s.
Taking son is very visual person take down the door to the colors you wanted to users coffe table mayor’s office,
that’s why it’s in is there a couple buttons that what’s up nigger on it if she if she wins the reverse actions that.
What does he always use for an have.
This is amazing for handle disturbances are taken out the edges of it is in the fantastic four that’s all of these on because he wasn’t.
But that’s a little take outside or down because that black small the wind cold for the right reasons but that’s why it’s there but did take down they don’t make a coffee table.

[59:34] Make the closet door provide for us and never use her to get specific about.
How to make city more and that’s the thing that hurts julie last night and went back and why a grand why i think going to become the next mayor is because she doesn’t have the experience and it worries people.

[1:00:00] Yeah grey just enough to vote for crack in it is it is ready people don’t necessarily vote on.
If your emotions ways you much on agree again they do for before i moses are people feeling,
you’re in the right way and i don’t think that is using costa first should be as strong remaining can she is now should avoid record-breaking go look and you have to win messages that is going to run.
From a verizon was late july to give it to paul as well he probably don’t want for the first time.
You go through one exclusives children grades and have so much to do when you areas and people are gonna go back to like the guy from her business leader here,
go back in and shuts it look it look as its leader as i say that all with all of you go back and look and say say what does but when i was brought.
Two years ago i voted against and why it why the difference about james and them just the same amount as the day before the election cuz i been very good about not bringing this up.
What is that i am twenty two nobody brought that.

[1:01:17] He can i don’t want to hear it and i think we’ve i think you said something personally barbers you can one hanson talk about government transparency.
When you voted against the biggest addition to for government transparency that and was passed by the voters.
You know any italian is always gonna be well wasn’t prestige now lol there’s parts of it that may be the unconstitutional but the supreme court never got a chance look at.
I got into a argument about no one so i know that one against him see what he’s or the reserves has this been going to.

[1:01:54] Medicine think yeah i don’t know if that’s the the forties from state.
Please give me how they spent a lot of money he.
The little and on the critical for this some bull postponed yeah you’re right handed for restricting as they spending the night and now.
Yeah across-the-board this is married to that not to sit and defend reading this because you you were absolutely right but here’s my argument that.
Number one the national retailers association gets money from people from all over the country including sioux falls so there’s probably a lot of money that is from years number two.
If you go look at everyone’s campaign donation was was the money from family members and people from all over the country i mean just look at every single one,
there’s not a single candidate that’s not getting money on her ovaries get back to town aberdeen in money yellow not that much for me.
You are saying you know so there is there’s artisan state money to the side of the given value is.
In all our candidates can donations from family members and still no kids mother he has always his parents came fewer bugs and he said.
Can this product there.
Oh gizmos oh oh.
I want to see the from his parents is the right hallway to the homeless services ten there.

[1:03:32] Hey what about claim your three thousand one hundred year drought religiously as my son i’m proud of a parent is proud of their child credit for the.
Yeah yeah yeah program in here this morning and it was so wrapped rubber you in.

[1:03:53] What’s the mirror mirror it was more dynamic was letters are proudest.
The disease.
I’d like to meet him so i don’t know i don’t service.
Agreement power cord is there tax is all it is showing is the.
You are strong supporters stanford degree,
you are the lockers and use most of the fired for years forty cents did you say fire department and there’s never logged in the,
it’s really fire her but yeah for the glass around here but the question is.
Unless i was h o mean as far as being the most dynamic because when she came in,
she is wonderful on a show yeah yeah great guy great interview but when she first came into the race i kinda was aware of other people are,
or wasn’t you can’t own that has more like i don’t have the kids that’s all that was quick rainy relevance of that a long time i saw her to reside.

[1:05:23] Oh she’s just a bit of a push on facebook cuz he has like a hundred facebook ads right away and as i can only mentor our story so it it kinda wrote her off like very early on line one,
when he to hearing i was just like she doesn’t understand that the internet’s not where you in a municipal election,
and then once the campaign going it’s like oh she’s gonna play the new game and she’s got strong fundamentals as far as like a ground game and knocking on doors and getting active this is.
Is not quite what i had to re evaluate every other candidate has turned out or over the course of the race i expected them to be how i expected that person’s personality.
Joel except for her where is low expectations and it ended with very high expectations in jesus got more and more and more and more it’s.
It was it was always like dancing lol energy when she started but now looking for energy compared to what you start is like the frigging rough and the he,
i mean she knows she’s the one that happens is gonna work harder show work r,
what could she won’t raise for one and or a version real answers and there’s kinda really good subliminal message for walter progress,
to study the arrows.
Was that not claim pink not quite red is a salmon sounds slim leaving why forehead.
Of like three or four blue arrows mr so there is a lot of people in a comment about local to me.

[1:06:59] Aight i got more comments people ask me has been graphic design for points some years a lot of people ask me some people don’t get it.
And explain them were website you’ll see that you see the movie arrows all because somebody as new shoes are one hundred miles like.
No she she’s admitted that she’s not runner and whenever we can think and she can’t dance to but you know yeah i just.
Yeah as a driver due,
does a cancel messages of what i get what your saying that the very good logo does it does it he calls does it but it does for low in my right eye balls is there a message and we’ll do people unconsciously respond to that.
When i seen heroes.
The pain she is very colors either of those those of you that like hours are always with blue is always a really good color to use it it says no.
The chocolate.
This is so show her something to know that it’s something that there might be effective will start is resting kind of camping collars.
Yeah and blue and yellow or the best heater use,
those those are really good bro blue and yellow rca jacks does it matter your with no no that’s just wanted to psychology thing so we only really well with your orange or salmon and she blew.
Bread is really good to use it by itself.

[1:08:32] Or blue just by itself on red and black i was rachel’s power ranger already resurrection and power.
And if it’s as well a lot of people were orange and black or is this june is in school cuz associated with harley brand ws tuesday or use is slow and boring.

[1:08:56] Runs okay cuz he’s got enough white speech is the grass really well is got enough white space in areas use all capital letters which is smart as to.
I put orders i thought it was to see if it as a designer i thought it was just if the.

[1:09:13] To these truths hold true of united states think as i would call it vary by call of my life.
Turn on the air in this country one point red yellow probably didn’t do you well.
It is about or whatever yeah well it’s where it’s more subtle than that has me you sit right with communism read it in are like political discourse also the color of the republican party he gets.
What do you do remember michelle that means he’s color blind was just really he ran to have callers deficits so you gotta talk to you gets a whole rant of you’re talking about.

[1:09:55] This.
That the shades are kinda work together and from a distance the blower my biggest point was no is zero zero is over arrow leading,
but i still be here so i been waiting this year to the canada side the words campaigns.
In the end that race the less than shower marker and.
That was the absolute worst campaign sign where is the certainly was conference was some shitty green and for somebody like me.

[1:10:29] And percent and and she use shoes correct green and scratched his ears eyes they want to hear all it like a contractor size of.
More like the cute little bistro restaurant side red flags i has i’ve been.
I have a real pet peeve about an timmins style was earlier it’s one is orange and black bad news about me yeah.
You have so and you know that.

[1:11:01] A great majority or a minority of men have some kind of color differences.
So when these people in a way you guys probably see all of these colors but then i drive down the road and i can’t read what’s on the van.
Because it blends all in me and why would you put red letters on a black man.
I saw one today in that we are having this is is terrible in any way yeah well in his essay.

[1:11:31] Most ambitious lawn signs okay there’s very busy is a very busy is,
rumor is going to be giving the most unique and yeah just no because you are so ugly she was like got your lose americans time your over we were taught was going to jump.

[1:11:53] Size of clothes is drying in the background a black or a something easy.

[1:12:02] Can you keep your eyes on the side of the contract this is a person who works for printer we print yard signs all year long for contractors.
Work on your painting your house the brick that cine in your yard and you look like in the country shows like a contractor site.
You know the shells penny unit it always working and now it’s your turn by.
Was free from ourselves cupcake to get a cupcake yeah pickup equal.

[1:12:37] God gives his nose is christine you know big big campaigned he how about the tax breaks.

[1:12:47] Oh that was one reason to those who are the worst repetition driving member has the same result as the consummate is year all at,
i was born in the delivery give up in browser iphone to the kind of nigger ages,
decision until i talk to a couple of hours after using the remote.
The reason we’re going to they says with the flow i don’t have the mean one of the teachers increases talents hold well i talk to reset i think told called me and when we got there minds real.
That’s the other is a little jan michael’s above it and buy it when the guy valid point.
The one about is you all in about the cheese and differences that all over the country you can drink beer in the same state to state,
what’s the handle beer and wine is there.
There’s actually better not give a conditional use permit to the state theatre or of center mark nation watches we’re gonna we’re moving to this model because.
We tested that you markets and it works but they should.
Will the most sensitive down the early mover advantage the city versus stand alone building.
So there’s more security protocols in place not to do that and season.

[1:14:19] However the nobles do is over think the office will i know when it’s your turn to the pharmacy for the furniture mart,
the blue door is gonna happen if he has.
Okay and anywhere for judging hard stance on right and.
When they illegally placed yeah they checked up they checked his vision checked out so.
I wasn’t sure there for martin he was posing any of possibly wise counsel even have to vote these things.
Why not do it similar to just let city hall prove checks checks out and then.
So you can test it within a few weeks x as that as our state law we donate iris on reality shows its.
I thought it was a blue ridiculous cuz i said to someone i bet you if they had a problem with alcohol twice as per.
They would have been downloaded the first person point like this is to much to fast for me mass is a massive they’re all over eve party the first person to visit but don’t want was worried you can’t.
Twenty one year all his there was a nineteen year old friends for giving him beer well we should chill all day there still gonna be able to see the beer because that’s what’s happening right now it says please if there in all your.

[1:15:55] Release of if they’re buying it there the staff there knows who the washing make sure they.
How do you say when he walks from the screen to the back he can see what’s going on during the movie nobody’s you’re not in the dark in those movies where we use the group of us used to make monthly trips to five or five or someone to list.
The others in the country right now he has no is anybody ever been to the barber what you at your from.
Bruce is but we wasn’t about me cuz no one was in the balcony because they can show that you were there was filters.
Your bitches from brussels or hers to reduce so anyway the whole sixteen oz instead.
There’s a monster holes in the season about snow uncertain about where is about me cuz we see the six pack and burn all silos.
And then and then we’ll take turns coffee was fired over a week now that the eighty six is it so the.
What time it didn’t work was that.
He’s asleep accidently take one and then you be like in the back of the local pool your wall with the front smashed your broken glass is required the use of people saying stuff in there saying something lol hard yeah,
coors light and was there is a liquor there’s yet receiving harassing and liquor to mix it with dr pepper.

[1:17:27] And the body of the soul over the counter beer and wine only people will probably start in our magazine the handles isn’t as girls in high school he used by that you buy you go to the beauty salon the beauty store,
you could buy the spray bottles you know.
You know that for hairspray that would you by the empty ones and the phone falls in the day and age is brain mri on all of.
What is the crazy that the a c fumes of wine has a new level of.
Since when have so everybody everything they wanted out before the night before the disc gonna be it’s gonna be a crazy night is the last price of there’s move the county and the clerk tomorrow.
We have a back up plan like a whole to fill what went wrong selection become so.
I used to use having to write the story line why didn’t have a number and bruce is gonna be wandering around yeah.
So hopefully that goes well i think the city will not let me be part of their but the three degrees famously uses for doing can the ball in.
Is super receptive and quitting is recalls my email so if any of that was the thing is this is my chance to say thanks for.

[1:19:06] Make my easier i hope there isn’t or open all the races are tonight at the gym and when we get back to.
Focusing if there was no run off and and people blown me when i say this i’m just gonna.

[1:19:25] The only possibility i could see of not having to run off of the arrow collection and great james room i just put it out there since you the only one i think that could conduit that could pull that off if that’s a possibility.
Yeah think we’re gonna see tomorrow night is we might see at least one.

[1:19:45] Well the thing with a with eight central district having so many people that are not known and.
Janet john and me and.

[1:19:56] Whatever the not making hissing noise christina could and then there could also be a recount for between paul and julie’s second place you know.

[1:20:05] What they can they can we count cigarette and have a good answer this week cuz he go like the brake dial when it’s like.
There’s no use arguing even if it was close insidious three counties if your friend there who sings there there might not be mechanism.
Instigate recap three pairs of the percentage now is in this in this in state of sausage.
So you’re within a percentage you can request rica with only problem is it runs back through the same machines that was the only place wanting reconsider birthplace once up on first and second.
That doesn’t well be to second service dept pull this is what i heard it was a was was but is scenario was a great comes in first.
And he’s got five hundred more votes than the one long and jolene and paul are tied all three of them on going to the war office what i was told that.
That’s what is there not taiwan if it’s the last one was this person with a man or re can’t they can’t yeah.
That’s what i’m talking graco it went well so that’s a problem i just want to find out tomorrow i’m gonna drop him real quick turn operations number.
I’m going to bruce’s bruce bruce can handle is off and i’m gonna go a little bit higher i think we’re gonna have a bump with new voters and stuff.

[1:21:38] I’m going to twenty seven thousand was a percentage was tomorrow.
Oh twenty seven little eighteen thousand voters pronounce falls so thirty four percent of their in middle of hamlin nerissa house,
it’s gonna be in the mid twenties at the very very most of the lower to mid twenties and should i am using twenty seven all percentage.

[1:22:04] So i think life was over a glass house it is yeah there’s nothing salad is a ninety eight.
Two hundred twenty seven percent in black uranus user territory.
Who sponsors the talk it has always known as ink was your produce daily and what are the i don’t see any higher than like.
Twenty four and i think it’ll be more towards where c nineteen is yeah i get.
Both of you say that is the number that i enjoyed this whole thing is i go through and look at the this.
The res.
There’s ninety two hundred sixty voters in sioux falls never gone back into a polling booth since november a.
Two thousand one hundred.
What are the events in it and the never cared about surprised gems chinese as a camp and then there’s this there’s and there’s about four thousand.
Who voted for swimming pool walmart and.

[1:23:22] They never come back and mode so he says not to the world the more of the story is reducing precincts tomorrow in a boat.
What is this and was it we is freezing yesterday.
The road there is a water line one and say is please show for the right to i mean.
I know that to store early a lot of times all my kids nine and it still go vote come.
Old people will present them vs my is eight years is if you are very.
It’s tiny percentage of people who listen listen don’t know anything about thank you don’t know.
Don’t know what is leo’s so if you don’t know the candidates just get that one.
I’m fine with that i really and get them or if you know if.
No it does matter it matters what was cause it shows and the events and it shows in the swimming pool walmart races.
Those they have those issues in there and that drove the people to the polls and we have we have nothing.
Else in the selection all we have are four or five boxes to check and you’re done and i guarantee you,
that you’ll probably see and i’m going to london this but i guarantee you that you’ll probably see one of the biggest municipal water turn out with the school board.

[1:24:53] Bond with the schools in bitch that’s gonna be a hundred fifty million dollar bond and i just think you can see one of the biggest torture chair receiver that’s.
That’s next year probably probably right but what’s up with that covers the area as the cities now no produce number,
what is the fuck are twenty and up is everything about with the blower for sale after selecting room and use it every visible this is what i sent to someone early on,
i said engine and becomes mayor and all my counsel people lose that i want to win.
I don’t think i can handle this for four years and it be just at my breaking explode use the to imagine having more for all things on the account so.
Can you give this was a person live interview fishing ships do that or i thought about going back to be in how my blog originally started which covering local art stuff.
When i was doing.
Well we don’t region or city that yeah well you know i positive i talk to one of the candidates about this.
And they confess to me they don’t know a lot about public or get is it again was correct just great admitted to me he says i really don’t know a lot about i love,
to be educated on it so is that a incredibly over might ask the other day to what state park i said if the state,
people are willing to give fifteen percent donation would you be open this is definitely.

[1:26:25] So that’s two people plugs for him tonight so sorry the kids are skateboards on my lawn i was literally was skateboarder earnings again to me then okay it was.

[1:26:41] When did you know what everything away are we use the word,
oh it’s okay we’re on grass sale on graph for all.
What is yours and you and i played on radio i want you on grass on grass i think the thing that were grass is most of the day because you would use it whenever.

[1:27:09] What’s the laundry version of you lol because of your.

South DaCola Podcast Ep 015 Tom Hurlbert

South DaCola Podcast Ep 015 Tom Hurlbert

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.
Special Guest Tom Hurlbert candidate for Sioux Falls City Council Central District.
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends
Tags and Topics
Scott Ehrisman, Robert Mehling, Tom Hurlbert, Sioux Falls, City Council, Mike Huether, City Employees, community, Tax Revenue, Transparency, Parking Ramp Deal, TIF, Zoning, Affordable Housing, Public Records, population density

Machine Transcript

[0:27] Well here in socal podcast equinox at fourteen pressure and.
We’re gonna continuous and can they interviews my co host his name when in speaker that make it tonight he is still recovering from two point o baby so it will have the night off again.
But i guess tonight is tom her over and he is running for the central district of the crowded race and once you cilantro.
Tom has a user me here your of my time robertsons register them,
in order to get your in town and he grew up through never seen in,
my dad was a low intensity commissioner my grandpa was a long term mayor of their town and so i had a little introduction and sort of interest in that civic engagement from an early age,
when i was montana got an architectural degree and was in new york for a few years and made my way back here in two thousand.
Four am to work for an architecture firm in downtown live downtown.
You see you kind of roaming around the astronauts on the quite awhile and.
And really just got a lot of interesting projects in the in the corner and have to lived and been working here are architecture firm cool architecture.
I started a firm in two thousand eight and i have a business partner and we’ve been expanding with thirteen people now working all over the state it twelve and a lot of just kind of any kind of commercial work.

[2:08] Yeah i would like to resume on line and he doesn’t want to work you do a lot of meat you alot of the disco projects and or.
Government projects please eight yeah we do and i think does this you know working with these sd six sort of,
following little bit of the politics you and just you know i think this just in what i do you and i have something to offer and that my skills that might match up pretty well with without losing the opportunity to cancel,
he yeah and,
and the city council sir we could use some help lately when it comes to our feasibility practice that’s for sure lot of little in the little black shoes because i think that we could you know i’ve written rv’s for for her smaller community sometimes he can help you really know in our,
it looks like,
i was listening to it to a lot of our are fees for responses so i think i could i think i’m making those of questions asked one of the simple things i think we could use just.
Put together a small committee and and review the irs fees as standard as a little better and make sure i have a good process in place in the purchasing agent right now handles most along and.

[3:21] There’s a lot of i think there’s i think people think that there are people process is completely broken in sioux falls now it’s time to remind people that get some aren’t working the way they should.

[3:33] What people don’t realize is that hundreds of our peace go off every month for all kinds of things in the city of and the city council should it bother themselves with buying you know,
what are my options attack this is so many bigger projects the should be more involved increases with the golf contract you know they were upset that there’s a policy change and the,
the council was not consulted at a time to go to change from a lease to management agreement or right back to the other way around camera was but there is not so soon beer contracts is i think is is what they would like to,
to get more involved with it with policy possessed our job.
But time went for full disclosure i have no time for quite awhile since he moved to follow the.
Right arm to where your loyalty and insure a lot of people listen to it.
Yo is there never done and he doesn’t want is cool with the right of first front person and.
Didn’t work did not work can you wash clothes for all you know in high school you probably weird stories of where i live those sources and when i was good friends with your cousin,
bryan on your ipad yeah so.
So that’s the schools that is the bathroom thompson softballs here anyway.
That’s what this questions you want to ask for first i wasn’t going to this week.
Turn the topics obviously covered in this whole mayoral account so can the rake and currently my nose is there something that someone has brought it for more than user.

[5:17] Something that is just passivity you that you thought about a new sim card to do this better i’d like to do this.
Is it is there anything that has not been brought up in the news and what.

[5:29] Eight oz rv thing is their views smaller invisible things like that that i think we can do i ever gonna fishing some of these projects you’ve started.
I think we need to continue with you know that,
the green way project is that is i think to some degree i think we’re in the same lane on are interested downtown and the value that downtown brings i think my my messaging is probably.

[5:56] One of the things i’m talking about is the growth aspect right and i know that i’m not the only one that wrote this but specifically i don’t think people realize their potential growth it’s gonna happen in this community pretty quickly according to some of the wrong city estimates,
and i mentioned this before but we’re basically gonna beginning its population size appears for a yearly basis right,
and what this means that is for a whole community but to the central where we gonna where are these people going to live in central district.
And where they work and what is this gonna do to our infrastructure in a potential what i can do are downtown and cory’s can really blast off the way that.
I don’t think people realize how much potential is there and and all the result i agree i’m not i’m kind of.
I need phone strong times for a long time and don’t always agree with everything charles is but a lot of this stuff is just real common sense density urban development and one of the other candidates the central district.
Was talking about how they didn’t like the way this mean we’re talking and discussion and he didn’t like the way.
Mr anthony works and is yeah i need more curb appeal they said you know what you know what you know and i moved right angle b is in nineteen ninety one i moved to sioux falls.
That wasn’t apartment directly yeah and i and i told him i said you know when i moved here in nineteen ninety one you’ll minnesota avenue look like a decent one ago.

[7:26] The same way it looks today there’s been no change to her and got her.
To curb appeal a madison avenue for that long and it was probably twenty years for that to and i have to sit tell people if you wanna have a reality and in what are there always.
Walk down the center avenue ticket nice day and take a walk down the street,
and i can’t walk down forty first street and look at it that the the what the shit is that is very bad me something and i talk or,
and is it really is score really is the caller id call it proper i believe it starts it he wants,
it goes all the way to probably cliff or a clean one maybe ten and then six street or you know or russell.
Maybe russell and and uniform for st and that’s kinda or area and i thought it or said he has more that for a long time and like you said with with this massive growth.
We’re gonna have to get more dip switches have it’s not gonna be something that we can i know we can just keep building out on the town because the boars were sexy two years ago and.
We can go and t or harrisburg or or braid anymore we we why is your so.

[8:53] Um
So i like that the part of it um the right we have been talking about that and the mineral kennedy’s and not even touch with a ten foot pole i know that one of them.
Couple of one and.
Revolve around a company event center and you know i ate it and you know i try to stay positive about that but i just don’t think that’s and that’s reality um.
This couple things that were in the news today that we could discuss.
The symbol we do this special transparency maybe the city has refused to release them twenty sixteen report of what they sue for safety reasons downfalls park.

[9:39] Ten publishers lights which is funded by taxpayers has the documents.
Do you think i should be released were your feelings about transparency and and see if are kinda on.
Well are you specifically talking about that terrible tragedy yes down there.
So i got a little ten month old and when i do it’s my heart goes out to.
Family you literally she said thirty seconds the kid took off my mind i can’t think of a situation where i would take my eyes off my little guy at the same time you know the travel,
unifies for a few seconds you’re looking over this way for you know it’s a terrible tragedy but there are some things that i think we can do but.

[10:23] Month once i have is as we’re going to continue to expand of town and tourism dollars which is a part of the mother.
You know all those dollars we can capture can help her cat but when we look at the falls and the potential of that area for.
Tourism dollars we need to make sure it saves me figure out the strategies,
i know we have some signage we can look at some more but we need we need to really look at this one of the things you’ll find a lot of areas like this around the country is they will be.
Yeah people of the father of the of the walking island be able to do that but we can’t have little kids you know.
We can not stress yourself what about having.

[11:03] And a specific sort of walk ways that would get you up there they would be railed appropriately so you and they have these and a few spots up there but it would get you closer to the falls in a way that you can.
Close and look at it but but then you know we will try to push more the traffic away from the rocks and that’s just the reality i think that we’re gonna have to explore it right,
and some of the most dangerous areas in particular in the way the weather changes to i try to remind people that to its like its not always like that when there,
this is like when spring comes are heavy rain at this things happened know the guards come down there and want to see if they wanna see what’s going on in here and in situations,
but more something about transparency and you know um i see specific things.

[11:48] I’m pretty sure you’re for more transferred here i forgot about area isn’t specific things that.
You can see that the council could you right away here’s here’s a really simple thing that would be pretty easy and.
It causes are already suppose to basically acknowledge that they don’t have a conflict of interest when i take the job right but anytime that there’s a public private partnership,
it would be very easy to go around the room and just reaffirm his counselor to say,
no i have no conflict of interest in this project why not go around because the public sometimes has this perception that maybe there’s some something going on now i.
I don’t know what that means a legal standing but i think a lot of people would like to know or be reaffirmed that say okay say it out loud say it before this public private partnership the you’ve got no interest and there is no benefits is laboring that hot because when.

[12:43] That kinda came up with the downtown parking ramp.
Erickson said you know i’m not invested in the project it has started to slow domino effect so then michelle said you know i’m not.

[12:57] Investing and i think kylie said to the y camera another one data with the mayor nervous.
Is this the start start going slowly people start talking about other than investing in stop the conversation.
And so we never heard from the ministrations whether or not he’s investing his daughters investing his wife is investing because of white hasn’t dustin’s a project.
In um any right there needs to be a very clear understanding the thing that i explain to people to where it comes to the downtown park around the set will christie’s she was investing and i said.
I believer in you she will say that publicly if it wasn’t true michelle and say that wasn’t true i mean what year is bad wiring at all and.
The thing that i tell people is just because they’re not investing with the parking ramp.
Doesn’t mean they’re not investing it other projects that have nothing to do with the city with the same developer that happens a lot you know i had two major developers in town.
One of them tell me to my face that the mayor’s investing with and um.

[14:13] You tell me what projects but he said he’s investing with me and i have a real problem with that i think that you’re gonna be in public service.
I usually your your business art you have to be telling people a lot i’m doing business with this person do this with this person carter shoulder different because it’s for a design aspect and and investment aspect but um.

[14:37] But he i agree i think every both they make the should have their three seconds five seconds feel.
I am not interested in this project i am doing this and have that on record and.
They are not doing in and that is why there is somehow i highly suspect so i’m like that idea.
Just recently put our for that too she’s she’s really been one of those that believes that investor should be now all exception you know.

[15:08] Yeah,
well obviously you know as an architect all of the recuse myself from city where does transparent everything that city is this a part of an old hopefully can utilize the the ethics for their some questions and make sure that i’m,
following protocol in solving any questionable you know i just wanna i’m gonna try to,
talk to early and often and that if there’s any question about right now is in you know i think.

[15:39] I think that all the mayoral candidates now obviously they’re all been they all the same they want more transfers that’s good to lisa saying that the campaign trail so i really believe they all want what better.
Communication and a better relationship with the council just makes sense is like i said someone if i was there.
I would be achieved alligator and i would be like if the city council wants to do all set on the policy id like.
Having is that your job anyway.
And i might have some ideas of is my ideas contact each one of you and tell you what they are you can do that are you can do i will be like in one of the city that’s my job.
And i’d let you guys do whatever because it really isn’t.
And i also believe nickels in the studio will easter signals policy is really not gonna be a part time job anymore and i say natural.
It’s is how you organize your time and you know that your business not organized times so you organize your time writing policy and it’s not the,
you’ve forty hours a week you guys get together we have a working session uc what’s was work on this you do it you go ahead you before the problem the council’s area right now.
If the home a year that they are constantly have to fight because he’s writing policy and shouldn’t be.

[17:06] And it is causing them to work more i believe that i believe the lack of transparency is creating a lot more work for the city council,
because are slim to charge of finances their going to the have to go to the media they have to go ask caller director gold what’s up with this was in the beginning and answers the call next director and i believe we open this up,
is is everybody who attacked me go faster the public knows what’s going on.
You know sorry i’m getting my school wash rinse possibly yell is that my dollar bills to open,
and transparent government actually saves time and,
six month well i think what you’re saying i think most of the counselors and maybe even always word for over a year your point there about the collaboration between here and council that seems to be pretty universal and the good news is is,
i think every single candidate has eluded to the fact that they intend to work more closely with the council.
So i think you know i think that’s a positive thing that’s that should be in our future for the right.
Presumably who know who that is but but that seems to be the that seems to be all the can americanism.

[18:22] So

[18:27] If you were if you sit on the city council when they downtown parking ramp contract first came up okay so before we do about this mess this.
For we knew about all these criminals civil suits would you board project,
i would have wanted to examine the the cost portion of it a little more,
because i don’t know every detail and i know that causes a little behind but i am a proponent of public private partnerships it’s a way to get certain things done and if we can if if this can be a win for the tax payer over the long haul.
Then i am in for a good long term density and planning so i get what you think of what he me you know i was antarctic crazier you are.
What do you think that cost us you think its a it’s a deal where maybe that is someone many cost is it wrong.
But the reason why or is working fine one minute because were put in a lot more,
where were building the foundation where do all utilities seventy one because i am so you say you know we have overs foundation and we have to sprinkle the facility that was otherwise would have to struggle,
parking garage because of structure that washes were sprinkled with look in there and very,
exactly same so we are paying for some additional upgrades or or additional source structure that we were not listening right about that.
Where the line is drawn that i mean that is something that.

[20:00] I wasn’t in a lot of those conversations and i don’t know what was included in the sum of the areas around the site claiming i don’t know what infrastructure to another some infrastructure improvements in.
I havent seen all of the utilities greg stand right in.
So i haven’t seen everything so the number south side but at the same time without being involved in that more closely i can’t really say that it’s that it’s incorrect so there is a possibility that you think that.
That’s where just or pay more i think is staph the that we should we should be in life is missing consonants are in his is a great idea this feeling that we’re paying for a lot more.

[20:45] That they should we be sharing with with developer well i the that’s information i don’t know i think we should be sharing with so i think that i think we are sharing i just don’t know.
I have seen all the exes and ohs and maybe get all the adobe something question i think of ira council this would be.
I mean work was the cost of materials and i think these are things where i would say it will when are we paying for you know what is the cost of per parking space wolves include the sides and not include the site is.
You know what is our square foot for a concrete or asphalt whatever were doing so.
I think i could ask some questions that would be real wonderful kind of the side on their and there some other factors we will you think of the lease.
No i talk to i talk to a mortgage banker office to talk to someone works in the hotel industry who holds by and sell tells.
They both told me they don’t know each other and they both told me that at least was a joke that there was no appraisal.

[21:48] It does and they said foundation two it is of the usually do appraisal of one elise would be and then they said that only was a helluva deal for factors no appraisal.
I am the said nobody size are your lease me is is little we heard of yet twenty years maybe to see the diner lease is there a lot of people at the diner lisa’s.
The six from the city they don’t own that spot the city and i think their lease originally was either fifteen.
So what do you mean yeah experience that i’m not as experienced the lease and lease terms so i really can’t elaborate on the liability.
What’s the,
you use to distill nowadays it’s a little bit different than solicited do things is a little different i will tell you you know washington square i think is is a really well built structure and taking some tours that and,
that’s gonna be around a while but you know i’m i haven’t seen the plans to re was having here for the.
Like this ones going is probably gonna be used for harvesting of life traffic cars ball okay so sad part is questions.
Let’s say that you look at the stuff you said you know what this looks like it’s in a horrible for us a new motor for.
And then you know that are the detroit river coming to concert or that and.

[23:15] They found out about this passes an and they found out about the you know possible lawsuits would you vote for the repeal would you’ve so march than,
well i had a lot of reservations the sickly under after some of that information came out and i would i’d,
probably wanna see more information before i feel comfortable proceeding from your for magnesium property from walmart,
i don’t know yet yeah yeah and he’s the i think is he could complete this in a cable fashion is that’s not my concern i was worried by me there is an intriguing reputation yeah he can he cannot,
he is he’s a concern there i have more concerned with i guess it in the are of you process i’d like to have a little bit more.
Consistency of those right i’m uncomfortable,
was public partnerships actually be proponent of that we see that nationwide works really well as a strategy to get a lot of things.
It depends on his involvement i’ve been doing research on that to.
And some workout really well that don’t work after all it’s just letting ship as its about finding your on this is that we’re not setting wouldn’t start good restart are really bad foot.
And when we have a chance to fix it was stolen fix it and and you know i am i joke with people that is probably never get finished early start.

[24:48] But yeah i don’t use a lady you you know public partnerships can work.
If the doctor incident in using so and so another thing that happened today.

[25:00] And i don’t know if you’ve ever heard me talk about this at city council meetings but i’m very frustrated that.
When we did river redevelopment project which are not against the original conversations with munson and johnson etc.
Where that the tree traffic was that i get to move now all of the they said that they was gonna get drastically reduced and munson talked about moses as a safety issue we get out of there.
Switching you now.
What you twenty seven million dollar early noren building new switch artificial switching my house that just half a mile later disconnects and we were seen happened today.
For reals cars fell over and spilled rain and ice and someone thank god it wasn’t petroleum villa romance.
I regret everything and reverse article between and.
The other issue i have some one of the one that happened on house cross cliff across the street and was tree fell on a car.
I mean what-what are your feelings me obviously the deals that she is somebody send me your negotiate with it the railroad to possible.
You know i’m a person that says.

[26:17] We gave twenty seven million dollars i would hope that we could set something to them while you’re sitting at that table but was another example contractor that wasn’t negotiate our nothing.
What is the design what may be the council on American do going forward to say listen.
We bought this land from you were okay with you run the trains couple tracks but let’s move all this crap by.
Well initially before i started following this on i was under the assumption maybe more that was probably what was going to happen that was probably in my diet today because files to originally that was the original plan with month,
yeah that’s that’s that’s what i recalled in it and all move but i have done a couple projects here and there where we’ve been dealing with the railroad and and.
I have heard the same things we can’t get all even when we are trying to,
do you tell if he’s through or underneath the rail yard or railroad tracks and apparently it’s takes an act of congress enacted got to do some of those things i’m not sure why that is,
the reasons i for yeah great and in those seasons go back apparently arms hundred twenty years so apparently it’s a challenging thing.

[27:34] Is real to that we’re doing something through the there’s movement i agree we paid a lot of money and i’d love to see the same that would,
prefer to see that out of your neighborhood my neighborhood trying to yeah but you look pretty clothes for gross wryly yeah that’s right every near there too so.
Yeah i always say mean yeah it would be great if those work if they were there but this is a great.
I’m a three lb we’re going to get a buzz rail yards out of the sum of downtown and it’s just as he is one of those deals where back again before we were more open about this that could be better to cut.
Do i need to send someone else once we had this money we spent it now will you know if we could negotiate a good deal.
Did we just forget about it and it was also the head of your discussions i’ve talked to a few property owners on their.

[28:29] Nobody quite knows where the snacks and in.
So there’s been rumors that we might have to pay twenty seven million dollars for land that was are the government the federal government base pay twenty seven million dollars for whey dairy owned.
Why is it that that’s funny as little raspy thing going around but there’s there’s parts that they felt like will that was federal estate so we really should be in a.
Back i see you i’m saying if it wasn’t a professional easement something that your.
Yeah okay well i don’t know that i know that was the earth yeah i was a part of and that wasn’t very you know that was obviously.

[29:10] I was those conversations like i always what it any evening this forms and stuff and you know why probably watch is on the main r ones.

[29:21] What do you think is the is is the number one issue facing i mean are we talking about are we not talking about what is the number one issue using when you gets warm and.
They you say that.
The council and the mayor should go we need to work on this right now this needs to be hard sykes transparency i transparency more policy.
What do you think for like citizenship thing in crimes when there are very transparency or two that you know you’re sometimes it is narrow for.
I think i really send that we i mean i said this before but i think it all revolves are it all revolves around girls cuz i don’t really think that we’re gonna have.
Girls like people don’t understand the potential girls that’s gonna happen mean four hundred twenty two thousand people at twenty thirty five halves million people in twenty twenty five years i mean in inf,
we could have what is that mean in fifty years mean are we talking million people here and should be thinking about what what is or transportation system look like we need to start thinking about.
What that’s gonna look like that is change to and i am often so you can you bring up growth which kind of ties into this i’ve often said.
Once we start getting better paying jobs no matter what industry and is.
No start with you people always solve a lot of these problems of their own to solve the housing problem with all the transportation problem we solve the crime problem.
With all the school funny issues with solve lots of problems there when we just say hey we’re gonna be better industry town.

[30:57] Who pays their wages and i don’t hear anybody talk about that i hear everybody talk about how he cheaper housing.
I don’t want cheaper houses who does i don’t want to become like you said happy happy when people of living in.

[31:13] Please ice part of the club moon user for years.
The worksheet you know that and i i i cringe when he loses four oz i really do it drives me.
Crazy this is like.
We don’t have to go for a lousy which is there a peoples the for what they want and we pay you know architect i know you probably weren’t commercial but.

[31:43] How do is help how do we get you nowhere house shortage just people houses as a friend they be looking for two years.
Therefore it but they they nice price range at my house thinking of buying one thing by the user they can’t find one you know what is what is a solution there.
Well for housing but just house in general,
yeah offer small formal housing angry it doesn’t necessarily have to be you know the apartments and affordable housing is you know it’s housing yes just housing is affordable and happens it’s not the projects or sciatica right should be.
I think in the course there’s a lot of opportunities i’ve seeing sony some boutique contractors coming in and messing up a few homes and they’re still.
In my mind more affordable than a lot of the things that are out on the edge of town right and that’s where i have my interest anyway so i love the idea of finding it says whether it’s programs to help support these.
These contractors who wanna make an investment in you know what we we should be making investment for this goes back to some of the other discussions before we been investing elsewhere and i think we can invest in our infrastructure but we can also investor housing stock in the core.
I like to know you talk about some of that smart.
That’s where town stuff yeah and bring plan for that to no fever her for strategic and she came up with projects keep it nice and she wants to expand those two.

[33:16] Bring prior business into the up with neighborhoods that you’re talking about the score mavericks that’s affordable housing.
If this is coming by and pick up the garbage during the trees fix the cracks in the sidewalk doing all s you now and i said we really need to get away from this.
Give a big pile of money to one developer to one part really you know like what if joe goes for housing apartments out there where the buses go as new sets in orlando these.
Hundred sixty thousand dollar houses that’s over a hundred thirty dollars that includes thirty thousand dollars in that we don’t turn over fifteen we’re when we could be with you the actual someone is it with a couple million dollars.
In the community to like me housing test maybe.
We can fix probably hundreds of homes in one year wonders yeah you to standard a little standard he is with janet talk about you now.
We’re not talking about luxury were talking about little standard lousy.
And and you know the starter home for whatever and.

[34:28] Yeah it is icing to say it development really needs to be changed now i said i was next mayor the first thing when the first person i would fire would be the the the i think i would clean house you know i would literally.
I would like your laughing i would really bad as the apart department and i’m starting to i will say.
This whole everything we have here is going in the trash we are and start new and wonderful son core and this is what we’re gonna do this is our this is our new community development will the parts q developed what should be doing community development.
And so yeah i like i like it is i love all the candidates that support that and i think a lot of them do and one current counselors would really like to see change with that.

[35:15] Well i agree with a lot it when you saying to but hmm let the record show not offering to you what is your power you basically hired pharmacy clerk.
And the couple staffers that’s all you got controller to ceo of the radio picking the best stuff.
But is it so that’s that there is a bit that’s a big issue.
What is the questions you like to ask that you basil your other guests sure.
I’m currently covered a lot of it yeah they say me and we’ve all talked about transparency to we were blue in the face of the like protecting public input.
I mean if if you said you were against can put up the first person i hear that.
So the thing about that is listeners about what are you okay with that being the meetings aren’t you absolutely have to have is a part of the whole console office building thing is a part of community building.

[36:17] When i do a project for the city or a school or church without killing people have input and if you don’t well then you you run into these transitions part of the process cool.

[36:31] Let’s see here here’s one for this when we ask every candidate and everyone is answered it from here seriously your answer is just bear with me here.
Your driving on a dark road in the story ninety your property your vision is getting a little blurry mess around the corner you see a squirrel the middle of the road planet tiny magic glass that.
Now you swerve to into it and take the ditch to miss this world already hit the swirl know schools gonna,
cool so what is a person is not others in the center button he was forceful about it but.
Wake christian eriksen yeah she was just like well i was trying to defensive driving and you know so,
no i take this off target and,
they basically was like something wrong with your life i would have the squirrel that i may be in our neighborhood c score all is there’s armies of squirrels and rabbits this is yet another.
The vicious their their country but my wife she is she is eight very cautious driver for this world but and i’m not aiming for girls might be right.
What are the do this thing they never understand the right now.
See you they turn around the stop the only is she running out and come back next though isn’t as is her after the baby aspirin,
this program for the blood pressure reading history but there in the yard stare back in is out of town and i absolutely say.

[38:10] There is i mean if you swanee cocktail he would you wouldn’t start i mean there is there so much that it’s not anything that my trees my flowers every.
Burn off that i mean anything at all of and i have my guy for my medical revoking up he required.
My wireless the baccy rewire the from the pole to my house and then.
We have a underground electric down sounds like that and so did he climbs underneath my deck and what do you do when he goes well we is stable your your your wine out underneath.
Why was rabbits love.
This why did he close the crap that they just love it so we put it up high so they could get it was it was it was pretty funny,
well if you tried pepper flakes near new flours that words for gold printer on some yeah i forgot to pack of pepper flakes.
I got a little bit of lead distributed with a twenty two caliber rifle also use i get involved in your spare ones that.
I have to pick the rabbit me your phone in the truck lane just but you’re really lobby what i think is.

[39:28] Turn the world’s museum of time,
they think its pretty yeah or something cuz yeah animals will start flighty and what’s funny is the more domestic and are sometimes they’re more bothered by music but,
yeah wild animals it seems like after they get used her for a little bit they just think of it as another major noise and then totally ignore it wants to follow me sometimes.

[39:50] Seen for a while but i’m gluing are working on a treaty compounds that want me and i was like.
I’m scared one day i was late what is your bite me what grade he’s in your crazy she is crazy squirrels do you your neighbors with wifi number something like that must be because yeah that was weird.
Because yeah he started following me and i’m like for me as well as recent hires scared me like how worried or she’s be dollar is the stuff on.
And your words are about four hundred is tell people when i bought my house sixteen years ago and.
That’s what i want yeah i don’t live in camp are blank contents were in the.
I was wondering live close to downtown so i can just walk downtown whatever i do it you know so i know is your tell people that.

[40:46] This is this church treasonous nature and there’s the address and i’m i agree with you were missing a huge opportunity if we don’t start doing something with our core.
Yow people who is your will for handouts these is cracked a little houses and stuff now it will only start lifting this.
It helps with a crime which in the real reason jealous juices is required for three cuz you start the game members living in these days they they try to find and ask me where they can and as for the they put themselves in excel.
We need to invest in some of those communities blocks out with you and i agree and i.

[41:27] I want to do the same thing like being so close to them to be able to walk or bike down there and and and so making that accessible without.

[41:36] Some of the being lacrosse fourteen for instance for the best you know that can be,
two thousand eight yeah i i don’t like the way they said i was just thinking about that i i feel like it should be a line here or it just seems like a dragstrip.
Well there’s no reason to be there were right there and there’s no reason we could have more.
We can slow traffic further wasn’t some sensor with some later something fourteenth in particular but in general i think downtown is meant to be.
A place for people all yeah ats it needs a lot walk ability i know you’re at the open house tonight for zzz sue stealing.
You know you said it what other people say we really meet we do this project was making a walkable you know makes use projects not make it and it like.
All this other crap we’ve been doing you know and stuff and and.
Make it more is just more acceptable for everybody i tell people that notice it here i wanna board forms reset flour people bitch lose don’t lose blue downtown is downtown people complain about it’s like.

[42:48] Well you probably pretty nice neighborhood is in downtown can’t you know look at our neighborhood looking policy is kind of ignored infrastructure and how would you feel i will never live there.
What was your wife wants to live there because of ice and ocean with it has that’s why and that’s why he’s doing something like that okay of course.

[43:10] Since re grouping brothers new rule you read that comment on that you can be run off.

[43:17] So most likely it’s gonna be it i see that did you enlarge it didn’t have coding and seizures and.

[43:27] Yeah chris you’ll have one challenger and.
Rick angel’s super strange i thought but you can be run off pisses five of you and.

[43:42] So that must be kind of frustrated me you do you disagree with the the disagree with the.
Because you seven if you file it.
So of majority heard in twenty ten and there was actually an increase in there already election air that’s for congress but typically i think that’s the only exception to every other off.
So it will be interesting because inevitably i think we’re gonna have less motors for our race you know that are going to participate because,
thirteen that’s where may not be participating so that i can show to the pool so that something to actually heard this the other day that i think doc on a little before start recording.
There’s there’s a pull out there that says they jamison actually has a really good.

[44:36] Possibility of getting fifty plus water in the general so that would mean.
Search for this page who have their i add you that great things i don’t think there’s any of you that you can not close why think that’s very likely and.

[44:54] So it would be completely gone call if we run off of the central district which is.
Thirty thousand registered voters under that i think it’s there’s probably about.
Twelve thousand in central i think that’s max check those numbers but.

[45:13] And then how many of those people who is what i don’t literally win the central district by ten votes yeah you know it is what it is with you you know i complain about it and it isn’t and i’m in it and.
I wish you know how i can wish for a lot of things but yeah.
How do i relieve a big mean it’s is gonna be working i’m gonna ask hopefully if i cancel three hundred dollar this runoff is specially the male race,
cuz you know you be you been watching all them and you kinda weather are staying on things and you know there’s a lot there’s a lot of similarities between.

[45:55] You will and martin and and the four so it will be interesting to see if you know of you three.
There is no if you to get in there.
Yeah it’s gonna be real interesting current sale is why it is always on the planet i don’t what you records of when i say and i haven’t heard from san carlos i don’t know thing about that he had seen him functions it.

[46:22] It’ll be it’ll just be really interesting depending on who it but but the the one upside is that is two of us on there will be a little bit of focus and attention that’s right that’s right and that’s cool.
We’ve we’ve got in second phil and,
i mean i wish we could have a few more opportunities to meet people get or message out there in a three some of these other forums yeah yeah i wish you would be more people that will focus on that you know a lot of people understand that.
He started local government you know everyone likes to complain about the president or complain about our congress people.
But it really is our local government you terminal are rolls her taxes.
You know when i see them the community we live in and i wish more people get involved because it is important role in all.

[47:13] It’s just a text in me and i think also has a lot of work to do and i think that the mayor’s to is there anything else you want to talk about four go.

[47:22] When.
Thank you guys for the opportunity and i guess i want to tell everybody to please vote on april tenth for the whole amount on her no is seven today so yeah don’t wait go go get that done but.
Yeah i’m just excited i think that i was is and i’m just really excited about the potential right now i think is is an exciting time and i think that were when you council new mayor and.
With kind of a lot of positive things are happening in our community and the growth coming i think there’s just a good opportunity to.
For canada’s upward movement for everybody saw myself yeah and angry with you today i find this.
This change carpenter whatever do this runs for years and i’ve seen a lot of useful actions and i’m finding that this one.
Of all this all the latest collections seen this is gonna be one of the biggest changes towards the government.
That’s why i wish more people would vote i really do because you gonna see that in you have to have a big impact.

[48:29] You got a potential for a concert now not officer the youth three yeah attention after you house you for sure and two new counselors and you have three you have before you house from two years ago.
They’re still getting their feet wet and you haven’t there and there’s relationships with all those people ready from past and and stuff i mean,
i think everybody on the council condos all the people running for mayor and some council candidates everything else and that’s daily hazmat with every single bro candidate genes that’s not endorse anybody saturday size she met with each one of them and said,
this is my agenda this is what i want to do in for the next two years and it really it is gonna be different change because it said.
Mr groves can you come in over the next two to four years signora this house is gonna have a lot of work to do.
A lot work to do so while good luck thank you to run off and.

[49:29] When i realized she might do it again if you’re the what,
what abortion does massage with a that with dilated eyes.

South DaCola Podcast Ep 014 Janet Brekke

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Special Guest Janet Brekke candidate for Sioux Falls City Council At-Large Seat A.

Produced by Robert Mehling

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